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[ROM] Krexus - Android 6.0.x per Nexus 5X [bullhead] Guida, Download, Novità

Discussione in 'Rom per LG Nexus 5X' iniziata da Phil Stelar, 21 Giu 2016.

  1. Phil Stelar

    Phil Stelar Golden Droid

    13 Feb 2016
    "Mi Piace":
    Nè io nè TuttoAndroid ci assumiamo responsabilità in caso di danni


    Krexus è una ROM basata su un sistema AOSP che fonde le migliori caratteristiche di Lollipop e Marshmallow per dare vita ad una ROM veloce e stabile. Mantenendo la filosofia portata avanti da Google, non riceverà aggiornamenti che ne gonfieranno la personalizzazione, ma verrà curata sotto ogni aspetto con un occhio di riguardo agli update di sicurezza e i possibili bugfix qualora ve ne fossero.

    Bootloader sbloccato
    Recovery Custom (TWRP)


    * packages/apps/Settings/
    293b565 Krexus Automatic translation import

    * vendor/huawei/
    a67bf37 etc/data: xml must be at the top of the file
    9e2c0d0 angler: MTC19V

    * vendor/lge/
    fea4371 bullhead: June/MTC19V



    * build/
    90dc96c Revert "drop AOSP PicoTts"
    1312084 Drop AOSP Calculator & DeskClock (1/2)
    1b46605 tools/droiddoc: Fix 'html-ndk' includes
    59ae2e7 Change the cache partition size check into warnings.
    d93bd64 Allow longer fingerprint
    4eb7ad9 Flash branding: still fixing layout v2
    f0f78ac installclean: remove .md5sum files too
    a168a73 Build date: ALWAYS in english (default)
    7f8328a Make Changelog uploading optional
    9d0e568 Upload changelog to Dropbox
    90df1ca make: add success sound effect (1/2)
    b4af0a6 packagename: Alphabetical numbering
    e7064f5 envsetup: export ANDROID_BUILD_TOP earlier
    410a411 Allow specifying kernel toolchain and prefix
    6165f18 envsetup: use $(CURDIR) for getting current directory
    6457ada export $TARGET_ARCH
    3e521db env: implement the repodiff command
    ad9776d mka: allow mka to be run from anywhere in the tree
    f2bbf6f Flash branding: Fixes and upgrades
    745b1fd Add Krexus branding
    ae23b09 Backuptool Support (2/2) (Squashed)
    a458c57 stop overwriting prebuilt vendor prop this is needed because vendor build.prop has to match the overridden build.prop fingerprint we dont build a vendor.img with the rom but this will help in compiling a flashable vendor.img
    6720206 Conditionally create symlink /system/vendor if needed
    7b8f6fd build: get rid of the sparse expand stuff
    98c135b core: remove
    00491ed envsetup: set OUT_DIR to an absolute path always
    3a2464a build: Inline kernel building as a buildtime task
    9da4b47 Add 'mka dirtier' command
    b31c971 Remove 2ND CPU
    41a611c envsetup: add vendor functions loading
    d55fe0b Fix incorrect size in printed build message
    f3473e3 Better ota package filename
    cf4af60 Remove AOSP Messaging app The previous commit removes Mms but Google actually renamed the app. Therefore, the Mms application was actually not being removed. See
    12a132c more WITH_DEXPREOPT flag
    a1f83f3 main: WITH_DEXPREOPT := false
    6692d56 Kill some log spam
    922c93d Disable the after flash image verification
    8d13a19 Export $PRODUCT_DEVICE variable
    657970f build: Degreenify java
    8efe954 makefile: Add changelog generator (enabled by default) (1/3)
    6b834bc Add global vendor selinux policy (1/2)
    57c5f6a Print Package:COMPLETE informative message
    d2b5466 Support for automatic revisioning of same date builds
    2f650b5 Add support for manual build number revisions
    cf4d301 Update the otapackage name
    7e7dd4d fix coloring "target"
    94476c8 envsetup: add mk_timer
    eec07cc build: Fix some colored build issues
    c8e5aaf colorize non-fatal javac stderr yellow (and actually display it... at all)
    454a38b Colorize javac errors
    e71a08c Use Google Nexus Audio Files [1/2]
    4af7209 build-with-colors: moar colors
    929ad2d build in colors: Install outputs in blue/yellow [basic ics version]
    b6bbab5 don't build depreciated video libraries
    cfa5c68 envsetup: repolastsync
    b6af927 Clean option: deviceclean
    9273e00 More readable build date
    f6a0528 Remove "test keys" from "Build number" in device info
    e7f6f86 build: Set ccache base to build top
    c81c972 Don't make assumptions about the formats of build descriptions
    4243396 core: drop the check-product-copy-files
    4fa60d5 Disable prereq checking for ota updates
    7b37357 Remove bloat!
    eaf5597 Remove generic builds. We never build them anyway.
    3460028 Remove Default Combos
    b50eb5b fix up ota_from_target_files symlink detection.
    51460da build: Ensure /system unmounted at install start Account for the possibility that a user has mounted system manually before installing the FullOTA package.
    42cbdf1 Comment out more recovery lines
    9a89c41 Add a Whole bunch of Clean Options, mka, reposync & mka dirty (Squashed)
    f8d9465 fix otapackage name
    e8e5957 drop AOSP camera
    acaa819 Add QCOM targert-specific cong & helper macros
    fdda747 ota_from_target_files: do not update recovery
    452df39 drop AOSP Protips
    13d80f0 drop AOSP OpenWnn
    a81ef29 drop AOSP PicoTts
    95afc3b lets make the lunch list look a little neater
    2fed3db add adb to the disttools
    305d359 cout: move to $out
    3cc3c7d build: Stop installing the sample APN list
    4a85552 ota: Remove cruft we don't care about
    818a23a drop AOSP Calendar
    e886826 drop AOSP QuickSearchBox
    48b96fe drop AOSP Music
    cd91a34 telephony: default dataroaming=false
    32f12d4 main: remove the listing of make files
    da432a5 main: enable_target_debugging := true
    f37fc65 main:

