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Discussione in 'ROM per OnePlus One' iniziata da 144556, 29 Nov 2015.

  1. 144556

    144556 Silver Droid

    18 Apr 2014
    "Mi Piace":

    Ne io ne il Forum di TuttoAndroid siamo responsabili in caso di procurato danno al vostro dispositivo. Seguite questa guida a vostro rischio

    ottima rom basata sulle nightly della CM 13

    All Cyanogen 13 features
    Improved Script to install in secundary (MultiRom)
    SELinux: Permissive
    AD's Free (Changed Host's) (thanks BSDgeek_Jake)
    Screencast (CM12.1s)
    CameraNext MOD (thanks abhi08638)
    AudioFX MaxxAudio w/ 10 band EQ (thanks Floydfire)
    Hexo Theme (CM12.1s)
    Bootanimacion CM12.1s
    OTA Updater

    Bug noti
    Nothing else that I know of, if something doesn't work, check runtime permissions in /settings/app/
    Project Fi requires setting runtime permissions in settings or it won't work once app is installed


    Questa ROM necessita del modem della CM12.1

    - Scaricare tutti i file necessari nel dispositivo
    - Flashare una recovery a vostra scelta tra quelle proposte
    - Effettuate un NANDroid backup della rom attuale (opzionale ma consigliato)
    - Fate Wipe data & cache partitions (obbligatorio se venite dalla rom stock)
    - Flashate la Rom e le GAPPS
    - Flashate la radio

    1) Scompattate il file della radio e lanciate "INSTALL"
    2) Collegate il telefono essendo sicuri che il debug usb sia attivo
    3) Selezionate 1 per riavviare in bootloader
    4) Selezionate 2 per flashare Flash Racpu_Radio_CM12.1
    5) Selezionate 3 per riavviare

