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[ROM] AOSIP - Android 6.0.1 per Nexus 5X [bullhead] Guida, Download, Novità

Discussione in 'Rom per LG Nexus 5X' iniziata da Phil Stelar, 28 Giu 2016.

  1. Phil Stelar

    Phil Stelar Golden Droid

    13 Feb 2016
    "Mi Piace":
    Nè io nè TuttoAndroid ci assumiamo responsabilità in caso di danni


    Android Open Source illusion Project

    AOSIP è una ROM di qualità su base AOSP, stabile e sempre aggiornata che punta ad ottenere ottime prestazioni

    Bootloader sbloccato
    Custom Recovery (TWRP)

    AOSiP 4.3 6.0.1 r43 changelog


    * frameworks/base/
    6951a2b Back to old fling QS icon for now [xlxfoxxlx]
    e3caa05 When font size changes so should the left and center clock [xlxfoxxlx]
    ea6d4cb Make clock and time clickable in statusbar [xlxfoxxlx]
    fffad0a Fix the dual clock bug [xlxfoxxlx]
    d6cbd52 Replace empty recents screen with Kronic 3.0 [xlxfoxxlx]


    * bionic/
    3e4b49b Merge tag 'android-6.0.1_r43' of into HEAD [xlxfoxxlx]
    * build/
    29808ce Merge tag 'android-6.0.1_r43' of into HEAD [xlxfoxxlx]
    * frameworks/base/
    be63f1d Merge tag 'android-6.0.1_r43' of into HEAD [xlxfoxxlx]
    * frameworks/native/
    c738c7b Merge tag 'android-6.0.1_r43' of into HEAD [xlxfoxxlx]
    * packages/apps/Settings/
    25591bb Fix error for r43 [xlxfoxxlx]
    * packages/providers/DownloadProvider/
    ce2ad50 Merge tag 'android-6.0.1_r43' of into HEAD [xlxfoxxlx]
    * packages/services/Telecomm/
    8c838aa Merge tag 'android-6.0.1_r43' of into HEAD [xlxfoxxlx]
    * packages/services/Telephony/
    6a36e62 Merge tag 'android-6.0.1_r43' of into HEAD [xlxfoxxlx]
    * system/core/
    899500a Merge tag 'android-6.0.1_r43' of into HEAD [xlxfoxxlx]
    * vendor/aosip/
    4e70770 Update Angler and Shamu fingerprints [xlxfoxxlx]
    * vendor/lge/
    b981515 bullhead: update blobs for 6.0.1 (MTC19T) [Jean-Pierre Rasquin]
    1999cc6 hammerhead: update blobs for 6.0.1 (MOB30H) [Jean-Pierre Rasquin]


    * frameworks/base/
    941c2b9 Add kronic 3.0 to custom status icons (Part 1 of 2) [xlxfoxxlx]
    46365d0 Revert "Add LCD density setting" [xlxfoxxlx]
    79c9b4a Make the dexopt even sexier(kronic 3.0) thanks to Sean Grondin and Paul Clark for image [xlxfoxxlx]
    c0e304d Frameworks: add ability to disable bar color in battery saver mode (1/2) [xlxfoxxlx]
    * packages/apps/OmniStyle/
    e4e19a1 Remove Pauls Kronic 2.0 Headers [xlxfoxxlx]
    * packages/apps/Settings/
    a322760 Replace Owlsnest icon with Kronic 3.0 [xlxfoxxlx]
    21e130f Add fastscroll to the Manage applications screen so you don't need to scroll so much if you have alot of apps and want to go to the bottom of the list. [xlxfoxxlx]
    92177c0 Switch to new About AOSiP Imaage Image credit Paul Clark and Sean Grondin [xlxfoxxlx]
    20a65a3 Add Kronic 3.0 to custom status icon (Part 2 of 2) [xlxfoxxlx]
    617f5bf Revert "Add LCD density setting" [xlxfoxxlx]
    8f6ba09 Settings: add ability to disable bar color in battery saver mode (2/2) [xlxfoxxlx]
    19a1155 Disable Quick Settings on secure lockscreen (2/2) [xlxfoxxlx]
    111264f Settings:Add Summaries for Pulse Settings [xlxfoxxlx]
    fdb0a67 Revert "Disable Quick Settings on secure lockscreen (2/2)" [xlxfoxxlx]
    9cd79ca Oopsie dont need this [xlxfoxxlx]
    * vendor/aosip/
    848d686 Update to nove 4.3 beta-7 [xlxfoxxlx]
    e41a11f New default wall (possibly temp) [xlxfoxxlx]
    * vendor/asus/
    f2a00fc deb: Nexus 7(LTE) binaries for Android 6.0.1 (MOB30J) [BeansTown106]
    ec99a39 flo: Nexus 7(WiFi) binaries for Android 6.0.1 (MOB30J) [BeansTown106]
    * vendor/huawei/
    194d91e Angler: Update vendor blobs "MTC19T" [BeansTown106]
    * vendor/moto/
    c610e8f shamu: update blobs for 6.0.1 (MOB30I) [BeansTown106]
    fe92462 shamu: update blobs for 6.0.1 (MOB30G) [BeansTown106]


