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Discussione in 'Modding - Samsung Galaxy S3 (i9300)' iniziata da frrndr75, 24 Apr 2013.

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  1. frrndr75

    frrndr75 Silver Droid

    23 Apr 2012
    "Mi Piace":
    Vi riporto da XDA una delle più complete liste di Mod-Script-App per S3. Questa discussione per adesso la tengo chiusa, col tempo cercherò di tradurre e mettere sul nostro forum le guide, se avete dubbi aprite una discussione.
    Tutti i ringraziamenti vanno a galaxys3lover

    [APP][v0.40][Jan-18] StweaksProfiles - Backup/restore your stweaks settings

    [PORT][19/4][Custom Rom] AccuWeather Widget S4, SecWallpaper Chooser S4 & TW Launcher

    [app]awesome led blinker for all

    [APP][MOD][JB-MR1]Working Camera App with Photospere

    Download New Play Store 4.0.25

    [LATEST] Odin 3.07, Odin 1.85, Odin 1.83 | All versions! | Samsung ROM Flashing Tools

    [APP][10/4/13] Zram & Swap Control [CACHE & PARTITION] V 2.4 UPDATE

    Google earth apk

    [APP] Multi Window Manager 1.3.1

    [18th April]Inverted Holo Blue[Play 4.0.25][YouTube 4.4.11][GMail 4.3.1][DBox 2.3.4]

    [APP] Scoobycontrol v1.12 - 13-04-09 - Control the Scoobydoo Sound Hardware-EQ


    GS4 S-Voice / Fully Working

    [LEAK]Facebook Home

    [MOD][Port][4.2.1]TouchWiz Launcher S4 with Full Autorotation+Scroll On

    Grey Status Bar Fix and Transparent MC2/MB5/3/1/R2

    [Porting][6 Apr][4.2.1] GS4 Camera for GS3

    [MOD][JB] • CRT-Off • Stock Roms • ZSEMC1 • XXEM(C2/B5/B2/B1/R2/A2) • (XX/UB/ZS)EMA1

    [APP][PORT] Huawei Camera for Gs3 and others android devices [13/02/13]

    [MOD][03 Mar][4.1.2] Note ll Keyboard with Auto Correct, Handwriting and System Fonts

    [Port][3 APR][JB 4.2.1] GS4 Keyboard/TWLauncher/WeatherWidget for GS3

    [MOD]MegaBassBeats! V2 [ICS/JB]

    [APP][Mar 24] Light Manager v3.8 - Notification LED Settings

    Replace the water drop 'doink' sound with a click

    Note 2 Gallery and Camera app

    S Translator from S4 working w/ voice recognition + very basic info about S4 ports

    [Apr 03] Ink Effect 16 Collors [XXEMB5 | XXEMC2] Odexed/Deodexed

    [Update,07/4/13] AccuWeather Widget +Main S4 Themed For Samsung Galaxy S3

    [MOD][APPS][3 APR] SNote_v9 for GS3 Stock JB 4.1.2

    [ MOD ] AccuweatherWidget/Main ( Center Icons XXEMB5 ODEX/DEODEX ) 12-03-2013

    [Mod][ODEX/DEODEX]Extended Power Menu - XXEMB5/EMR2/EMA2/ZSEMA1/... (18.03.2013)

    [MOD][JB] SMS | Unlimited Contacts | No MMS Convert | Sent Time

    [MOD][CM10][SAMSUNG] Mms.apk and SecMms.apk smileys/emoticons

    [CAM-MOD] ["Note 2 Camera"] 24.09. 30Mbit/192kbit/Hardkey-Vol.UP/SLOW/FAST-MOTION

    [MOD][JB] • MultiWindow Control • Stock Roms • ZSEMC1 • XXEM(C2/B2/B1/R2/A2/A1)

    [MOD][19-Feb][UPDATED][XXEMR2] © New Drop Down Mods For Galaxy S3

    [APP][MOD] SIII AOSP Camera v2.01

    [MOD][JB] SecPhone.apk with automatic call recording (fully customizable) | 15.03.13

    Themed_JB_4.1.2_XXELLA and XXEMA2_SamsungKeyBoard_By_RiZ

    [APP] GalaxSim Unlock 1.02, JB compatible

    [6th March] Inverted Play Store 3.10.14

    [MOD][AOSP (CM9/CM10.x)][AROMA] Enable On Screen Nav Soft Keys

    [MOD][APP]TouchWiz, landscape mode, with and without scrolling wallpaper.