    - Riavviate il dispositivo

    Download ROM
    Download GAPPS
    Download RADIO

    Download SUPER SU

    Fonte XDA
    Ultima modifica di un moderatore: 3 Gen 2016
  2. RedHat

    RedHat Golden Droid

    4 Lug 2014
    "Mi Piace":
    Nuova versione 04/12

  3. RedHat

    RedHat Golden Droid

    4 Lug 2014
    "Mi Piace":
    Nuova versione 7.0 (08/12)

  4. RedHat

    RedHat Golden Droid

    4 Lug 2014
    "Mi Piace":
    Nuova versione di oggi basata su Android 6.0.1!

  5. RedHat

    RedHat Golden Droid

    4 Lug 2014
    "Mi Piace":
    Nuova versione 8.0 (11/12)

    Add AOSP Calendar
    Optimize Source Code to build Custom Apps to insert on zip
    Added local blacklist and framework blacklist database synchronization (android_packages_apps_Messaging)
    Alarm: Don't use invalid timerfd alarm types (android_frameworks_base)
    SystemUI: Fix quick-quick settings pulldown settings (android_frameworks_base)
    SystemUI: hook up settings observer in notificationpanel (android_frameworks_base)
    CM PlatLogo: CyanogenMod version preference (2/2) (android_packages_apps_Settings)
    bacon: Call btnvtool using a service (android_device_oneplus_bacon)
    Fix race condition when collecting op callback. (android_frameworks_base)
    Added show volume panel tile to QS (android_frameworks_base)
    QSDragPanel : Fix loading of tiles (android_frameworks_base)
    QSBooleanSettingsRow : Add default value attribute (android_frameworks_base)
    QS: add Sync tile (1/2) (android_frameworks_base)
    CMSDK : Add volume tile (cm_platform_sdk)
    CMSDK : Add sync tile (cm_platform_sdk)
    Themes: Use SRC_ATOP tintMode for external tile icons (android_packages_apps_Settings)
    hardware: Reference internal sdk instead of external. (android_frameworks_opt_hardware)
    Fix duplicate "Get More" buttons in menu (android_packages_apps_ThemeChooser)
    Stk: Move CAF strings (android_packages_apps_Stk)
    Fix FC when trying to adjust radio band via *#*#4636#*#* dialer code. (android_packages_apps_Settings)
    Toast: Fix toast layout for RTL (android_frameworks_base)
    Settings : Port over reorganization from 12.1 (android_packages_apps_Settings)
    SystemUI: Enable three icon switching within QS DND tile (android_frameworks_base)
    SystemUI: add NFC tile (android_frameworks_base)
    CMSDK : Add nfc tile (cm_platform_sdk)
    ffmpeg: Fix crash when avio_check is called (android_external_stagefright-plugins)
    Trebuchet: Use new protected app extras (android_packages_apps_Trebuchet)
    CMSDK : Add compass tile (cm_platform_sdk)
    SystemUI: port compass tile to cm-13.0 (android_frameworks_base)
    Switch push url to staging (android_external_whispersystems_libwhisperpush)
    Bluetooth: Don't use command TX idle timer on Broadcoms (android_system_bt)
    Also activate default UICC apps once after SIM presence. (android_frameworks_opt_telephony)
    Lookup: use a more up-to-date user agent (android_packages_apps_Dialer)
    Modified notify() to return the Uri being modified so that ContentObservers can be informed of the modified Uri (android_packages_providers_TelephonyProvider)
    UiccController: use registerForAvailable only for (android_frameworks_opt_telephony)
    Revert "Use radio availability to sync card status instead of radio on" (android_frameworks_opt_telephony)
    idegen: don't use hardcoded out directory (android_development)
    QSTiles : Switch to sdk constants (android_frameworks_base)
    cmsdk: Add QS utility classes. (cm_platform_sdk)
    SystemUI : Add adb over network tile (android_frameworks_base)
    cmsdk: Nuke concept of Dynamic Tiles in available tiles. (cm_platform_sdk)
    SystemUi: Handle custom and dynamic tiles the same way. (android_frameworks_base)
    SystemUi: Fix systemui tests. (android_frameworks_base)
    base: dynamic tiles (android_frameworks_base)
