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[ROM] [5.1.1] [UNOFFICIAL] Euphoria-OS 1.1

Discussione in 'Modding - Sony Xperia Z3' iniziata da elia_11, 8 Mag 2015.

  1. elia_11

    elia_11 Silver Droid

    19 Dic 2012
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    Versione ROM : 5.1.x Lollipop
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x
    Stato : Stabile

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    Altaf Patel
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    Altaf Patelproprietario
    - 13 dic 2014

    -Theme chooser updates for icons
    -Apply sounds on theme update
    -Added back Omni ROMs silent mode
    -Added zen mode buttons to power menu sound panel
    -Improved flash tile state management
    -Torch: remind user flashlight is still on
    -DeskClock: Make new menu entry to link to cLock widget settings

    -Added back custom doze options (pocket and shake)

    -Audio hal updates
    -Interactive governor updates
    -Fixed button back light restore logic

    -Merged android-5.1.1_r1
    -Theme chooser updates
    -Variable size pattern lock screen
    -Toggle dots/error pattern visibility
    -Launch app privacy settings when tapping on PG notification
    -Enable/disable doze through Profiles
    -Doze: make brightness level and auto brightness configurable
    -Allow volume keys to trigger no interruption mode
    -Fixed Notification volume slider linking
    -Allow/Prevent notification light in Zen mode
    -Lots of ActivityManager optimizations
    -Show Optimizing app dialog on first boot
    -Replaced Omni's silent mode for CM's
    -Browser: enable immersive full-screen video playback
    -Smart Dialer - put the phone to your ear to dial
    -Mms: add back smiley support
    -Eleven: Show/Hide album art on lock screen
    -New ProfilesTrustAgent from cm
    -Merged in translations from CM

    Quick setting:
    -Add USB Tether and HeadsUp tiles
    -Improve visualiser tile state management
    -Fixed lock screen tile visibility issue's
    -Support for all screen timeout values in case set by user apps

    Removed some custom doze options
    -Shake mode
    -Pocket mode
    -Time mode

    -Fixed Maps force close with custom DPI's
    -Update mpdecision and add perfd libs
    -Disable interactive hispeed_freq while screen is off
    -Add backlight dimmer option
    -Lots of qseecom kernel updates - Qualcomm Secure Execution Environment

    -Fully up-to-date with cm
    -Allow screen unpinning on devices without navbar
    -Keyguard: only tint the sim card drawable when multisim is enabled
    -New binaries
    -Kernel WiFi driver updated
    -Display and Media hals updated
    -Audio updates
    -Telephony updates

    -Merged android-5.1.0_r5
    -Added back doze pulse-in option
    -Read VOLUME_LINK_NOTIFICATION from proper table

    -Fixed dismiss alarm notification getting stuck
    -ElementalX governor
    -Tweaked interactive above_hispeed_delay

    -WiFi fixes in the ROM and kernel
    -Bluetooth fixes

    -Theme chooser updates
    -Allow recent tasks to draw behind the status bar
    -Add brightness settings to Profiles
    -Mms: Checkboxes ==> Switches
    -Keyguard visualizer updates
    -Torch tile updates
    -Hide navigation bar immediately in SetupWizard
    -Make online cpu color green for cpu overlay
    -Boost when expanding the notification shade and during boot animation
    -Fixed old style search bar in recents screen
    -Fixed media volume panel not showing when playing games on tablets
    -Fixed volume wake always enabled when ambient display was enabled
    -Fixed Dialer crash when checking IMEI with *#06#
    -Fixed Dialer crash when making a call

    -mpdecision binary from OnePlus One
    -QCOM in-kernel cpu boost
    -QCOM PowerHAL
    -Switched to interactive governor
    -Updated SELinux policy
    -Enabled QCOM bionic optimization
    -Fixed permissions on binaries

    Fully up-to-date with cm-12.1 which includes:
    -Telephony, WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC and GPS
    -New kernel WiFi drivers
    -Bionic updates
    -Updated vendor binaries
    -Fixed mute button in call
    -Fixed Mms force close on incoming calls
    -Fixed unlinking volume sliders
    -Data tile single press to toggle data, long press to show detailed view
    -Location tile long press to show detailed view
    -Lots of device tree fixes and clean ups

    -5.1 bring up including device tree and binaries

    -Added back H+ icon in status bar
    -Fixed Lock screen tile not working
    -Added back stock AOSP Email and Exchange apps
    -Settings: Allow user to trigger a volume rescan
    -Settings: fixed some dashboard screens missing for non primary users
    -Dialer: checkboxes to switches
    -DeskClock: checkboxes to switches

    -Merged in translations from CM

    -New LMY47I binaries
    -Fixed time resetting on boot
    -Fixed dt2w option not sticking on boot