    [MOD][JB][4.1.2]Note II / S III Stock AOSP Camera Build 2 - Perfect Camera

    [MOD+GUIDE][V3][10.06]Modified TouchWiz Home&App Drawer

    [MOD] TouchWiz [4.2.1 UFMB3][03.03][CWM]

    [Mod] CM 10.1 mms app on samsung Rom

    [MOD][JellyBean] Replace stock browser with AOSP browser

    [APP][v1.8 (+US)] SGS3 Easy UMS - Mount external microSD card as USB mass storage

    [App]Tasker - Automate Your Phone

    [APK]Xperia Z Album And Widget APK files

    [16th March] Lidroid 25 Toggles Translation/Localisation Project [v8]

    [GAMEPAD][PROFILE][MAR28] Sixaxis Touch Profiles & Games with native support

    [MOD]°[03 Apr.] ★ Lite Camera-MOD ★ { for 4.1.2 and 4.2.1 }

    Stock Soft_Keys [ Styles & MOD ] - Transparent and Re-sized

    InkEffect Lockscreen | 16 Ink colors | AOSP Lockscreen | XXEMA2

    [AROMA] + [GAPPS] [ANDROID] [4.2] + [NEXUS 4] Mega Thread!! [NOV12]

    [APP][MOD] AOSP Jelly Bean Keyboard for Users

    [6 MARCH added transperancy mod] DA CUSTOMS THE THEME STUDIO for ANDROID 4.2.1

    [Fonts] Collection of all flipfonts

    [MOD] SamsungWidget_Weather (3 versions) NOTE port S3 *UFMB3/EMB1/EMA/ELLA*26/02/2013

    [MOD][HOW-TO]SecPhone Enable Call Recording on Android 4.2.1

    [APP][GS3 Int] Trickster MOD [Kernel Settings and Tweaks]

    [ SOUND MOD ] BMSound the deep bass.

    [Mod] new galary note! Working

    [TOOL] Auto Bloat Remover Tool For GS III!


    [MOD|TOOL][AROMA][PalaTool]BloatCleaner | Android 4.2 Apps | Nexus UI & More 18-Feb

    [MOD][SecPhone] Enable Call Recording on Jelly bean

    Enable full 360 rotation on Stock EMB5, EMB1 & ELLA plus Wallpaper collection

    Galaxy S 4 wallpaper,Ringtones,S-Voice.fully working for S III

    [MOD][APP]S-Translator (Just Flash It)

    [MOD] Disable low battery, battery temperature pop-ups and full battery notification

    [MOD][APP] *InkEffect* ## Choose Custom Color For InkEffect## | 29.01.13

    [MOD][CM10] Enable On Screen Nav Soft Keys/Disable Capacitive/Home Buttons

    [MOD][JB]Multi DPI stock apps for Samsung Roms[updated 10/1/13

    Torch Widget For Both ICS and Jelly Bean

    [MOD][Fixed]Jelly Bean Animations

    [THEME/MOD][JB] Boeffla-Mod 2.41 XXEMB5/EMR2/ELLC/ELLA/ELL5/... [22-03-2013]

    [MOD] Transparent Google Keep

    [APP] GVM: Galaxy Volume Modifier - v1.0.2 - JellyBean FC Fix

    [Mod][XXUFMB3][4.2.1][2-Mar]Ω Drop Down,Transparent Status Bar ,Center Clock n more Ω

    [MOD][JB] • MultiMod 8-in-1 • EMR2 • EMA2 • Torch • Skip Tracks & more

    [MOD][ICS/JB][XPOSED] DitheredHoloBackground: no more color banding

    [Updated][Per-App DPI Adjustment all roms] 14/02

    [MOD] How to enable Soft-keys

    MOD][LK4/LKC/LLC/MA1 deodex] High contrast status bar + 15 toggles/Jkay framework