    cmsdk: Uncomment dynamic tiles. (cm_platform_sdk)
    CMSDK : Add performance tile (cm_platform_sdk)
    SystemUI : port performance profile toggle (android_frameworks_base)
    SystemUI : Add screen timeout tile (android_frameworks_base)
    CMSDK : Ensure getAvailableTiles clones object (cm_platform_sdk)
    CMSDK : Add screen timeout tile (cm_platform_sdk)
    SystemUI: add USB Tether tile (android_frameworks_base)
    CMSDK : Add usb tether tile (cm_platform_sdk)
    libc: ARM64: denver64: optimized memmove breaks denver (android_bionic)
    SystemUI: add Profiles tile (android_frameworks_base)
    Settings: allow Profiles to be launched externally (android_packages_apps_Settings)
    CMSDK: Add profiles tile (cm_platform_sdk)
    Fix Digi Mobile defaults (android_vendor_cm)
    Add support for Bépo keyboard layout (android_packages_inputmethods_LatinIME)
    make default overlay for "show correction suggestion" (android_packages_inputmethods_LatinIME)
    Rearrange Slavic & Greek morekeys (android_packages_inputmethods_LatinIME)
    Rearrange morekeys (android_packages_inputmethods_LatinIME)
    LatinIME: Add Luxembourgish keyboard & spellchecking dictionary (android_packages_inputmethods_LatinIME)
    LatinIME: Add support for Australian English (android_packages_inputmethods_LatinIME)
    LatinIME: Enable Greek spell checking (android_packages_inputmethods_LatinIME)
    LatinIME: Enable spellchecker for additional languages (android_packages_inputmethods_LatinIME)
    LatinIME: HU enable predictive dictionary and remove unused letters (android_packages_inputmethods_LatinIME)
    LatinIME: Regenerate KeyboardTextsTable (android_packages_inputmethods_LatinIME)
    LatinIME: Apply "Enable more keys for top row on tablets" (f6620308ba) and "Add "more" keys to ALL the keys" (c561f31af9) to slavik layouts. (android_packages_inputmethods_LatinIME)
    LatinIME: Add "more" keys to ALL the keys in Greek layouts (android_packages_inputmethods_LatinIME)
    core_minimal: Change make_f2fs to mkfs.f2fs (android_build)
    InCallUI: Move CAF strings (android_packages_apps_InCallUI)
    btm: Fix compile with BLE disabled (android_system_bt)
    stagefright-plugins: Fix video of resolution 320x240 (android_external_stagefright-plugins)
    ffmpeg-extractor: Fix sample aspect ratioa issue (android_external_stagefright-plugins)
    Lookup: fix unencrypted HTTP requests by allowing cleartext traffic (android_packages_apps_Dialer)
    stagefright: Fix videot thumbnail retrival for wmv (android_frameworks_av)
    stagefright: Override to use ffmpeg for decoding wmv1 (android_frameworks_av)
    libstagefright: Fix for testException (android_frameworks_av)
    libbinder: allow devices to disable ashmem size tracking (android_frameworks_native)
    audiopolicy: Add voip flag to output flag list (android_frameworks_av)
    cmsdk: Add helper class for working with colors (cm_platform_sdk)
    cmsdk: Add CMHW method to check if SRE is self managed (cm_platform_sdk)
    livedisplay: Handle self-managed SRE/SVI implementations (android_frameworks_base)
    bacon: Reduce audio latency (android_device_oneplus_bacon)
    ASoC: msm: qdsp6v2: enlarge PCM platform driver capture period size (android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974)
    ASoC: wcd9320: Optimize delay after micbias enable (android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974)
    ASoC: msm: qdsp6v2: Restrict capture path to LL mode (android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974)
    bacon: Update defconfig (android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974)
    usb: dwc3: Do not call WARN_ON_ONCE from interrupt context (android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974)
    asoc: msm: Clean up async ops (android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974)