    -Merged Android 5.1_r3
    -Theme chooser updates
    -Added silent mode
    -Fixed launching camera from lock screen shortcut
    -Fixed quick settings on secure lockscreen feature again
    -Fixed Play services wakelock
    -Fixed wireless charger wakelock
    -Fixed lock screen power menu option
    -Eleven: Show/Hide album art on lockscreen
    -Settings: add switches for dashboard items

    -Merged in translations from CM

    -Removed Email, Exchange and CellBroadcastReceiver

    -New blobs from AOSPA
    -Using stock apn list now

    -Fixed nav bar transparency when enabling software keys
    -Fixed screen pinning on devices without navbar
    -Audio, WiFi and Bluetooth updates
    -Fully up-to-date with cm12

    Bug: on 5.1, Soft reboot when volume key is pressed while power menu is showing

    -Do not start music app when headset is unplugged
    -Settings: allow switchbar text color to be themeable

    -Fixed GPS
    -More stock kernel and device tree
    -Stock mpdecision

    -Fixed gestures not appearing in settings
    -All features from the last 2 Nexus builds

    -Lock screen camera doesn't open
    -Disabling quick settings panel on secure lock screen doesn't work

    -Quick settings smart pulldown
    -Double tap to sleep on navigation bar
    -Force Expanded Notifications
    -Fixed miscellaneous showing in battery stats
    -Fixed worldclock not showing more than 2 cities
    -Fixed app info overlap issue
    -Add back battery saver menu option
    -Remove duplicate status bar weather option

    -Merged Android 5.1 (too many changes and bug fixes to list)
    -Theme chooser updates
    -Fixed disappearing clock
    -Option to disable lock screen visualizer
    -Livedisplay: Add "off" state

    Quick settings tile improvements
    -New WiFi and Bluetooth detail views from Google
    -New animations for airplane-mode, color inversion, location and flashlight tiles from Google
    -Data tile single press to toggle data, long press to show detailed view
    -Location tile long press to show detailed view

    -Merged in translations from CM

    -New 5.1 binaries thanks to +Chet Kerner (CI3kerner)
    -Merged 5.1 kernel and device tree

    -Soft reboot when enabling pin mode with accesibility service enabled
    -Version text in app info screen overlaps

    NOTE: This is very very big update so we recommend you do a clean install, Hammerhead users please update your bootloader and radio

    99% of features have made it through the merge except:

    WiFi notification
    Activity indicators in WiFi and data icons
    H+ icon when connected
    Some minor framework patches.

    Thanks to +Dimitris Psallidas​​ +Alexander Westphal​​ and +Dexter McDew​​ for testing

    -Theme chooser updates
    -Long press lock screen lock icon to sleep
    -Change of default stream type controlled by volume rocker
    -Launch default music player on headset connect
    -Add ability to ignore interruptions while active media playback
    -Add visualizer to lock screen (not optional)
    -Add LiveDisplay settings (Display color tuning options from cm)
    -Fix doze pickup for shamu
    -Add back Email and Exchange2
    -Memory leak fixes
    -Add option for setting device phone number
    -Settings reorganization
    -Added advanced mode toggle in developer settings to hide most custom options

    Quick settings improvements
    -Updated drawables thanks to +Alexander Westphal​​
    -Improve qs tile scroll handling
    -Perfomance profile tile
    -Ambient display tile
    -Left QS quick pulldown
    -Fix flashlight tile disappearing breifly
    -Visualizer tile improvements
    -Update battery saver off and sync drawables
    -NotificationTile: click to switch modes ring/vibrate/priority/silent - long click for detailed view

    HeadsUp improvements
    -Outside touch will hide in 1 second
    -HeadsUp wont show when IME is showing
    -Disabled when no interruptions is set

    -Switch to Interactive governor

    -Added Touchwake and DT2W

    -Updated binaries
    -Bluetooth a2dp fixes
    -Audio updates and fixes
    -Kernel updates
    -Restore old tap-to-wake state after call

    -New wallpaper thanks to +Dimitris Ps
    -Merged in translations from the Community and CM

    -Theme chooser fixes
    -Expanded Desktop : Fix Left handed navbar during landscape mode
    -Profiles: fix no home or recents button when lock screen is disabled on boot
    -Custom animations - System - ListView - Toast
    -Add back status bar date style option
    -Mms: Per conversation notification settings/ringtones

    Ambient display options
    -Full mode (pocket,shake,pulse)
    -Pocket and shake only
    -Pocket and pulse only
    -Pocket only
    -Shake and pulse only
    -Pulse only (default)

    T9 dialpad for Chinese, Greek, Hebrew, Korean and Russian

    -Merged in translations from CM

    -Revert all audio changes
    -Add multi-rom patch for kernel

    -Bluetooth a2dp fixes
    -Audio fixes
    -Fully up-to-date with cm

    -Theme chooser fixes
    -Brightness tile: long press to toggle manual/auto brightness
    -Use normal timeout delay for media volume panel
    -Recents clear all center option and position fixes
    -Bring back Status Bar Ticker
    -Create configurable default expanded desktop style
    -Fix status bar activity indicators getting stuck when disabling
    -Fix battery saver bars resetting to orange when device was rotated
    -Settings: Hide some options for tablets
    -Mms: fix loading avatar for own profile
    -Mms: fix font size