    * build/
    460858b add back camera [xlxfoxxlx]
    * frameworks/base/
    32e7ac6 Add option for left clock style / position date left-right of clock [1/2] [xlxfoxxlx]
    183c190 Update to kronic 3.0 Part 1 [xlxfoxxlx]
    f7ff9d6 Fix up clock and date customizations [xlxfoxxlx]
    831527c Statusbar clock and date customizations [1/2] [xlxfoxxlx]
    c60dd28 Revert "Status bar: Clock styles, (1/2):" [xlxfoxxlx]
    2baefcc Grant LockClock and chromium default permissions [xlxfoxxlx]
    17037c1 AssetManager: Shut up, Meg.... [xlxfoxxlx]
    f53f58b Add OmniSwitch as option for default recents [1/2] [xlxfoxxlx]
    * kernel/lge/bullhead/
    fe2b707 bullhead: Add support for more LiveDisplay features [Akhil Narang]
    17aaff7 bullhead: Enable FiiO HID Quirk [Akhil Narang]
    * packages/apps/DUI/
    6df1d82 Replace images with Kronic 3.0 part 2 [xlxfoxxlx]
    * packages/apps/OmniStyle/
    12faaf1 :/ [xlxfoxxlx]
    ccde301 No Caps for You! [xlxfoxxlx]
    e7d27cc Add new header packs: Kronic 3.0 by Sean Grondin PaulWalls Kronic 3.0 [xlxfoxxlx]
    9a89fca Paulwalls Kronic3.0 headers [Paul Clark]
    * packages/apps/OmniSwitch/
    c6ee160 Fix style [xlxfoxxlx]
    * packages/apps/Settings/
    808fb99 Add option for left clock style / position date left-right of clock [2/2] [xlxfoxxlx]
    6678775 Statusbar clock and date customizations [2/2] [xlxfoxxlx]
    8105fe7 Missid copywright [xlxfoxxlx]
    0fa7624 Update copyrights and fix some spacing [xlxfoxxlx]
    8546e4f Add OmniSwitch as option for default recents [2/2] [xlxfoxxlx]
    f8a2bb4 Add OmniSwitch to Dirty Tweaks [xlxfoxxlx]
    * packages/inputmethods/LatinIME/
    0c81340 Replace images with Kronic 3.0 [xlxfoxxlx]
    * vendor/aosip/
    621c015 Bump to 4.3 [xlxfoxxlx]
    7bb9ef7 Build OmniSwitch [xlxfoxxlx]


    * frameworks/base/
    7b333d5 Revert "Make lte tile show"(for now) [xlxfoxxlx]
    * packages/apps/OmniSwitch/
    90552e8 OmniSwitch: Allow open app as floating window [xlxfoxxlx]
    76e456c OmniSwitch: cleanup BitmapCache handling [Max Weninger]
    * packages/providers/TelephonyProvider/
    969cba9 Update icons to Material [xlxfoxxlx]
    * packages/services/Telecomm/
    b8a7696 Telecomm : Allow multiple default dialers [1/2] [xlxfoxxlx]
    * packages/services/Telephony/
    f259523 Telephony : Allow multiple default dialers [2/2] [xlxfoxxlx]



