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[ROM] [JB] Sami OS 1.1 [OFFICIAL]

Discussione in 'Rom per Galaxy S Advance' iniziata da kalix, 2 Nov 2013.

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  1. kalix

    kalix Bronze Droid

    12 Giu 2013
    "Mi Piace":
    Sami OS per Samsung Galaxy S Advance

    Vediamo oggi la rom Sami OS, basata su un firmware stock Samsung, precisamente il UBLPH firmware. ​


    Update 1.1
    • Fixed "Master Key" Security Vulnerability (thanks to @mr.harsh)
    • Slight framework tweaks to reduce random "sluggishness of TouchWiz UI" to some extent
    • Modified ROM's overall Dark theming and added some visual elements from Android KitKat
    • Replaced most of the System apps' icons with the icons from Kitkat (and a few from other sources)
    • Ported and Added a Dialer widget from Samsung's JB 4.2.2 firmware for S3
    • Enabled CRT Off effect (finally )
    • Disabled "Battery Full" notification
    • Disabled 4-Way Rotation hack enabled (now you can no longer use the phone while holding it upside down)
    • Lowered Screen Auto Brightness levels to save battery life (to some extent, don't worry you probably won't notice the screen's lowered brightness)
    • Fixed the rare "USB not recognized" message on Windows when phone was connected
    • Removed "KioskMode" from framework-res.apk - thus reduced its actual size by 4.7 MB!
    • Removed SyncmlDM.apk (its an useless system software updater)
    • Added the infamous Popup Browser
    • Couple of new build.prop tweaks
    • Updated a new and improved ZipAlign and Vacuum script (which will automatically run every week instead of running at every boot - this speeds up the overall boot process)
    • Changed some of the values in Services.jar with the ones from CM 10.1 (I'm still experimenting to find the best combo of values for better memory management and performance)
    • Did some Miscellaneous Battery and Performance tweaks and enhancements

