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[KERNEL] Hybrid Kernel per il Nexus 5

Discussione in 'Modding - LG Nexus 5' iniziata da MatVekk, 21 Mar 2015.

  1. MatVekk

    MatVekk Golden Droid

    28 Apr 2013
    "Mi Piace":

    Hybrid Kernel è per tutte le ROM con base AOSP ed Android 5 Lollipop.
    L'obiettivo principale di questo kernel è quello di massimizzare l'esperienza degli utenti finali con ottimizzazioni del CAF e 3.18 kernel mainline con caratteristiche specifiche del dispositivo
    Hybrid Kernel è l'evoluzione del vecchio CHAOS kernel (Kernel per CM11 )

    Applicazione consigliata per la gestione dei parametri: Synapse

    - Latest from Google (kernel_msm source + kernel_common updates)
    - Complete CAF Sound Experience (audio offloading and auto UHQ - ultra high quality)
    - Synapse Backend Support. Install Synapse app from Play Store.
    - Sound Controls and Profiles (including Faux sound app support - though you won't need it)
    - Gamma Controls and Profiles (including Franco Display control app support - though you won't need it)
    - Advcanced CPU Boost driver with unified hotplug boot, wake boost and input boost controls (Truly engineered for Project Butter)
    - In-kernel thermal driver (always enabled) and thermal controls.
    - CAF updates for WiFi driver.
    - Backported fastest ZRam from 3.18 kernel. (Fastest ZRam with customizable compression techniques)
    - Enhanced KSM (Enabled by default)
    - Enhanced LMK (low memory killer) with profiles and controls (Thanks Moto source and dorimanx)
    - Tuned virtual memory and LMK (Tuning based on our R'n'D, you can change as per your wish using Synapse)
    - Overclock upto 2.5 GHz (Still boots at stock frequency)
    - Per CPU Total Control (You can control how each core will behave individually - set min/max/boost freq and governor)
    - GPU Overclock and lower freq steps. (Still boots at stock max frequency)
    - GPU driver critical fixes and updates for smoothness.
    - Additional Interactive governor for GPU (thanks to Franco)
    - MSM Limiter driver (Does much regulation on CPUFreq driver than you can imagine. Check it out in Synapse app for details.)
    - Voltage controls (UV upto 675 mV. Please note our hardware have diff PVS category and so voltages and stability over diff voltages will differ user to user. Find your poison yourself with voltage controls in Synapse)
    - 3.4 upstream important updates and fixes (100% stable updates for our 3.4.y kernel)
    - Power-efficient workqueues (Ported from 3.18 mainstream - PE WQ aims at improving power efficiency.)
    - Enhanced MSM Hotplug Driver + Controls (Base driver by myfluxi - Enhanced further by me, Dorimanx and alucard)
    -Enhanced Intelliplug Hotplug Driver + Controls (Base driver by faux- Enhanced further by me, Dorimanx and alucard)
    - CyanogenMod Hotplug Driver (This driver is disabled by default)
    - Enhanced Bricked Hotplug Driver + Controls (On mass demand. Base driver by showp1984- Enhanced further by me)
    - Auto busybox installation (Busybox is required by root apps to perform misc tasks. Please note this wouldn't auto-root device.)
    - Multiple TCP Congestion methods (HTCP is default - can be changed via Synapse)
    - Additional FIOPS, VR, ZEN and BFQ Schedulers (ROW scheduler is our default)
    - Additional Classic Interactive, Intellimm and ZZMoove governors (Bacon governor is our default)
    - DT2W/S2S/S2W/Wake Timeout/Power Key Suspend (All the wake controls you'll ever need.)
    - Hardware Encryption (Faster and Powerful) (Removed to fix idle battery drain)
    - Built with SaberMOD 4.9.3 Toolchain (Performance + Power) The toolchain is rebuilt by me from their sources and has optimized few parameters.
    - CDROM emulation support (DriveDroid support included)
    - LCD KCal driver from LG G2 (This provides ability to change RGB values using Synapse)
    - Tuned LCD Backlight driver to save power
    - OTG Support for all ROMs (Use StickMount app if your ROM doesn't provide framework support to auto-mount like CM12)
    - MultiROM Supported (Thanks tasssadar)
    - init.d support to autorun user defined scripts. (Do not mess with it unless you know the conflicting risks)
    - Optimized RWSEM, AES and SHA1 routines with NEON mode enabled.
    - You name it, we will have it.*

    - Eseguire un backup completo della rom
    - Se si usa un altro custom kernel, prima di installare l'Hybrid, flashare la ROM in uso senza wipe data
    - Flash del Kernel
    - Riavviare il dispositivo
    - Godersi il kernel :cool:

    Se dopo l'installazione si perde il root, basta flashare SuperSU


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