    * frameworks/base/
    35a940d Base: Fix Copy/Paste feature [xlxfoxxlx]
    adbecad Base: Floating Window [xlxfoxxlx]
    1b07cde ThemeTile: Custom QS detail header title support for theming apps [xlxfoxxlx]
    fa5c4c9 ThemesTile: Don't process clicks on current theme item [xlxfoxxlx]
    4a9d1dd Make Navtile default to on [xlxfoxxlx]
    e62d866 Make lte tile show [xlxfoxxlx]
    885bfca Pulse Visualizer Sanity Level [1/3] [xlxfoxxlx]
    436da9c Pulse Bar Customizations [1/3] [xlxfoxxlx]
    c768f74 Telephony: Add getLteOnGsmMode() method (1/2) [xlxfoxxlx]
    4c741a3 Fix Lte Tile Strings [xlxfoxxlx]
    a82001e FWB[​IMG]yanamically Configurable Pulse Bar Dimensions [1/3] [xlxfoxxlx]
    * frameworks/opt/telephony/
    8b6074f Telephony: Add getLteOnGsmMode() method (2/2) [xlxfoxxlx]
    * packages/apps/DUI/
    29ce985 Pulse Visualizer Sanity Level [3/3] [xlxfoxxlx]
    6ede782 Pulse Bar Customizations [2/3] [xlxfoxxlx]
    5f06335 Pulse: Make Sure Visualizer Starts On Dimension Change [xlxfoxxlx]
    * packages/apps/Settings/
    f4b058d Settings: Floating Window Fragment [xlxfoxxlx]
    31e643f Settings: Keyguard Charging Current Switch [2/2] [xlxfoxxlx]
    9159a91 Settings: Pulse Visualizer Sanity Level [3/3] [xlxfoxxlx]
    280adba Settings: Pulse Bar Customizations[3/3] [xlxfoxxlx]
    4f6d742 Settings:Configurable Pulse Bar Spacing [3/3] [xlxfoxxlx]
    * packages/services/Telephony/
    fff6b46 Phone: Enable LTE for GSM LTE phones (part I) [xlxfoxxlx]
    673bc1d Fix Lte Tile [xlxfoxxlx]