  6. RedHat

    RedHat Golden Droid

    4 Lug 2014
    "Mi Piace":
    Nuova versione 9.0 (15/12)

    Removed Modem/Radio to ROM Zip, please install via Fastboot or ZIP in TWRP 2.8.60
    Install/Update script it's improved
    Add SuperSU on Settings Menu
    f2fs-tools: Cleanup build targets (android_external_f2fs-tools)
    Status bar: Add HSPA+ icons (android_frameworks_base)
    core: tasks: Use KERNEL_ARCH in dt_image task (android_build)
    SystemUI: Revert CAF UI modifications (android_frameworks_base)
    bionic: Do not allow LD_SHIM_LIBS for setuid executables (android_bionic)
    Make shim lib load failure non-fatal. (android_bionic)
    development: Add setting for updating recovery (android_packages_apps_Settings)
    Properly remove NFC payment preference (android_packages_apps_Settings)
    Settings: Add back keywords to display settings (android_packages_apps_Settings)
    Settings: Remove duplicate strings (android_packages_apps_Settings)
    Settings: Add back oclick settings (android_packages_apps_Settings)
    Settings: Fix more derps after reorganization from 12.1 (android_packages_apps_Settings)
    Settings: Fix notification settings after reorganization (android_packages_apps_Settings)
    Settings: Fix Power end call switch (android_packages_apps_Settings)
    DisplaySettings: Remove device dependent prefs properly (android_packages_apps_Settings)
    SystemUI : Ensure qs detail item isn't focusable (android_frameworks_base)
    Settings: Re-add Heads up switch (android_packages_apps_Settings)
    Settings: Readd actions for lockscreen settings. (android_packages_apps_Settings)
    cmsdk: Add LockscreenToggleTile. (cm_platform_sdk)
    SystemUI: Fix padding on qs_detail. (android_frameworks_base)
    SystemUI: improve lockscreen tile behavior (android_frameworks_base)
    SystemUi: Readd LockscreenToggleTile. (android_frameworks_base)
    Settings: fix Vibrate on touch preference not working (android_packages_apps_Settings)
    QSTileHost: Add missing adb_network tile (android_frameworks_base)
    SystemUI: finish circle battery animation after unplugging (android_frameworks_base)
    LockSettings: fix build (android_frameworks_base)
    LockPatternUtils: Make settings getter and setters protected (android_frameworks_base)
    CryptKeeper improvements (android_packages_apps_Settings)
    CryptKeeper: layout whole screen in bounds (android_packages_apps_Settings)
    Settings: fix non lock pattern CryptKeeper crash (android_packages_apps_Settings)
    CryptKeeper: pattern unlock displays incorrect pw when correct (android_packages_apps_Settings)
    Settings: handle decrypting larger pattern sizes (android_packages_apps_Settings)
    Settings: allow rotation while setting new pattern (android_packages_apps_Settings)
    Settings: forward port lock pattern grid size (2/2) (android_packages_apps_Settings)
    Forward port CM Screen Security settings (1/2) (android_frameworks_base)
    build: only specify least specific directory to dtbtool (android_build)
    dtbtool: Recursively search input directory for dtb files (android_device_qcom_common)
    Settings: Fix FC on app notications (android_packages_apps_Settings)
    Build a static utility executable (android_external_toybox)
    sysinit: use a for loop instead of run-parts (android_vendor_cm)
    stagefright-plugins: Init port with larger audio buffer size (android_external_stagefright-plugins)
    stagefright: Resurrect PCM offload (android_frameworks_av)
    stagefright: Add support for FLAC offloading (android_frameworks_av)
    stagefright: Finish support for HEVC muxing (android_frameworks_av)
    stagefright: Finish "Port AOSP fixes" (android_frameworks_av)
    Fix: Restore workspace gradients when returning from Widget drop (android_packages_apps_Trebuchet)
    Fix: Workspace background gradient (android_packages_apps_Trebuchet)
    stagefright: Fix a few format strings on 64-bit (android_frameworks_av)
    Telecomm: Fix copyright headers (android_packages_services_Telecomm)
    SoundRecorder: Remove dependency on android-support-v4 (android_packages_apps_SoundRecorder)
    SoundRecorder: runtime permissions (android_packages_apps_SoundRecorder)
    SoundRecorder: much update, so new (android_packages_apps_SoundRecorder)
    Settings: make (more) dashboard icon color consistent. (android_packages_apps_Settings)
    StagefrightRecorder: Add support for WAVE recording (android_frameworks_av)
    About: Fix build error caused by 07b5c8183b4e8d4d83f6d3631f41363ba290860b (android_packages_apps_TvSettings)
    nuplayer: Fix the neverending offload (android_frameworks_av)
    nuplayer: Avoid crash when codec fails to load (android_frameworks_av)
    nuplayer: Improve offload format conversions (android_frameworks_av)
    KeyguardSimPinView: don't send dummy request to get remaining pin (android_frameworks_base)
    Settings: Fix up management for wifi priority. (android_packages_apps_Settings)
    Settings: Ignore externalIndex if its greater than dash category size. (android_packages_apps_Settings)
    Add a richer system around preloading contacts (android_packages_providers_ContactsProvider)
    CMSettingsProvider: Split default load, don't load global for non-owner. (cm_platform_sdk)
    Cleanup qcom strings (android_frameworks_base)
    PhoneCommon: Move CAF strings (android_packages_apps_PhoneCommon)
    ContactsCommon: Improve CAF strings (android_packages_apps_ContactsCommon)
    ContactsCommon: move CAF strings to cm_strings (android_packages_apps_ContactsCommon)
    Contacts: Cleanup strings (android_packages_apps_Contacts)
    CMSDK : Add live display tile (cm_platform_sdk)
    SystemUI : Port LiveDisplay tile from 12.1 (android_frameworks_base)
    cmsdk: Add AmbientDisplayTile. (cm_platform_sdk)
    SystemUI: Readd AmbientDisplayTile. (android_frameworks_base)
    libfuse: Fix cast for void* in fuse opts (android_external_fuse)
    SystemUI: fix tile pages not filling up (android_frameworks_base)
    NuPlayerDriver: Maintain the timeStamp after seek (android_frameworks_av)
    NuPlayer: Don't maintain timeStamp if state is running (android_frameworks_av)
    nuplayer: Fix audio EOS notifiy on AudioSink not ready (android_frameworks_av)
    nuplayer: PCM offload fixes (android_frameworks_av)
    stagefright: Additional fixes for extended offload support (android_frameworks_av)
    stagefright-plugins: Parse additional FLAC metadata (android_external_stagefright-plugins)
    stagefright-plugins: Really ignore album art "streams" (android_external_stagefright-plugins)
    vold: Native NTFS kernel driver support (android_system_vold)
    stagefright: Check vendor list for allowed encoders (android_frameworks_av)

