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[KERNEL] Big-Bum Kernelper il Nexus 5

Discussione in 'Modding - LG Nexus 5' iniziata da MatVekk, 31 Gen 2015.

  1. MatVekk

    MatVekk Golden Droid

    28 Apr 2013
    "Mi Piace":

    Altro Kernel per il nostro Nexus 5 su base del già modificato e famoso Franco Kernel MPD

    - almost all franco's kernel features
    - exfat for mounting exfat formatted sticks via USB OTG
    - f2fs for mounting f2fs formatted sticks via USB OTG or if you have an f2fs formatted internal memory (use the same image for all combinations of f2fs formatted partitions).
    - for mounting OTG sticks formatted in NTFS/exFAT/f2fs/other filesystem I recommend this app. FAT formatted sticks will automount if you use CM (might work on AOSP too, I haven't tested it)
    - I also include cherry-picks from other N5 kernels (especially from Chaos/Hybrid - neobuddy89, Uber - @Cl3Kener and Code_Blue - @eng.stk)
    - min default CPU freq: 300MHz
    - max default CPU freq: 2.26GHz
    - default CPU governor: CM's interactive
    - available CPU governors: ondemand, bacon, performance, powersave
    - hotplug: MPD. Qualcomm implementaion of hotplugging, with tunings to improve battery life
    - cpu-boost driver from CM.
    - I/O readahead size: 512KB
    - I/O default schedueler: fiops
    - other available I/O scheduelers: noop, deadline, cfq, BFQ
    - GPU min/max 27/450MHz
    - GPU default governor: simple
    - other GPU available governors: ondemand, performance
    - color profiles. Based on franco, works with FKU or Nexus Display Control app.
    - franco sound
    - CM sound patches (high perf mode enabled by default)
    - various memory improvements. This doesn't mean less consumed RAM, also free RAM is wasted RAM for linux. Also, read this: Help! Linux ate my RAM!
    - msm limiter (limits screenoff freq to 1.2GHz)
    - KSM: Kernel Samepage Merging
    - the famous I2C @ 19.2MHz, plus some other chips dropped at 19.2MHz
    - HTCP as default TCP congestion control. (I personally don't see any differences between different TCP Congestion Control algorithms)
    other TCPCC available: reno, bic, cubic (I used this in DD-WRT), westwood (they say it's good for wireless/3G/4G devices), highspeed, hybla, vegas, veno, scalable, lp, yeah, illinois.
    - compilled with latest Linaro GCC (4.9.3)
    - removed useless debug
    - I probably forgot something

    0 - Eseguire un backup completo della rom
    1 - Se si usa un altro custom kernel, prima di installare Big-Bum, flashare la ROM in uso senza wipe data
    2 - Flash del Kernel
    3 - Riavviare il dispositivo
    4 - Godersi il kernel :cool:

    Per la gestione del Kernel, lo sviluppatore consiglia la sua versione modificata di Kernel Tweaker scaricabile da QUI



    Link discussione ufficiale per eventuali aggiornamenti: XDA
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