    * frameworks/base/
    6deeaf1 FWB: Configurable Pulse Bar Spacing [1/3] [xlxfoxxlx]
    20be62c SystemUI:Add LTE Tile [xlxfoxxlx]
    c3302c4 QS : Pulse Tile [xlxfoxxlx]
    71f8c91 Keyguard Charging Current Switch [1/2] [xlxfoxxlx]
    e3b4e92 FWB :SmartBar Button Tint [1/3] [xlxfoxxlx]
    fbeec96 FWB[​IMG]yanamically Configurable Pulse Bar Dimensions [1/3] [xlxfoxxlx]
    8df863b Revert "Don't recreate 3MinitController" [xlxfoxxlx]
    4d4d59d add these back [xlxfoxxlx]
    * kernel/lge/bullhead/
    5a51d24 bullhead: add merge script helper [Akhil Narang]
    1bd0e43 mm: vmpressure: dynamic window sizing. [Akhil Narang]
    f83d4f4 Revert "Revert "mm: process_reclaim: fix reclaim skip on low efficiency"" [Akhil Narang]
    4a23183 etherdevice: Use ether_addr_copy to copy an Ethernet address [Akhil Narang]
    aea6e33 mm: improve migration heuristic [Akhil Narang]
    447f7bd msm: msm_bus: remove the buspm module from kernel [Akhil Narang]
    5510f89 msm: msm_bus: Fix memory corruption in alloc_handle_lst [Akhil Narang]
    a5b70f4 ipa: cleanup: fix workqueue leak in QCOM ipa driver [Akhil Narang]
    5e4556d UPSTREAM: binfmt_elf: add ELF_HWCAP2 to compat auxv entries [Akhil Narang]
    6d953a0 UPSTREAM: usb: xhci: Allow usb_add/remove_hcd() to be called repeatedly [Akhil Narang]
    d5d7605 usb: f_fs: set ep->driver_data on unbind [Akhil Narang]
    5182b83 msm-3.10: For every frame disabled, report drop [Akhil Narang]
    ebf4182 ion: adjust system heap pool orders [Akhil Narang]
    e32e8b2 kgsl: add page pool allocator [Akhil Narang]
    5f44b4e spmi: qpnp-int: Add wakeup reason logging [Akhil Narang]
    25b1f14 ALSA: compress: allow writes in SNDRV_PCM_STATE_PREPARED state [Akhil Narang]
    543d1ff mm: adjust page migration heuristic [Akhil Narang]
    7846a81 lib: align source before using optimized implementation [Akhil Narang]
    22e3e9f pipe: Fix buffer offset after partially failed read [Akhil Narang]
    e5bf69c Revert PM/sleep backports. Some users had strange middle-night shutdowns occuring after these commits [Akhil Narang]
    2e40a7d cfg80211: Add attributes describing prohibited channel bandwidth. [Akhil Narang]
    7aab67b nl80211/cfg80211: add 5 and 10 MHz defines and wiphy flag. [Akhil Narang]
    c50d4f9 power: qpnp-smbcharger: limit total current to the target current [Akhil Narang]
    3eae515 Silences WLAN, PCIe, and CPU suspend state kernel messages [Akhil Narang]
    037dc1ef UPSTREAM: arm64: cpu hotplug: ensure we mask out CPU_TASKS_FROZEN in notifiers [Akhil Narang]
    eb9ff4b msm: ipa: Reset uC ready cb [Akhil Narang]
    4c49e52 msm: ipa: Support for wlan init before uC is loaded [Akhil Narang]
    c09f034 UPSTREAM: lz4: fix wrong compress buffer size for 64-bits [Akhil Narang]
    598fdfa UPSTREAM: zram/zcomp: do not zero out zcomp private pages [Akhil Narang]
    ed56e02 UPSTREAM: zram: pass gfp from zcomp frontend to backend [Akhil Narang]
    01e9e9d UPSTREAM: zram: try vmalloc() after kmalloc() [Akhil Narang]
    3fe9da6 UPSTREAM: zram/zcomp: use GFP_NOIO to allocate streams [Akhil Narang]
    88fce0d UPSTREAM: zram: avoid kunmap_atomic() of a NULL pointer [Akhil Narang]
    87ff852 zram: remove some zram backports to merge newer commits from n-preview branch [Akhil Narang]
    * packages/apps/DUI/
    346c7e1 DUI:Configurable Pulse Bar Spacing [2/3] [xlxfoxxlx]
    f799e3e More Pulse Bar Dimensions [1/2] [xlxfoxxlx]
    b160186 DUI[​IMG]yanamically Configurable Pulse Bar Dimensions [2/3] [xlxfoxxlx]
    6d2f66d DUI :SmartBar Button Tint [2/3] [xlxfoxxlx]
    * packages/apps/Settings/
    6200a24 Settings: More Pulse Bar Dimensions [2/2] [xlxfoxxlx]
    a77ff87 Settings: Dyanamically Configurable Pulse Bar Dimensions [3/3] [xlxfoxxlx]
    df0baf1 Settings : SmartBar Button Tint [3/3] [xlxfoxxlx]
    a76180b Update Some Settings Activities [xlxfoxxlx]


