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[ROM] InsertCoin 5.0.8 | 3.28.401.9 | ART | 4.4.4 | Kontrol Tweaks | Market | IconPacks

Discussione in 'Modding - HTC One Mini' iniziata da uLtiMo125, 9 Set 2015.

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  1. uLtiMo125

    uLtiMo125 Golden Droid

    19 Dic 2010
    "Mi Piace":

    Come to the DarkSide. Cookies Below:



    * Unlocked Phone @ HTCDEV or S-OFF
    * Custom Recovery
    * Common Sense, Brains and logic


    ROM Base features:
    • latest HTC One M7 WWE Base 6.09.401.10
    • more languages enabled (FULL WWE)
    • root, busybox and init.d support
    • persistent ADB enabled
    • ramdisk improvements
    • battery life, performance and memory improvements
    • sysro / sysrw binaries
    • openvpn / sqlite support
    • disabled logging & removed bloatware
    • stripped debugging info for improved performance
    • optimized with latest sdk for improved performance
    • trimmed partitions for improved performance
    • zipaligned apps for improved performance
    • flar2's Write Protection MOD to allow S-ON users fully writeable /system partition
    • advanced power menu
    • disabled Persistent Navigation Bar (m8 has it since it has no softbuttons)
    • 5x6 Grid size option in Sense App Drawer
    • Sense Launcher Menu Support
    • Extended Native EQS (15 tiles) props @Jonny for inital Sense 5 mod
    • Ability to map LongPress Home SoftButton for MENU in Settings - Display
    • Smoothest ROM
    • Best Battery Management
    • Fast fixes / updates
      [*]InsertCoin Kontrol
      [*]InsertCoin Market
      [*]InsertCoin Themes
      [*]InsertCoin Zip Flasher
      [*]InsertCoin Market Web - The first and only one web interface for custom Hub/Market
      [*]InsertCoin Battery icon packs
      [*]InsertCoin Launcher icon pack support
      [*]InsertCoin PerApp Color
    • InsertCoin Extreme Powersaving app remap
    • InsertCoin Lockscreen action remap
    • InsertCoin OTA Updates
    AROMA Options:
    • optional Lower Proximity Sensor Sensibility
    • optional Louder Speaker Mod
    • optional Stock Boot Animation
    • optional Exchange Email Hack (disable EAS Pin Requirement)


    • motion control doesn't work! you need a custom kernel that supports this!
    • Haptic Feedback Doesn't work


    4.0.x Series SVN (M7 Based)

    • InsertCoin ROM SVN repo

      If you want to keep up with the latest changes you clone this repo. Once you synced with it, you will only download the changes and not the whole rom again. You zip it copy the zip on your phone, flash it you have the latest version, without downloading 900 mB, without waiting. SVN commits are not always tested or stable. You have been warned
    • Latest Commits
    • How to setup SVN for Windows!*
    • How to setup SVN for Mac OS!*

      *the tutorials were made for m7 ROM so replace the links when you follow the tutorial

    [NOPARSE]XDA:DevDB Information[/NOPARSE]
    Insertcoin for M4, ROM for the HTC One Mini

    xXminiWHOOPERxX, baadnewz, mikrosmile, sun_dream
    ROM OS Version: 4.4.x KitKat
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x
    ROM Firmware Required: 4.4.2 Firmware
    Based On: M8 Port 3.28.401.9

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: 5.0.8
    Stable Release Date: 2015-01-09

    Created 2014-05-16
    Last Updated 2015-01-09
  2. uLtiMo125

    uLtiMo125 Golden Droid

    19 Dic 2010
    "Mi Piace":

    InsertCoin Market Web & App

    InsertCoin Kontrol

    Team Lead developers:
    • mikrosmile
    • baadnewz
    • V6-Maniac
    • xXminiWHOOPERxX

    Team developers:
    • Try4Ce
    • trjlive

    PerApp color:
    • Change sll Sense theme colors on the go for most apps

    Extreme launcher remap
    • Remap EPSL app shortcuts for your favorite apps

    • Recent app style - AOSP/Sense
    • Statusbar clock style - Right/Center/Hidden
    • Disable Battery icon
    • Volume icon
    • Enable traffic monitor icon
    • Disable BT icon
    • Alarm icon
    • IME switch icon
    • Headphone icon
    • BeatsAudio icon
    • Show 4G instead of LTE
    • Hide NFC icon
    • Disable Sync notification
    • Power saving notification
    • MTP notification
    • USB notification
    • Enable Horizontal quick settings (only 5 tiles)
    • Enable CPU usage in Extended dropdown panel

    • Enable Sense landscape support
    • Enable all rotations
    • Big picture in BlinkFeed

    • Longpress back button kill active app action
    • Media volume keys remap

    • Enable AOSP lockscreen
    • Lockscreen left/right unlock action remap
    • Enable CRT animation
    • Turn on display when SMS is received
    • Auto brightness algoritm
    • Screen dpi
    • Disable noise suppression
    • Disable SMS to MMS conversion
    • Enable Bytecode verification
    • Change Low memory killer values
    • Enable Fast dormancy
    • Perform quick System optimization, SQL opmiziation, zipalign apps. Hyperdrive mode
    • Disable safe volume warning

    InsertCoin Market

    The Market allows you to read latest news about InsertCoin ROM Development, some big changes in the Team and overall development proccess.
    Also it is the place where you can browse/donwload various System modifications, Icon packs, Bootanimation and many more to make your look unique with your desired preferences and likes​

    InsertCoin Zip Flasher

    The Zip flasher is a tool to easily flash multiple or single zip file at once. Browse all Files/Folders on your phone, add each file to list and after you finish with adding, hit Install all button, you will be rebooted to recovery and all the files you have choosen, will be installe automatically. After the queue is done, your phone will reboot back. ​

    InsertCoin Themes

    The InsertCoin Themes app gives you ability to quickly change some parts of the ROM in one place. Browse all-in-one Themes (Coming soon), Battery icon packs, Launcher icon packs and more to come. Quickly apply Battery & Launcher icon packs after choosing the one you installed either from InsertCoin Market or Google Play Market.
    Also you can Uninstall the current choosen pack there as well.
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