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Dispositivo imminente di Elephone è più sottile e Sexier di iPhone 6 Plus

Discussione in 'Elephone' iniziata da techi9, 30 Ago 2016.

  1. techi9

    techi9 Baby Droid

    5 Ago 2016
    "Mi Piace":
    Elephone R9 ultra - thin body than Iphone 6 Plus

    R9 is the beginning of a series elephone R that is designed for a combination of thinness and beauty.

    In order to build the ultra - slim body of R9 and ensure the overall beauty,
    the research and development team elephone began to study the design process as early as a year ago.

    After dozens of improvements and tests, was R9 lunch ultimately with slim body.

    In order to allow users more intuitive feeling of thin R9, we made a series of contrasts with Iphone 6 Plus:

    attached images

    The figure shown on the clamp, we can see, the body thickness of elephone R9 is only 7.55 mm, but Iphone 6 Plus is 7.60 mm.
    The thickness of 0.05 mm elephone is still thinner than iPhone 6 Plus.

    You can see it, the elephone company is really doing a lot of work in order to create an ultra-slim body on R9 and bring our users a better experience enemy.

    So, if our customers are satisfied with the ultra-slim body of R9?
    Leave a comment and let us know what you think.

    More information elephone R9:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. simoscorpion

    simoscorpion Power Droid

    26 Lug 2012
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    Please translate in Italian, we are an Italian forum

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