    * build/
    0e00a7d fix changelog [xlxfoxxlx]
    b8cb221 Adapt to aosip [xlxfoxxlx]
    2e2adce makefile: Add changelog generator (enabled by default) (1/3) [xlxfoxxlx]
    * frameworks/base/
    d90eebd Couple fixes [xlxfoxxlx]
    83d4d7d Add "android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE" to manifest [xlxfoxxlx]
    29da954 Keyguard: show charging current in mAh on lockscreen [xlxfoxxlx]
    261d51d first attempt at fixing qs on secure LS [xlxfoxxlx]
    6238fda Add back missing file [xlxfoxxlx]
    * packages/apps/Settings/
    2259979 Changelog in device info (3/3) [xlxfoxxlx]
    4d56e43 About: Krexus ROM [xlxfoxxlx]
    0bcf29c Settings: apple can do...we can do as well [xlxfoxxlx]
    2a05241 Remove tint on aosip_about [xlxfoxxlx]
    54d2a16 Add aosip Logo to about phone [xlxfoxxlx]
    * vendor/aosip/
    d7cda19 Fix changelog [xlxfoxxlx]
    f8c4372 Changelog: beautify:squashed. Make changelog more informative add author and branch sets [xlxfoxxlx]
    a33e37f fix up [xlxfoxxlx]
    badf5df tools: add colors [xlxfoxxlx]
    e38057b Changelog [xlxfoxxlx]


    * frameworks/base/
    bf6cab1 Drop the animated settings icon [xlxfoxxlx]
    * packages/apps/PackageInstaller/
    a53ee14 Automatic translation import [Alex Cruz]
    * packages/providers/DownloadProvider/
    f32757d Add support to pause/resume download manually (2/2) [xlxfoxxlx]
    4cfa534 Add Download Speeds in notification [xlxfoxxlx]


    * packages/apps/OmniSwitch/
    813751f Automatic translation import [Andreas Blaesius]