  7. RedHat

    RedHat Golden Droid

    4 Lug 2014
    "Mi Piace":
    Nuova versione 11 (21/12/2015)

    Updated Xposed to V79
    Remove Kernel Kexec Hardboot: MultiROM Suport, at the moment is not stable, the multirom needs to be updated.
    Remove AD's Free (Changed Host's), changed by Adaway app
    Create RacyanOS Addons on Settings Category
    Add Xposed Frameworks App on Settings
    Add Adaway App on Settings
    Add Kernel Adiutor App on Settings
    Add CPU Spy Material on Settings
    intel: videoencoder: Add support for LP blobs (android_hardware_intel_common_libmix)
    intel: videodecoder: Allow INTEL_VIDEO_XPROC_SHARING to be defined (android_hardware_intel_common_libmix)
    intel: psb_video: Add support for LP blobs (android_hardware_intel_img_psb_video)
    wsbm: Add support for LP blobs that predate ION support (android_hardware_intel_common_libwsbm)
    hwc: merrifield_plus: Add legacy LP blob support (android_hardware_intel_img_hwcomposer)
    hwc: Use the proper define for the primary display (android_hardware_intel_img_hwcomposer)
    hwc: Enabling ION (android_hardware_intel_img_hwcomposer)
    Update HWC interface (android_hardware_intel_img_hwcomposer)
    Update #define syntax for string concatenation (android_hardware_intel_img_hwcomposer)
    TwilightService: always fall back to timezone-based location (android_frameworks_base)
    bacon: Update codec profiling data (android_device_oneplus_bacon)
    Fix filedescriptor leakage in MediaMetadataRetriever (android_frameworks_base)
    nuplayer: Fix priority inversion (android_frameworks_av)
    Fix potential double close in IMediaMetadataRetriever::setDataSource (android_frameworks_av)
    Move overflow checks into SkipCutBuffer (android_frameworks_av)
    nuplayer: Do not drop corrupt EOS frame (android_frameworks_av)
    frameworks/av: fix channelmask and source format for pcm files (android_frameworks_av)
    libaudioflinger: avoid s/w effect processing in case of Direct PCM (android_frameworks_av)
    Revert "nuplayer: Perform proper shutdown sequence for offload teardown" (android_frameworks_av)
    Revert "NuPlayer: Teardown sequence for pcm offload" (android_frameworks_av)
    NuPlayerDecoder: add synchronous call pause() to ensure decoder will not request or send out data. (android_frameworks_av)
    audioflinger: update multiplier logic to calculate frameCount (android_frameworks_av)
    libmedia: correct latency computing of AudioRecord (android_frameworks_av)
    Settings: Move NFC payment under NFC category (android_packages_apps_Settings)
    repopick: Allow commits to be excluded from a topic importation (android_build)
    Revert "Gallery2: Properly declare the own permissions" (android_packages_apps_Gallery2)
    SystemUI: More stings cleanup on QS tiles (android_frameworks_base)
    Contacts: More strings cleanup (android_packages_apps_Contacts)
    Revert "Support adding contacts to blacklist and whitelist" (android_packages_apps_Contacts)
    core: String improvements from cm-12.1 (android_frameworks_base)
    Settings: update About screen device model fields (android_packages_apps_Settings)
    Power Menu: remove power as an option (android_packages_apps_Settings)
    Settings: Add some more entries into 'SMS message limit' menu (android_packages_apps_Settings)
    Settings: Cleanup ALL the strings (android_packages_apps_Settings)
    Telecom: fix test compilation (android_packages_services_Telecomm)
    pm: Update PackageManagerServiceTests (android_frameworks_base)
    cm: Improve permission strings (cm_platform_sdk)
    TvSettings: Improve strings (android_packages_apps_TvSettings)
    settings: LiveDisplay color profiles (android_packages_apps_Settings)
    ExtView: Allow window type and flags to be overridden (cm_platform_sdk)
    Introduce KeyguardExternalView (cm_platform_sdk)
    External views for cm13 (cm_platform_sdk)
    InCallUI: Update a string from cm-12.1 (android_packages_apps_InCallUI)
    Dialer: Update a string from cm-12.1 (android_packages_apps_Dialer)
    sensor: Allow devices to skip the permission request (android_frameworks_native)
