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[ROM] [5.1.x][BACON] Euphoria-OS 1.1 [SEP 05]

Discussione in 'ROM per OnePlus One' iniziata da simoscorpion, 6 Dic 2014.

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  1. simoscorpion

    simoscorpion Power Droid

    26 Lug 2012
    "Mi Piace":
    *** nuova buil del 03/08 ***

    -Ls weather: options to hide the weather when notifications are visible
    -Weather Temperature Status Bar Icon
    -Removed profiles global actions items
    -Settings: move torch settings to display and lights
    -Ability to set lockscreen wallpaper (look in lock screen settings)
    -InCallUI: Unbreak heads-up disabled incoming call
    -Trim the RECENTS card style to look more "NICER"
    -QS: use CM's profiles vector from settings
    -Merged in translations from CM
    -Merged android-5.1.1_r6
    -Fully up-to-date with cm
    -Audio, Display and Media hals synced with CAF
    -Merged in changes from cm kernel
    -Update blobs
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  2. simoscorpion

    simoscorpion Power Droid

    26 Lug 2012
    "Mi Piace":
    *** nuova build del 04/08 ***

    -ThemeChooser fixes and optimizations
    -Stagefright fixes
    -Bionic qand Art updates
    -Option to allow LED's while screen is on
    -Show volume panel tile
    -Option to hide qs tiles with sensitive data
    -Status bar weather temperature placement (left/right)
    -Disable/Enable screenshot sound
    -Screenshot delay adjustment
    -Add time-context headers to the notification header
    -Reset to QS panel if task manager was visible last (also disable task manager on lock screen)
    -Fix forcing media stream control on tablets
    -Keyguard: use new visualizer from Eleven
    -NavRing: wait for animation end before take a screenshoot
    -Merged in translations from CM

    -Added Trebuchet from CM
    (note: locking apps and folders doesn't work and causes Trebuchet to force close,
    this is because were missing the settings patches. When I get time these settings will be added)

    -Fully up-to-date with CM - Audio/Video, Kernel and lots of under the hood fixes.
    -APN updates
    -LED brightness control

    Too many changes to list so read the detailed changelog
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  3. Alessandro Cossali

    Alessandro Cossali Worker Droid

    4 Ott 2014
    "Mi Piace":
    Nuova build del 5/9 è online

    Appena scaricata e da domani in test

    Inviato dal mio A0001 utilizzando Tapatalk
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