    * frameworks/base/
    d3f0b62 [1/3] Add "Accept all files" option for incoming files via Bluetooth [xlxfoxxlx]
    701746a ProximityWake : Add support for checking proximity when waking device [xlxfoxxlx]
    07d15d8 fix crash on boot [xlxfoxxlx]
    1505a80 Battery: Show battery fully charged notification [xlxfoxxlx]
    eea2ac4 powermanager: Initialize SensorManager in systemReady() [xlxfoxxlx]
    8fea2f7 camera2 legacy: Allow HDR processing to take a while [xlxfoxxlx]
    451d0d7 Deadlock in PackageInstallerSession [xlxfoxxlx]
    055fd55 Fix NPE in updateEmptyShadeView() upon screen rotation [xlxfoxxlx]
    1c15a64 Fix ownership for files/folders created by ExternalStorageProvider on ext4/f2fs [xlxfoxxlx]
    c319d84 MountService: ensure VolumeRecord with UUID exists before modifying [xlxfoxxlx]
    f7c9ecd SystemUI: ensure volume record exists before showing notification [xlxfoxxlx]
    be55b23 Do not clear data for WAPPushManager settings [xlxfoxxlx]
    7d6abab Fix NullPointerException in DhcpPacket.getTransactionId() [xlxfoxxlx]
    c740900 Performance Optimization: Align texture dirty rect [xlxfoxxlx]
    7592d44 Camera2: Fix getInternalFormatSizes for depth [xlxfoxxlx]
    4fcce3a Fix for reboot due to Volume State not updated in callback [xlxfoxxlx]
    eed63c2 Fix Gmail/Hangouts Notification Text Color [xlxfoxxlx]
    79d69ba proguard: disable some warnings [xlxfoxxlx]
    a6e6ba3 Frameworks/base: Fix old code in MediaPlayer [xlxfoxxlx]
    c68012b Add a carrier config for default value of WFC user setting [xlxfoxxlx]
    dd29557 Fix: ResolverActivity sometimes cannot update the last chosen activity [xlxfoxxlx]
    449ecef Fix typos for the word "Unsupported". [xlxfoxxlx]
    45ddef3 Add check whether wallpaper's size has changed [xlxfoxxlx]
    0bbc710 Checking null in NsdService [xlxfoxxlx]
    af98b33 clean notification before delete the activity [xlxfoxxlx]
    d656ef0 Sync interface bring up and tether call [xlxfoxxlx]
    6d711c4 Remove the unnecessary window animation request [xlxfoxxlx]
    706ae63 Fix a crash when constructing a RemoteConnection without a VideoProvider [xlxfoxxlx]
    1d35573 Do not scan a file which cannot be read [xlxfoxxlx]
    e271f54 MediaScanner: Detect folders [xlxfoxxlx]
    9251d3b Fix the issue that Change the System Date and Time will impact the result of ActivityManager.getRunningTasks [xlxfoxxlx]
    f11a1cb Ignore second connect request [xlxfoxxlx]
    8cc3569 Fix the creation of empty file when screenshot is failed. [xlxfoxxlx]
    6b3d8f4 Fix NPE from AppOpsManager.checkPackage. [xlxfoxxlx]
    1d5baaa ActivityManagerService.cpp: remove unused curBuf variable [xlxfoxxlx]
    70b09e2 Fix MMS not available when data connection is off. [xlxfoxxlx]
    2543886 [4/4] sqlite query perf: try to avoid getCount() [xlxfoxxlx]
    990aafc [3/4] sqlite query perf: clean up in-flight statements on cursor close [xlxfoxxlx]
    5cd080b [2/4] sqlite query perf: try to reuse in-flight statements [xlxfoxxlx]
    55f26b7 [1/4] sqlite query perf: better window selection in common case [xlxfoxxlx]
    f034231 Services: DO NOT send Broadcast On boot [xlxfoxxlx]
    94497e3 Precaution to make sure wallpapers are set in full screen [xlxfoxxlx]
    5bf6aa2 CMTE: Let's unregister a ThemeProcessingListener instead [xlxfoxxlx]
    7f1035a Themes: Update icon mapping on boot [xlxfoxxlx]
    b26dd54 Themes: Restore original value if getValue fails [xlxfoxxlx]
    02e91c1 Themes: Fail theme install if common resources fail [xlxfoxxlx]
    b940290 SystemUI: Hide system/notification when config changes on kg. [xlxfoxxlx]
    f62dfa8 Should use scan flag, or it will not scan device. [xlxfoxxlx]
    34ea034 aapt: Hide "No comment for public symbol" warnings [xlxfoxxlx]
    c56e6ab Change up dexopt img img credit to Paul Clark - dabug123 [xlxfoxxlx]
    0a8d62a framework: Log applied theme when apps crash [xlxfoxxlx]
    da8d1a7 Base: charger sounds also for wired [xlxfoxxlx]
    65e5447 Move Custom icon before carrier text [xlxfoxxlx]
    5bec874 Add back some deleted from screen pinning commit and fix a couple refreshs [xlxfoxxlx]
    3a1cbdd Added a toast to screenshot delete, why not right? [xlxfoxxlx]
    3c0762c Screen pinning improvements [xlxfoxxlx]
    5ad17b3 Fix race condition [xlxfoxxlx]
    b177953 Fix the NullPointerException [xlxfoxxlx]
    * frameworks/native/
    ce6c35d native: Restore VM memory overrides [xlxfoxxlx]
    1f6e8c1 Add dalvik heap override for xxxhdpi phone [xlxfoxxlx]
    1e832b2 Add HWUI overrides for xxxhdpi phone [xlxfoxxlx]
    * packages/apps/DUI/
    a7fd2e9 Move shortcut update boot receiver to PhoneStatusbar [2/2] [xlxfoxxlx]
    d3ebb41 DUI: Bring up "In-app search" bindable action and resources [1/2] [xlxfoxxlx]
    aa0686e DUI: SmartBar editor popup menu logic and animation refresh [xlxfoxxlx]
    6d125d5 SmartBar: refresh drawables on reorient on a fresh boot/create [xlxfoxxlx]
    * packages/apps/Settings/
    677fd3a [3/3] Add "Accept all files" option for incoming files via BT [xlxfoxxlx]
    32fa395 Themes: Expose Hard coded icon tint in power summary settings [xlxfoxxlx]
    6153904 Themes: allow stronger themeing of PowerUsage app icon [xlxfoxxlx]
    026c058 Settings: Expose battery history chart color [xlxfoxxlx]




    - Scaricare ROM e GAPPS copiandole nella memoria interna del device

    - Riavviare il device in recovery mode (TWRP)
    - Full Wipe (Dalvik Cache+System+Data+Cache)
    - Flash ROM
    - Flash GAPPS
    - Riavvire

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