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[ROM] Hexagon Rom for Lenovo P2: guida e download

Discussione in 'Rom per Lenovo P2' iniziata da kalel77, 13 Apr 2017.

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  1. kalel77

    kalel77 Power Droid

    10 Lug 2013
    "Mi Piace":

    Introducing Hexagon Rom for Lenovo P2

    About Hexagon Rom
    • Basata su Lineage OS con le ultime grandi features di quasi tutte le ultime custom rom uscite fino ad ora. By DroidVNTeam
    Changes for Hexagon
    Design Hexagon
    System extensions:
    -App side bar
    -App circle bar
    -Pie Control
    -System App Remover
    -Superuser indicator on/off
    -Show 4G instead of LTE
    -Battery bar
    -Traffic indicators
    -Carrier label
    -Hexagon logo
    Notification Drawer:
    -Custom header image
    -Header provider
    -Header image pack
    -Header image shadow
    -Running shortcut
    -Running services icon
    -Edit icon
    Blur UI:
    -Blur statusbar background
    -Blur scale
    -Blur radius
    -Translucent expanded statusbar
    -Translucent level
    -Blur recents background
    -Show settings
    -Shutdown confirmation dialog
    -Launch music app
    -Camera shutter sound
    -Disable immersive mode messages
    -Disable FC notifications
    -Swipe to screenshot
    -Screenshot sound
    -Screenshot type
    -Screenshot delay
    -Device hostname
    -Scrolling cache
    -Lockclock settings
    Lock Screen:
    -Torch on power button longpress
    -Power Menu
    -Quick settings disable on lock screen
    -Hide statusbar
    -Show alarms text
    -Show clock, date and AM/PM
    -Batery information
    Recents panel:
    -Show memory bar
    -Immersive recents
    -Hidden apps
    -OmniSwitch recents
    -Hexagon recents
    Display and Animations:
    -Power menu animations styles
    -Quick settings animations styles
    -Toast animations styles
    -Animations duration
    -Animation interpolator
    -Toast icon
    -Toast icon colors
    Quick settings:
    -Tiles customs
    -Smalls tiles
    -Rows portrait and landscape
    -Columns portraits and landscape
    -Volume dialog
    -Power menu
    -QS shade opacity
    -QS shade stroke
    Headsup notifications:
    -Enable headsup notifications
    -Time out
    -Snooze timer

    Changelog v-2.3
    Hexagon Rom
    - ham:Add to supported devices official
    - Osprey: Add to supported devices official
    - T00F: Add to supported devices official
    - ef63: Add to supported devices official
    - enable otg notification
    - Change url Google plus, Facebook and Telegram group
    - Fix APN device Bacon
    -New UI Settings
    - Change icon Hexagon interface
    - change logo no recent app
    - Fw_base - Proximity speaker [1/2]
    - Resize buton navigation with devices screen hdpi
    - Add busy box
    - FWB: Volume dialog timeout (1/2)
    - Add option to disable scrolling cache [1/2]
    - Support for Configurable Trigger Region
    - FWB: Implement App circle sidebar [1/2]
    - Add boot animation preview (1/
    - Add kill button to notification guts [1/2]
    - Slim recents: make longpress options size better when small
    - [1/2] base: SystemUI: config to hide status bar on lock screen
    - Pulse: allow custom opacity for solid line renderer [2/3]
    - Pulse: Moar bars for solid line renderer [2/3]
    - LuckyPatcher Carnt sniffer
    - Slim recents app sidebar [1/2]
    - SystemUI: Add config to disable HumanInteractionClassifier
    - Set mProximity to PROXIMITY_UNKNOWN on screen off
    - Expanded desktop QS: select style on longpress
    - build: Pass path into grep instead of using cat
    - make suppersu default
    - Roomservirce :Fix clone devices
    - kenzo: Use MIUI Global Stable build fingerprint
    - backuptool: Preserve the SELinux context of the files
    - APN updates
    - overlay: enable productivity_device for DocumentsUI
    - Hex: add NexusLauncherPrebuilt
    - deb | flo: Update fingerprints to MOB30X
    - bullhead: update build fingerprint
    - hammerheadcaf: Update build fingerprint and description to MOB30Y
    - Hex: Change wallpaper default final
    - apn: Updating Movistar Argentina APN
    - cm: charger: Correct res_create_multi_display_surface() usage
    - Add libra (mi4c)
    - And more

    Download ROM
    GApps from OpenGApps

    • Android Ice Cold Project
    • Resurrection Remix
    • Lineage OS
    • renosang
    • chautruongthinh
    • remilia15
    • EsromG5
    • Aashish15
    • Bitti09
    • moresushant48
    • nguyenquangduc2000
    • PhuocBull
    • RakeshBatra
    • thinhx2
    • Prakhar
    • Rkschunk
    • ankurpandeyvns

    Istruzioni per l' installazione:

    - Scaricate l' ultima versione Exagon ROM
    - Scaricate le Gapps
    - Fate un Nandroid Backup
    - Raccomandato - Full wipe e factory reset
    - Flash ROM usando l'ultima TWRP recovery
    - Flash Gapps
    - Reboot.
    - Enjoy!

    [NOPARSE]XDA:DevDB Information[/NOPARSE]
    [ROM][7.1.2][UNOFFICIAL] HexagonRom Nougat for P2, ROM for the Lenovo P2

    wzedlare, EypCnn
    Source Code:

    ROM OS Version: 7.x Nougat
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.x.x
    Based On: LineageOS

    Version Information
    Current Stable Version: 2.3
    Stable Release Date: 2017-04-13

    Created 2017-04-13
    Last Updated 2017-04-13
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  2. kalel77

    kalel77 Power Droid

    10 Lug 2013
    "Mi Piace":