    Lockscreen: Introduce window type TYPE_KEYGUARD_PANEL (android_frameworks_base)
    Keyguard: Introduce 3rd party keyguard perms and utils (cm_platform_sdk)
    base: Complete sms prompt interfaces. (android_frameworks_base)
    Settings: Utilize frameworks sms prompt interfaces as fallback. (android_packages_apps_Settings)
    telephony: Complete interfaces for sms prompt. (android_frameworks_opt_telephony)
    Trebuchet: Fix some icon size and flush cache issues (android_packages_apps_Trebuchet)
    Settings : Launch demo mode on triple tap of build date (android_packages_apps_Settings)
    SystemUI : Add DemoModeActivity hook for settings (android_frameworks_base)
    Trebuchet: Fix hidden folder list text color (android_packages_apps_Trebuchet)
    Option to use volume keys to control media volume anytime (2/2) (android_frameworks_base)
    Settings : Cleanup control media volume toggle (android_packages_apps_Settings)
    Settings : Add warning for lcd density (android_packages_apps_Settings)
    Port over linked volumes from 12.1 (android_frameworks_base)
    CMSDK : Remove VOLUME_LINK_NOTIFICATION (cm_platform_sdk)
    Settings : Add volume link notification (android_packages_apps_Settings)
    Trebuchet: Ignore mnc/mcc config changes (android_packages_apps_Trebuchet)
    Trebuchet: Exclude from recents (android_packages_apps_Trebuchet)
    Add support for gscaler DT nodes on newer platforms (android_hardware_samsung_slsi-cm_exynos5)
    Also change emulated device id separator from comma to underscore (android_system_vold)
    mksh: Alias ls to /system/xbin/ls (android_external_mksh)
    toybox: Symlink 'ls' to xbin (android_external_toybox)
    Revert "Lose ls to toybox." (android_system_core)
    media: Disable extra debug (android_frameworks_av)
    recovery: fstools: Honor TARGET_USES_EXFAT (android_bootable_recovery)
    sepolicy: Set the context for fsck.exfat/ntfs to fsck_exec (android_vendor_cm)
    nuplayer: Error checks for PCM format extensions (android_frameworks_av)
    vold: dont't use commas in device names (android_system_vold)
    stagefright-plugins: Return supported profiles for MPEG4 (android_external_stagefright-plugins)
    setings: Fix livedisplay settings (android_packages_apps_Settings)
    UICommon : make grayscale RenderScript compatible with GPU execution (android_external_cyanogen_UICommon)
    BluetoothExt: Remove unused strings (android_packages_apps_BluetoothExt)
    Trebuchet: Add ability to disable the scroller completely (android_packages_apps_Trebuchet)
    overlay: add tertiary display definition in overlay (android_hardware_qcom_display)
    Settings: adapt lock screen visualizer toggle (android_packages_apps_Settings)
    cmfm: this is TOYBOX (android_packages_apps_CMFileManager)
    stagefright: Fix some aac file cannot be played back (android_frameworks_av)
    Gallery2: Properly declare the own permissions (android_packages_apps_Gallery2)
    Settings: Fix the SoundSettings activity and intents (android_packages_apps_Settings)
    vold: hw_fde: fix OTA issues from L to M (android_system_vold)
    bacon: Update diag permissions (android_device_oneplus_bacon)
    Fix the execution point of onFrameAvailable/onFrameReplaced callbacks (android_frameworks_native)
    skia: qc-perf: link against for msm8996 (android_external_skia)
    SystemUI: fix incorrect tile shifting behavior (android_frameworks_base)
    DeskClock: add increasing volume option for alarm clocks (android_packages_apps_DeskClock)
    Handle theme changes (android_packages_apps_Trebuchet)
    Settings: add lock screen visualizer toggle (android_packages_apps_Settings)
    SystemUI: hide visualizer when keyguard is occluded (android_frameworks_base)
    SystemUI: fix NPE crash when Visualizer is not initialized (android_frameworks_base)
    SystemUI: use new visualizer from Eleven (android_frameworks_base)
    cmsdk: add LOCKSCREEN_VISUALIZER_ENABLED (cm_platform_sdk)
    otasigcheck: Rewrite for CM 13.0 (android_vendor_cm)
    Allow disabling the privacy guard notification - port from cm-12.1 (1/3) (android_packages_apps_Settings)
    Allow disabling the privacy guard notification - port from cm-12.1 (3/3) (cm_platform_sdk)