    [MOD] 12/02- Sony Xperia Pack From JB Xperia T FOR GSIII


    [MOD] AOSP Lockscreen Toggle, 20 Colour Ink Effect and more [XXELLA][AROMA]

    Torch in Lockscreen (Android 4.1.2)+InkEffect(16 color)

    [MOD]JB]ICS]Custome Boots Sounds By Me

    [MOD] Resizable Popup Browser

    [MOD]Disable "select input method" notification [JB 4.1.2 MB1]

    [MOD] 1% battery for your ROM

    [MOD] 3G H H+ to 4G LTE icons

    [MOD] Battery animation while charging

    [UPD]CRT+3 Lockscreen(Circle,Ripple,AOSP JB fixed)+15 InkEffect+Torch in Lockscreen

    [APP]Headphone Shortcuts for SGS3 v0.5

    [MOD]Transition Animation for all ROM (UNIVERSAL)

    [MOD] Enable Spell Checker on Stock ROM XXBLG9

    [Sound Mod] AC!D Audio Technology v4.0 | released!!! {22.10.12}

    [APP] DSP Manager for GS3

    [MOD]Bravia engine for our samsung s3!!! Simply flash with cwm.

    [APP] Modded Mms.apk v1.4 - Check OP for features

    [APP][Xposed mod] SIM Number Changer - change the number registered in your SIM card

    [MOD]How to Set Logs type to "View by All Call Logs" - Hide SMS from Call Logs

    [MOD][XXELL5][JB 4.1.2][ODEX/DEODEX] 1% BatMod + ExtPowMen + CRT/TV-OFF

    [MOD]Asus Weather Widget (+Aurora Livewallpaper V2)[CWM]

    [SCRIPT][UPDATED-12/10 V2]One-Click Junk App Remover[i9300/i9305][4.1.2][ODEX/DEODEX]

    [MOD] Carrier in statusbar and 23T, 1% bat, trans notific. item.

    [APP]GenieWidget.apk from the Galaxy Nexus

    [MOD] BlockingMode Icon Remover and Smart Rotation Hack DLJx/DLIH(N2/S34G)

    [ Mod ] Windy Weather S3 = WeatherWall.apk ( 09 - 02 - 2013 )

    [TOOL][UPDATED 26/11]Android 4.2 Apps--AROMA Installer--[All in One] Stock & AOSP

    [AOSP/SAMMY]Change the background of your settings Dialer/Contacts[updated 9/12/12]

    [MOD]Galaxy Note II Camera Fixed & AOSP theme'd[ODEX/DEODEX][STOCK JB]

    [MOD] Mms aosp dark theme port tw

    [MOD][SecPhone] No Increasing Ringtone + Call Rec

    (MOD) (10 DEC) StatusBar Themes for Jelly Bean

    [ MOD ] SYSTEMUI - Big&New Icons+1% Battery+Center Clock ( New Version ) 18-1-2013

    [MOD] Note II POPUP Browser for Sammy JB ROMs

    [APP][Tasker Script]Reject the call and dial back option on the answering screen

    [MOD][JB]Sense Recents - JKay Deluxe 14.8 XXELLC - Jan 27th

    [XXELK4][MOD] AOSP JB Lockscreen (+ 4way reboot)

    [MOD] Jelly Bean Battery 1% steps + Bluetooth Icons (odex / deodex) latest XXELKC

    [MOD] [LIH/LJ1/LJ2/LJ4/LJ5/LK4/LKC deodex] back/menu long press kills foreground app

    [MOD] No screen/page indicator (TouchWiz) and drop down Carrier-remove

    [MOD] Task Manager Galaxy S3 Shortcut

    [Sound mod] Clean sound for SGS III

    [mod][jb][ma1] •torch•crt off•ink effect•vol skip•3way reboot•mwc•aosp lock

    [MOD][JB 4.1.2] 3D Lock Screen Clock with Golden Fonts XXELLA

    [MOD][ZSALED][SecPhone] Enable Call Recording

    [APP] Xperia Z Launcher Port [Updated 2013.01.24][v3.0][ICS\JB]

