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game Goalie Challenge [3D] (arcade, simulator, sport)

Discussione in 'Giochi' iniziata da ONiGames, 5 Nov 2014.

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  1. ONiGames

    ONiGames Baby Droid

    4 Nov 2014
    "Mi Piace":
    Our First android game.

    Goalie Challenge


    Hey goalie, ready for battle!
    Do you know how to be a goalie? Try the hand in new game where you have to catch balls. Feel the support of the crowd, picking up a combo on the way to a personal record.
    Rise over all rivals and become the best goalkeeper in the game "Goalie Challenge"!

    Easy system management, clear intuitively.
    - High definition graphics and dynamic gameplay.
    - Great music will create a positive attitude.
    - Support of fans motivates you on a win.
    - The game is completely free.
    - Exclusive opportunity to stay as the real goalkeeper.