  8. Jacopo_97

    Jacopo_97 Worker Droid

    14 Apr 2015
    "Mi Piace":
    Qualcuno sa la lista dei kenrel compatibili?

    Inviato dal mio A0001 utilizzando Tapatalk
  9. RedHat

    RedHat Golden Droid

    4 Lug 2014
    "Mi Piace":
    teoricamente tutti quelli per cyanogenmod, fai un backup prima per sicurezza

    Inviato dal mio A0001 utilizzando Tapatalk
  10. Jacopo_97

    Jacopo_97 Worker Droid

    14 Apr 2015
    "Mi Piace":
    Confermo il funzionamento di radioactive kernel

    Inviato dal mio A0001 utilizzando Tapatalk
  11. RedHat

    RedHat Golden Droid

    4 Lug 2014
    "Mi Piace":
    Come va questa rom? Vorrei provarla anche io

    Inviato dal mio A0001 utilizzando Tapatalk
  12. Jacopo_97

    Jacopo_97 Worker Droid

    14 Apr 2015
    "Mi Piace":
    Fluida e reattiva. Sono rimasto piacevolmente sorpreso dalla presenza nelle impostazioni della voce CPU spy reload per tenere sott'occhio l'uso della CPU..non lo avevo mai visto in nessuna rom. Per quanto riguarda la batteria non saprei dirti perchè l'ho installata da sta mattina.
    Forse è un caso ma appena l'ho installata non mi ha fatto ripristinare le app del play store e le ho dovute riscaricare manualmente.

    Inviato dal mio A0001 utilizzando Tapatalk
    A RedHat piace questo elemento.
  13. RedHat

    RedHat Golden Droid

    4 Lug 2014
    "Mi Piace":
    Oltre le impostazioni della cyanogenmod e la sezione delle app preinstallate, ha qualche altra personalizzazione?
    Comunque per la seconda cosa, durante il setup iniziale, hai scelto di effettuare il reset delle applicazioni?

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    Ultima modifica di un moderatore: 24 Dic 2015
  14. Jacopo_97

    Jacopo_97 Worker Droid

    14 Apr 2015
    "Mi Piace":
    E presente l'app fotocamera cyanogeOS ma quando scatti le foto non le salva nella galleria presente scorrendo a destra. Per il resto non mi sembra tanto diversa se non per la presenza di xposed e adway

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    Ultima modifica: 24 Dic 2015
  15. Jacopo_97

    Jacopo_97 Worker Droid

    14 Apr 2015
    "Mi Piace":
    É appena uscita la versione 12 ma non riesco ad installarla, mi da TWRP da usare è la 2.8.6?

    Inviato dal mio A0001 utilizzando Tapatalk
  16. RedHat

    RedHat Golden Droid

    4 Lug 2014
    "Mi Piace":
  17. Jacopo_97

    Jacopo_97 Worker Droid

    14 Apr 2015
    "Mi Piace":
  18. RedHat

    RedHat Golden Droid

    4 Lug 2014
    "Mi Piace":
    Che errore ti dà?

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  19. Jacopo_97

    Jacopo_97 Worker Droid

    14 Apr 2015
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  20. RedHat

    RedHat Golden Droid

    4 Lug 2014
    "Mi Piace":
    Hai il modem della CM 12.1? prima con la hai provato?