    -All cm features fully translated into most languages

    -Mako: fixed ambient display weirdness

    -Torch gesture fixed
    -Mms: font size and custom vibrate options
    -Fully up-to-date with cm

    -Theme chooser fixes
    -Option to disable search panel (navrings)
    -Allow camera to use power key as shutter
    -Custom density setting
    -New material icons for many apps
    -Removed StatusBar Ticker option
    -Moved HeadsUp settings to Interruptions screen

    Mms (legacy devices already have these)
    -QuickMessage: bring back mark as read
    -Implement SMS mark for unread
    -Implement markAsRead & markAsReadAll

    -Updated mpdecision sepolicy
    -New audio effect libs from qcom
    -Increase headphones volume

    -Audio updates
    -Kernel updates
    -Clock should be fixed

    -Theme chooser fixes
    -Quick settings: Option to show four tiles per row
    -Navigation bar and rings customization
    -Navigation bar cursor keys
    -Option to disable lock screen shortcuts
    -Fixed layout issue's in OTACenter and made it theme-able thanks to +Alexander Westphal​​
    -New quick settings icons thanks to +Alexander Westphal​​
    -Many more changes which haven't been mentioned here are in the detailed changelog

    Note: If your going to use a custom kernel make sure they have added an sepolicy addition for torch
    otherwise it will not work, also there have been some theme chooser updates so if you find SystemUI
    doesn't theme any more you will need a clean flash.

    Quick settings tiles from cm
    -LTE tile
    -Visualizer tile
    -Location tile fixes
    -Screen time-out
    -New icons thanks to +Alexander Westphal​​

    -Theme chooser fixes
    -Status bar network traffic meter
    -Status bar data activity indicators (inside Wi-Fi and data icons)
    -Reverted the back key ime animation (fixes stretched back key issue)
    -Expanded desktop settings bug fixed
    -Status bar date bug fixed
    -Extra contact details on incoming call
    -Other small fixes here and there

    -Up-to-date with CM

    -Theme chooser fixes
    -New status bar clock options (some options have been removed)
    -Expanded desktop (per app or global)
    -Accept all files" option for incoming files via BT
    -Animate expanded volume panel
    -Lockscreen shortcut customization
    -add Profiles, ADB over network, Compass and NFC tiles
    -DocumentsUI: update launcher icon
    -Include material ringtones and notification sounds

    -Themes chooser
    -Add customization for Quick Settings
    -Quick settings: fix ripple placement for dual tiles
    -Quick settings: change location sensors mode in quick settings
    -SystemUI: status bar header long click actions
    -DocumentsUI: Add a standalone File Manager
    -Power menu customizations
    -Privacy guard: option to disable notification
    -Implement linked volumes and Create expandable volume panel
    -Add 4g as connection options for profiles
    -Fix "ghost" weather display in expanded status bar
    -Power menu customizations
    -Settings: Add missing up navigation in menus
    -Reorganize Custom settings
    -Port network mode toggle
    -Add back phone notification LED settings backend
    -LatinIME: fix action bar theme issue

    -Added a new wallpaper thanks to +Dimitris Ps

    French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian and Spanish translation updates thanks to +Alexander Westphal​,
    +Alexander Babaj​, +Cristian Morcillo Asensi​, +renaud rolland, Michał and marcocro.

    -Quick unlock
    -Option to disable brightness slider
    -Fixed profiles showing in power menu when disabled
    -Updated Profiles and Screen recorder icons in power menu thanks to +Alexander Westphal​​
    -Fixed a null pointer in mms app

    HeadsUp options
    -Blacklist and Do not disturb
    -Timeout control
    -Left swipe dismiss
    -Right swipe put into background
    -Swipe down opens notification drawer and moves the notification into it
    -HeadsUp button in status bar header

    Quick Settings
    -Add long click support
    -Add Haptic Feedback to tiles
    -Auto collapse panel

    -Replace recents clear all button with a fab button
    -Option to ignore the last app when clearing recents
    -Fixed Battery style bugs
    -Status bar carrier label options
    -Navigation bar options (enable/disable and dimensions)
    -Left handed navbar during landscape mode
    -Wifi notifications: notify when wifi connects
    -Option to disable fullscreen keyboard
    -Make "SD Card removed" notification dismissible
    -Fix volume key music controls and wake up
    -Power connect/disconnect notification support
    -Swap volume buttons
    -Add option to scramble pin layout when unlocking
    -Screen Recorder (thanks to +kousuke nagano​​ for the pull requests)
    -Material update for Gallery
    -Added Open Delta



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