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[ROM] [5.1.1][Flounder] Candy5 - Official

Discussione in 'Rom per HTC Nexus 9' iniziata da 144556, 3 Ago 2015.

  1. 144556

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    18 Apr 2014
    "Mi Piace":
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    Questa ROM è la Candy5 compilata direttamente dai sorgenti CyanogenMod con modifiche prese da altre fonti/ROM


    Add Kernel Adiutor tile
    Add music "Play" tile
    Add "Themes" tile
    Add custom lockscreen wallpaper
    Add size, color, and position options to statusbar weather
    Up to date with latest from cm-12.1 branch


    New: weather temp in statusbar
    New: update SuperSU to 2.49 -New: add kernel Adiutor
    New: EOS Navigation (Thanks bigrushdog)
    New: DocumentsUI Major improvements (Thanks bigrushdog and Omni)
    New: Open app when clicking on icon in App Info screen
    Removed: Statusbar ticker
    Up to date with latest from cm-12.1


    Add Top and Bottom Middle Options to Clear All Recent
    Settings: Added choice of 45 seconds for screen timeout
    Settings: add .25x and .75x animation speeds
    Launch SuperSU from Settings
    Slim Recents option
    Option to force expanded notifications
    Smart quicksettings pulldown
    Up to date with latest from cm-12.1


    Add Top and Bottom Middle Options to Clear All Recent (2/2),
    Settings: Added choice of 45 seconds for screen timeout,
    Settings: add .25x and .75x animation speeds,
    Launch SuperSU from Settings,
    Up to date with latest from cm-12.1


    Add SuperSU
    Add SELinux switch
    Update to android 5.1.1_r6 (LMY48G)
    Up to date with latest from cm-12.1


    Up to date with the latest from cm-12.1 branch
    Screen off geastures(M8 only)


    Fixed SuperUser Icon switch
    Added geasture typing AOSP keyboard
    Candy Interface Cleanup/Re-organization
    Added a sweet changelog to CandyOTA app
    Up to date with the latest from cm-12.1 branch


    HeadsUp customization
    Up to date with latest from cm12.1 branch


    Double-tap anywhere on lockscreen to sleep
    Batterybar improvements
    Added changelog to "About Phone"
    Add some prebuilts for faster compiling
    Gapps backup script & addon.d support (No longer have to flash gapps on a dirty flash)
    Up to date with latest from cm12.1 branch


    Add Ambient Display to most devices
    Add Gesture Anywhere
    Add App Circle
    Up to date with cm-12.1


    Added haptic feedback to QS Tiles
    Reverted Wakelock Blocker as it has reports of....WAKELOCKS???????
    Up to date with the latest from cm-12.1 branch


    added newest cm commits


    Awesome Navbar (rc420head = supersatar)
    Upto date with all the latest CM goodies
    Add Screen Record capabilities
    Screen record QS Tile & PowerMenu entry


    merged android 5.1.1r_1 *added dpi changer (settings/display & lights/LCDE density)
    added back power saver setings (settings/battery/"3dot menu"/power saver)
    added all the newest cm commits

    1.0.1 - 2/15/2015

    Omniswitch added
    All the latest from cm

    1.0 - 2/8/2015

    Up to date with latest from CM
    Lockscreen camera and dialer shortcuts are now configurable(Settings>Security>Lock screen shortcuts)

    0.9.5 - 1/29/2015

    Got current with cm (Some new quick settings tiles)
    added auto hide and color options to network speed indicator

    0.9.4 - 1/23/2015

    got current with cm code
    3rd party keyboard now working
    expanded desktop aka immersive mode (settings/display)

    0.9.3 - 1/17/2015

    Added ability to change wifi and signal icons
    added battery bar option (candy interface /status bar)
    added remove Google search from recents (candy interface /recents panel)
    got current with cm code including Theme Engine

    0.9.2 - 1/11/2015

    Custom navigation bar
    Switched to new cm root (aka privicy guard)
    Option to remove su # from status bar
    Custom system animations
    Got current with cm code

    0.9.1- 1/3/2015

    Added Battery Saver mode coloring...Battery/Menu
    Added Status bar Ticker...Candy Interface/Statusbar
    Added ability to have Custom Lock Icons
    Added ALL CM additions/fixes and maintenance [To much to list]
    Long press QT | Fixed vol & skip track issues | Performance settings
    To list a few CM additions
    Fixes and improvements

    0.9.0 - 12/23/2014

    Merge 5.0.2
    Added Gestures anywhere...Candy interface
    Added Battery options [Thanks CM]
    Added Volume adjust volume pref [Thanks CM]
    Added Quick unlock...Security
    Added Dark Candy5 ROM option
    All Cm additions and improvements
    Candy5 improvements

    0.8.3 - 12/18/2014

    Reverted Dpi Changer...conflicts with built in su. Will bring it back when bug is resolved
    Added Custom HeadsUp options [thanks Slim]...Sound & notification
    Added PullDown header weather option...Candy Interface/Statusbar
    Added Lock screen Gestures security...Security/Screen lock
    Added Volume music controls...Candy Interface
    Tons of C5 under the hood improvements
    Added ALL Cm's new features (quite a few)
    TONS of Cm fixes and maintenance
    Added "Buttons Options" back (just power and home)

    0.8.2 - 12/12/2014

    Added Dpi Changer...Candy Interface
    Added Option to remove Carrier logo on lock screen
    Fixed Wake on Plug /Unplug
    Fixed/Moved Network Indicator to the left
    Rearranged some Settings menu's to Candy specifications
    Added some [N6] L UIsounds
    Added ALL Cm's new features (quite a few)
    TONS of Cm fixes and maintenance
    Many Device Specific Improvements

    0.8.1 - 12/7/2014

    Maintenance update

    0.8.0 - 12/4/2014

    merge 5.0.1
    Add Network Indicator
    Add Clock and Date Options and Color
    Add all CM new features
    Device specific Fixes/Improvements
    All CM maintenance

    0.7.0 - 11/30/2014

    Add Candy Interface
    Add Navi Bar Height...Candy Interface
    Add Battery Percent ...Candy Interface / Status Bar
    Add Recents Panel Options ...Candy Interface/Recents Panel
    Add Wake Options ...Display
    Add Rotation 360 degrees...Display
    Add Custom Notification Lights...Sounds&Notifications
    Add Lockscreen Notifications Per App...Sounds&Notifications/App notifications
    Add IME options from 4.4+ ...Language and input/advanced options
    Added Disable Ime selector (thanks cm)
    Visual improvements

    Candy Interface
    Custom navigation bar
    Battery Percent
    Recents Panel Options
    Clock and Date Options
    Wake Options
    Rotation 360 degrees
    Custom Notification Lights
    Lockscreen Notifications Per App
    IME options from 4.4+
    Disable Ime selector
    Gestures anywhere
    Dark Candy5 ROM option
    Battery Saver mode coloring
    Custom system animations
    Full Sweetner Pack compatible
    Battery bar
    Theme Engine
    Omni Switch
    Wakelock Blocker
    Custom DPI
    Lockscreen Shortcuts
    Visual improvements
    ALL of Cm's Latest Feature Additions

    - bootloader sbloccato
    - custom recovery installata

    - Scaricate ROM e GAPPS
    - Effettuate un Nandorid backup
    - Flashate la ROM (se chiesto non fate fix dei permessi causerà un bootloop)
    - Flashate le Gapps
    - Se necessario flashate SuperSU
    - Reboot Device.

    Download ROM
    Download Gapps
    Download SuperSU

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