    Sami 1.0
    • Rebuilt using Samsung's UBLPH firmware
    • Pre-rooted with SuperSU (v1.65)
    • Debloated i.e Removed most of Samsung's Bloatwares like Music Hub, Social Hub, Samsung Apps, etc.
    • Removed unnecessary library files from system > lib folder
    • Removed all Bloatware and Customization made by Claro AR
    • Deodexed System Apps and System Framework
    • Zipaligned System Apps (for better utilization of RAM)
    • Completely themed Samsung's TouchWiz UI and most System apps with Premium Black color to make it look more Elegant
    • Updated all System Apps to their latest version (with the multi DPI version of Google Play 4.3.11)
    • Added a couple of languages like Arabic, Urdu and Farsi (but the ROM isn't completely multilingual yet)
    • The entire UI is 100% Hardware Accelerated - so no or less lags will be seen (but at cost of some battery life)
    • 1% Battery mod added
    • Tonnes of Build.prop tweaks added
    • Enabled and Added a couple of init.d tweaks (note: some of the values set in those init.d tweaks are experimental)
    • Several Miscellaneous tweaks added for Faster (and Lag free) UI and smoother live wallpaper animation
    • Fixed Home Button Lag
    • Replaced all the Default Jellybean transitions and animations with ICS transitions and animations
    • Added a couple of Audio and Volume tweaks (still experimental)
    • "Under the Hood" Performance tweaks for Aggressive Gaming
    • "Under the Hood" Power tweaks for Maximum Battery Life
    • Performed many several tweaks for MUCH Better Ram management; and therefore more multitasking!
    • The color of the Status Bar has been Darkened
    • Themed and Rearranged the Toggle Buttons in the Notification Bar
    • Disabled auto-scrolling of the quick settings toggles when the notification bar is pulled down
    • Added a couple of hidden Toggles (like driving and airplane mode toggles)
    • Replaced Stock Wallpapers with Better Alternatives - also added a few extra HD wallpapers
    • Added HOSTS file - no more ads in any app or on websites (Doesn't yet block each and every ads)
    • Miscellaneous Internet/Network tweaks added
    • 4-Way Rotation hack enabled - now you can use the phone while holding it upside down too!
    • Added Hot Reboot and Reboot to Recovery Options in Power Menu
    • Phone will not not Wake up (when in Sleep) with "Refreshing Sim Data" message when its in Airplane Mode
    • Unplugging Charger doesn't wake up the Phone/Screen (its a small mod)
    • Adaptive Multi-Rate wideband encoding enabed to improve in-call audio quality
    • Disabled APK signature verification
    • Added Custom Boot Animation support
    • (Realistic) Ripple Effects on lock screen enabled
    • Enabled stock AOSP lock screen from Android 4.1.x (with four shortcuts)
    • Slightly modified Samsung's Circle lockscreen with four lock screen shortcuts instead of three
    • Integrated several tweaks from Pimp My ROM app
    • Modded TouchWiz to enable "wallpaper scrolling" which Samsung decided to remove for some reason
    • Removed Ascending Ringtone functionality
    • Partially themed and optimized Phone and Contacts app (with single color and compressed png files) to decrease loading time delay to some extent
    • Enabled Smart Rotation feature
    • Enabled a couple of hidden and important features in stock Messaging app
    • Revamped the Settings app and gave it a new and Better set of Icons
    • Revamped the Power Menu and also added Hot Reboot and Reboot to Recovery Option
    • Enabled Call and Message Blocking option in Settings app (can be used as an Alternative to Blocking Mode)
    • Removed "Software Update" menu from About Phone section
    • Removed "Software Update" widget
    • Updated Polaris Viewer 4.1 with Polaris Viewer 5
    • Disabled scrolling cache across OS (for smoother scrolling)
    • Disabled annoying Startup and Shutdown sounds
    • Added Google Edition phones' Camera and Gallery app with working Photosphere and Photo editor!
    • Added Genie Widget
    • Added Nova Launcher
    • Added FlipBoard
    • Added Root Browser
    • Added shortcut to Task Manager on App Drawer
    • Replaced Stock Internet Browser with the AOSP Web Browser
    • Replaced Samsung keyboard and SWYPE with Stock Android 4.2 Keyboard
    • Replaced Stock Music player with Play Music+ (a modified version of Google Play Music)
    • Replaced Stock Calender app (aka SPlanner) with Android 4.2.2 Calender app
    • Replaced Stock Calculator app with CyanogenMod calculator app
    • Replaced Stock Memo app with a modified Notes app from Sony Xperia T
    • Replaced the stock Clock app with a Ported version of MIUI Clock (only digital clock widget doesn't work/load)
    • Modded the TouchWiz launcher to reduce sluggish animation which occurs occasionally (to some extent)
    • Added SunBeam Live Wallpaper (the infamous LWP found in Google Edition phones)
    • Removed some stock Ringtones and Notification tones and added a few "better" ones by myself
    • Added iPhone's infamous Ringtone and Notification tone
    • Added Samsung Galaxy S4's Over the Horizon ringtone
    • Added Ubuntu font and the new Roboto font seen in Android 4.3


    • Jelly Bean 4.1.2 stock (si consiglia di partire da jb stock, per tale moltivo se avete altre custom rom, riflashate il firmware originale)
    • Device con i permessi di Root (Link alla Guida)
    • Custom recovery (Link alla Guida)



    • Scaricare la rom;
    • Inserire il file nella memoria interna o in quella esterna;
    • Spegnere il device e riavviarlo in recovery mode (Volume Up + Tasto centrale + Power);
    • Fare un Wipe Factory Rest - un Wipe cache- spostandosi su Advanced/ fare un Wipe della dalvik cache (consigliato anche un Format System);
    • Tornare indietro, nel primo menù;
    • Selezionare Install zip from Sdcard e successivamente posizionarsi nella directory in cui abbiamo messo la rom;
    • Selezionare il file .zip della rom e confermare l'installazione;
    • Tornare indietro e cliccare su reboot system now.


    [​IMG] [​IMG]


    -Sami Kabir

    -ROM OS Version: 4.1.x Jelly Bean
    -ROM Firmware Required: Stock Jellybean 4.1.2 firmware
    -Based On: Samsung's Jellybean UBLPH Firmware

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    Ultima modifica: 12 Dic 2013
  2. kalix

    kalix Bronze Droid

    12 Giu 2013
    "Mi Piace":
    A breve il link per l'update alla versione 1.1
    Log già aggiornati nelle features!

    31/12/13 Nuova release Link

    Per effettuare l'upgrade, andate in recovery, wipe cache partition & wipe dalvik cache. Andate su install zip, e scegliete il file dell'upgrade! Riavviate e godetevi il nuovo aggiornamento! ;)
    Ultima modifica: 2 Gen 2014