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[KERNEL] CleanSlate per HTC 10: guida,download

Discussione in 'ROM e KERNEL per HTC 10' iniziata da cortex, 22 Mag 2016.

  1. cortex

    cortex Guest

    CleanSlate kernel
    for HTC 10
    - Button Light Notification (see video below, only works if Ambient Display is not active)
    - Notification double vibration pattern detection based Button Light Notifications (works now even while charging!)
    - "Endless BLN while charging" + "Notification vibration length based two types of blinking pattern for BLN" features
    - KCAL Color Control (see video below, credit to @savoca)
    - Fingerprint doubletap sleep (see video below)
    - Gradient battery charging led turning from amber to green based on battery level percentage, then at full charge it starts to smoothly change from full bright green to golden and the back to full green cycling, signalling 100% battery for easy spotting
    - Fading notification led fading/pulsating type notification LED blinking
    - Upper grill RGB LED light brightness level you can lower the brightness level of the upper grill RGB led now (use ICE configurator/LeeDroid tweaks latest version to config!)
    - Adrenoboost version 2.2 - smooth gaming, battery friendly, fixing GPU handling of stock HTC kernel -- battery friendly conservative governor. Three levels (1 is the most battery friendly), and off state. ICE configurator / LeeDroid settings should handle it soon (thanks [MENTION=4684315]flar2[/MENTION] for the original idea)
    - Fastcharge for USB 2.0 -- PC's, Laptop's will now be able to charge your phone (bumping 0.5A draw to 1A from USB2.0 port, retaining the data connection all working)
    - Backlight dimmer not on by default, check second post for sysfs paths for your scripts, or use ICE configurator/LeeDroid tweaker - Full credits to @flar2
    - Sweep2sleep Full credits to @flar2
    - DriveDroid support - Mounting of ISO (ReadOnly/ReadWrite) images to your PC for storage or booting them on PC
    - Sound Control Headphone Gain Full credits to @flar2
    - NTFS/ReadWrite
    - Sony HID input device support (thanks @flar2)
    - Wifi Wakelock reduction patch by @buckmarble
    - Supporting 1.82, 1.90, 1.91, 1.92, 1.95, 1.96 bases. Tested on EU 1.90 EU basses.
    - Supporting Stock Verizon 1.82 base with WWE edition
    - Supporting @ivicask and @Freak07 pnp/freq/thermal mods, there's no Cluster/core Migration Budgeting patch in this kernel which could interfere.
    - Hacked texfat/modcrypto loading for all ROM bases to work with sdcard
    - doesn't modify system partition. Androidpay should work on phones with stock system image
    - Compatible with LeeDroid and ICE 10 ROM kernel tweak settings. Thx [MENTION=1186202]baadnewz[/MENTION] and [MENTION=398245]LeeDroid[/MENTION]
    - compatible with ViperROM
    - For Sprint 1.80 ROMs separate download

    - built from htcdev sources released for rom base 1.21 vzw (but tested on 1.30 EU)
    - build with standard toolchain
    - kept stable, no tweakings, just features


    BLN apparirà solo se il telefono è a schermo spento , e non in fase di carica ( o se si utilizza una ROM personalizzata con le notifiche led durante la ricarica ) .Una volta che si accende schermo il BLN si spegne , fino alla prossima nuova notifica lo schermo rimane spento .
    BLN non funziona con ambient display.

    KCal Color Control on HTC 10
    Color Control APK here:

    Doubletap Fingerprint scanner to sleep:

    Gradient charging LED and pulsating notification LED video:

    Chromatic gradient colors for battery percentages, check attached img


    Adrenoboost v2.2 framerate level boosts (sampled in Suicide Squad):
    - HTC10 sbloccato con TWRP
    - il Kernel è stato testato solo su modello europeo HTC 10 . Dovrebbe funzionare sui telefoni GSM degli Stati Uniti e Verizon!
    - BACKUP : assicurarsi di aver eseguito il backup tramite TWRP prima di effettuare il flash da recovery !
    - INSTALLAZIONE : fleshare lo zip da TWRP sdcardthrough

    Bug conosciuti :
    - Nessuno
    - È da notare che la fotocamera funziona con la base 1,30. Non è stato possibile testare il kernel con le versioni di base 1.5x .

    BASE 1.82/1.90/1.91/1.92/1.95/1.96 (per tutti i devices tranne Sprint):
    CleanSlate 1.7.5:

    BASE 1.80/1.90/1.91/1.92/1.95 (solo per Sprint devices!):
    CleanSlate SPRINT 1.7.5:

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    Thank you!


    Special thanks to AnyKernel installer developer: osm0sis and to @Captain_Throwback

    XDA: DevDB Information
    tbalden's CleanSlate kernel for HTC 10, Kernel for the HTC 10

    Source Code:

    Kernel Special Features: Button Light Notification

    Version Information
    Status: Beta
    Current Stable Version: 0.1
    Stable Release Date: 2016-05-22
    Current Beta Version: 0.1
    Beta Release Date: 2016-05-22

    Created 2016-05-22
    Last Updated 2016-05-22
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