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[ROM] [5.1] [Y300/G510] Cyanogenmod 12.1 UNOFFICIAL

Discussione in 'Modding - Huawei G510' iniziata da 144556, 1 Mag 2015.

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  1. 144556

    144556 Silver Droid

    18 Apr 2014
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    Build molto buona della CyangenMod 12.1 per i terminali Huawei Y300/G510 comunque in stato di beta può presentare diversi BUG


    Fixed in-call volume
    Fixed muted speaker in-call
    Enabled magic sysrq key config (http://en.wikipedia....Magic_SysRq_key), it's disabled by default in the current build
    Interactive as default governor
    Removed switchable pair


    1st CM12.1 build
    Fixed video recording (thanks chil360)
    Huge kernel update to fix some memory allocation problems (thanks chil360)
    Thanks to the kernel update the wifi is more stable, too
    Renabled zRAM
    Increased zRAM size to 256 MB RAM (most of the developers of low mem devices did this, so why not?)
    Increase swappiness to 100 (most of the developers of low mem devices did this, so why not?)
    Using software decoders for video playback
    Fixed huge lag with Gapps installed (thanks kirmaniarslan)
    Correctly enabled dexpreoptimization (thanks chil360)
    Renabled high-end effects by default (you can disable them in performance/settings if you want to save some extra RAM)
    Fixed dialer freezes during a voice call (thanks chil360 and sunnyden)
    Fixed VoIP support (tried FB Messenger calls and Whatsapp voice calls and they work)
    Optimized ART parameters for low mem devices (thanks humberos)


    Mobile data fixed, it is now working correctly (Thanks chil360)
    New RIL (Thanks David_Vaz)
    Updated Wifi driver (the issue is not gone, yet, but it now autorecovers from the error situation)
    Disabled high-end effects in status bar (including transparency), it saves some RAM, you can still enable them in Settings/Performance
    Lowered swappiness from 45 to 30
    Overlay updates and a couple of device tweaks
    Disabled CPU OC for u8833
    Enabled multi-color notification led and changed default color to green
    Sync with CM sources at: 23/02/2015

    Cosa funziona

    RIL (Chiamate, SMS, Dati)
    Camera ( Foto )
    Audio ( Record and Playback )
    Video playback (software)

    Cosa non funziona:

    Video playback (hardware)
    FM Radio
    Qualche volta se in deep sleep potreste avere lo schermo nero


    - Scaricate ROM e GAPPS
    - Rivviate in recovery (almeno TWRP )
    - Full wipe se venite da un'altra ROM
    - Flashate ROM e GAPPS

    Download ROM
    Download GAPPS

    Fonte MODACO

    Credits :

    chil360 : For Lollipop Device Tree and Kernel
    Dazzozo : Original Device Tree and Kernel
    Huawei : For providing the Kernel Source Code (Old.. but they did atleast)
    CM Team
    Other contributors that helped or will help our development in the future (Kra1o5, luca020400... and the new ones)