[ROM] [5.1.1_r6][OFFICIAL][GROUPER][TILAPIA] BlissPop by TeamBliss

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    18 Apr 2014
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    Ottima ROM con un alto tasso di personalizzazioni

    CM12 Theme Engine

    Status Bar

    •Clock & Date Options
    •Battery Options
    •Battery Bar Options
    •SuperUser Indicator
    •Bluetooth Indicator
    •Brightness Control
    •Mobile & Wifi Icon Options
    •Notification & System Icon Options
    •Network Traffic Monitor
    •Bliss Logo Option
    •Notification Count

    Navigation & Button Options

    •Set Navigation Ring Targets
    •Overflow Button Settings
    •Navigation Bar Toggle
    •Set Navigation Buttons, Layout & Dimension
    •Double Tap to Sleep
    •Search Button Options
    •Left-Handed Mode

    Recents Options

    •Memory Bar
    •Clear All Button Tweaks
    •Clear All tasks
    •Clear All Recents Location
    •Option to show Google Search Bar in Recents Menu
    •OmniSwitch (Option to replace Recents Menu with OmniSwitch)

    Notification Drawer
    •Status Bar Header (Weather)
    •Tile Options
    •Flashlight Option
    -Custom Color Tile Options (Set Background, Icons & Text)
    •Quick Setting Options
    •Quick & Smart Pulldown
    •Brightness Slider Toggle
    •Vibrate, Detailed Wifi View & Advanced Location Options
    •SlimActions Tile
    •Auto Close Panel
    •Force Expanded Notifications

    Heads Up Notifications

    Lockscreen Options

    •Long Press Lock Icon to Sleep
    •Bottom Corner Targets
    •Weather Options
    •Customize Text & Icon Colors
    •Clock Widget Settings
    •Music Visualizer Options
    •Power Button Lock Options
    •Lock Method Options

    Power Menu Options
    •Power Off
    •One Click Reboot
    •Screenshot (with delay Option)
    •Screen Record
    •Profile Switcher
    •Airplane Mode
    •User Switcher
    •Settings Shortcut
    •Device Lockdown
    •Sound Panel

    Gesture Anywhere
    •Location Options
    •Trigger Regions


    •IME Animations
    •Toast Animations
    •Listview Animations
    •System Animations
    •Scrolling Cache
    •Scrolling Modifiers

    App Circle Bar

    •Included Apps
    •Trigger width, position and height

    Sound Options

    •Media, Alarm Notification Sound Options
    •Volume Steps
    •Volume Panel Timeout
    •Launch Music Apps
    •Dial Pad Tones
    •Screen Locking Sound
    •Touch Sounds
    •Charging Sounds
    •Camera Shutter & Screenshot Sounds
    •Safe Headset Volume
    •Less Frequent Notifications
    •Media Control
    •Vibration Options

    Display & Light Options

    •Smart Cover
    •Adaptive Brightness
    •Double Tap to Sleep
    •Sleep Time
    •Wake on Plug
    •Cast Screen
    •Expanded Desktop
    •Font Size
    •Battery Light
    •Notification Light with Per App Settings

    Notification Manager

    •Device Lock Options
    •Block App Notifications
    •Disable Persistent Info
    •Priority App Notifications



    - bootloader sbloccato
    - custom recovery installata

    - Scaricate ROM e GAPPS
    - Effettuate un Nandroid backup
    - Flashate la ROM
    - Se necessario flashate le Gapps
    - Se necessario flashate il SuperSU
    - Reboot Device.

    Download ROM Tilapia
    Download ROM Grouper
    Download Banks Gapps
    Download Minimal Gapps
    Download SuperSU

    Fonte XDA