    [MOD][i9305] AOSP MMS on JB Touchwiz (Emoji, Quick Reply,Working MMS)

    [APP] Samsung Smart view Dual View

    [MOD]Twelve Headphone Shortcuts v0.1

    [MOD][JB][PORTED][4.1.2] ★ Galaxy S2 Keyboard for S3 i9300 ★ [Tested on Omega v33.1]

    [MOD](29 DEC) Transperancy Mod by Devabhishek XXELL5 RGUI & OMEGA

    [MOD][Xposed]Stock: Long press toggle buttons that bring up relevant Settings page

    [MOD] Disable the increasing ring on Galaxy SIII

    [MOD]Bootanimation4U - Add custom bootanimation to any rom

    [MOD][APP]Xperia S swype keyboard for SIII[ICS]

    [LAUNCHER]Launchers & Lockscreens for the Galaxy SIII[LOCKSCREENS]

    [MOD][11AUG] Animated Notification Drop Down


    [UTILITY] Clockwork Combiner - Combine flashable zips.

    [S3 - ICS] Google Play Music 4.3.615.481147 and SRS effects [Stock ROM]

    [APPS] AccuweatherWidget SGSIII

    JusTunBean by JT Inverted Productions 4.2

    Android 4.2 google music player

    [App] Whats App _Premium_Blue Black Edition

    [MOD] Galaxy S3 Mega Mix for all ROMs

    {MOD} Nexus 4 clock app and widget

    [APPS] Note II APK files (Sprint and AT&T)

    [MOD] ICS-JB-CM9 Sounds Pack

    [MOD] Dialer KOYOTE_NGA jelly bean 4.1.1 DLJ4-DLID

    [APP][CYANOGEN MOD] File Manager!!!

    [nexus4][system][apps] deodexed!!!

    [MOD] Note 2 Water Ripple Live Wallpaper


    [MOD] AOSP 4.1.1 MMS.APK with Enter-button instead of Smiley-key

    [Audio Theme]Linda Sound Mod S3

    [APP] Tubidy

    The Classic S_Whistle Notification (2 REMIXES)

    [MOD] Beat Audio

    [app] DSP-SRS Amestris

    [APP]Nova launcher 1.3.1(modified ver)

    MMS.apk mod [Explicit project] With F*** Y*** emoji

    [APP] Quick Recovery - Reboot into recovery lightning fast!

    Asphalt 7 HD Tegra Mod for S3 / special effects

    [MOD][APP][14/09/2012] Google Play Store v3.8.17 Blue Dark With Logo's on Icon

    [MOD]Jelly bean call record

    Transparent widgets

    [ MOD ] ( In process ) AccuwetherWidget / AccuweatherWidget_main

    [Mod]Auto Brightness XXALE8/XXALF2/5/6/XXBLFB/XXBLG6/8 odexed

    [MOD][JellyBean][DEODEX] Battery % mod for XXDLH7

    [MOD][★Small fonts for ALL roms★](will work on all installed apps)

    [APP] Samsung Music App - Fully Resizable Widget

    [MOD] No Increasing Ringtone + HOW to !

    [APP][03Jul]◄Omega Files Kitchen v1.01►●●●◄Customize your SG3!!►

    [MOD] Switch HOME and MENU Buttons - Hate the physical home button?

    MOD --> disable home wakeup

    [MOD] Dithered Holo Background & Black Holo Background for ALL ROMS!

    [Mod]Enable on-screen buttons like Nexus..

    Mod sharing thread!!! Pro & noobs both welcome

    [MOD][FIX] SMS MOD - Extended converting & contacts (200)

    [MOD]4-way Reboot Extended PowerMenu(LE9+LED)+All rotations+Lockscreen Rotation (LE9)

    [HowTo,MOD] increase Browser Max tab number S3

    [MOD] Contacts app with swapped Voice/Video call buttons in the Dialpad

    [MOD] classic Extended Power Menu for S3

    [MOD] Android MTP <-> Mass Storage

    ¦->> [MOD] TouchWiz 4(!) Launcher v2 at SGS III = Dock-Icons in App Drawer, too <<-¦
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