    * frameworks/av/
    e35d772 Screenshots info is not updated when device is plugged in MTP mode (3/3)

    * frameworks/base/
    99c6bd6 Wifi tile: don't set items visible from non-ui thread
    b2f5cce Krexus Automatic translation import
    09d1324 NullPointerException in UsbStorageActivity
    c12b27e Revert "Keyguard charging current in mAh (1/2)"
    9fbdcac Avoid infinite relaunch ResolverActivity if no default home.
    f9f7762 Built-in mic is not used when USB mic is disconnected
    d3d6d98 Only scan cast tile while in detail view
    a6b8a46 Fix USB intent warning on deviceAttached()
    12ffb49 Fix FC on volume key press while on 3dot menu
    12afbf9 Fix task header alignment and color
    b42ba4c Keyguard charging current in mAh (1/2)
    d8d9889 Notification: untangle charging led from low battery
    2c692f7 Allow unlocked USB data access (1/2)
    831e247 DevUtils: add isKernelGoogleStock
    ef7f937 Notification lights (1/2)
    486b713 Layers: Navbar ripple color
    d68f931 QS: "Screen off" --> "Power"
    b8ff546 RE-add translation files from marshmallow-mr1-release
    d833ee6 NEW: Voice & Assist: recents searchbar (1/2)
    cf34334 Fix NullPointerException in DhcpPacket.getTransactionId()
    dc32063 Do not scan a file which cannot be read
    f88f20b BluetoothAdapter: disable logspew
    318ecaf Speed up the volume panel timeout
    9a6d4d3 Fix layout of alarm info on the expanded status bar for RTL
    6e7be3c [WindowManagerService] fix starting window issue
    b524084 libhwui: fix texture memory leak
    1a7f526 Add overlay option for Settings.Global.Mobile_Data instead build.prop
    91a83c9 DocumentsUI: use proper provider client for cut
    089d989 Adding NullPointerException check in DocumentsUI
    f938880 SettingsProvider: Add missing INTERACT_ACROSS_USERS_FULL permission
    6d33f03 close file in PersistentDataBlockService jni
    bbfa00f Add support to pause/resume download manually (1/2)
    668a686 Avoid overwriting SYSTEM_ADJ with PERSISTENT_PROC_ADJ
    5d2e8ae Fix type casting for broadcast delay with service
    0aecfbe Fix NPE in JobStore when jobs.xml is empty
    5a093b2 Fix NPE in JobServiceContext when closing job
    fa2447b Fix NativeDaemonConnectorException issue accessing null object
    04c2936 Fix to avoid UI freeze issue
    a6e6553 Remove duplicate assignment statement
    78e2b02 Fix to show inifinite resolveractivity
    1075850 Enforce weaker grant if app is default handler for miltiple action
    83482f3 Allow override of DUN settings
    3ef3ffa base:Fix html directory paths
    be90655 Correct QS Tuner reset
    4afe6d2 Improve inconsistent navbar height behavior
    afcb812 QSTileView: remove unneeded duplicated method
    1090a47 Fix IllegalStateException in Printspooler
    4263f27 Do not block HOME if background incoming call (marshmallow)
    2adfc2a PhoneWindowmanager: disable panic mechanism when PolicyControl activated.
    aef23d2 PhoneWinowManager: resolve home car intent
    57e1526 Ensure the occlude state of keyguard is correct
    95e9918 Sound Tile improvement
    82c79f5 Add Sound tile to Quick Settings
    d3d2ca8 aapt: add check for untranslatable "string-array"s
    4204c18 camera: add workaround for GoogleCamera3
    8dd8ede Fix NPE in SyncRequest builder
    93da9ca Fix for launching App from Recent Apps on first click
    4ce73ef Settings: Fix bluetooth phone icon disappear in Settings/Bluetooth.
    f5c2bb6 DocumentsUI: fixes
    be78788 long press torch tile to open camera
    7f48ca6 Limit notification frequency (1/2)
    eabbfd7 Fix NPE in NetdResponseCode.InterfaceClassActivity
    0a80126 SystemUI: make Clock-Date multiuser compatible
    cea4ceb DocumentUI: fix longpress and actionbar icons
    1ff87c9 Fix mounting of non-FAT formatted SD cards (1/2)
    5b49182 Screenshots info is not updated when device is plugged in MTP mode (1/3)
    06b773a Dialer lookup (1/2)
    1f69813 Recents: screens --> apps
    244e640 Avoid NPE in printspooler when changing language
    7df9b10 Check if adapter is valid before updating adapter
    db0340d Fix overlapping/flickering icons/centerclock combo
    4bc4acf Fix headsup notification setting (peeking) resetting on reboot
    4b4945e SystemUI: Fix blinking when reported battery level is 0
    5efbf8d Fix volume expand arrow to be displayed correctly
    7c8d028 Remove memory leak in PersistentDataBlockService jni
    0db303e Fix forcing media stream control on tablet
    06f6caf Fix resumeHomeStackTask can't resume home if activity is finishing.
    563e276 Set carrier label on keyguard to empty string if isWifiOnly device
    e756bc3 Fix location tile not showing in the keyguard
    40b1c77 improve lock screen wallpaper behavior
    5310ac6 frameworks: add keyguard wallpaper functionality to WallpaperManager
    cb2348f NullPointerException when starting VoiceInteractionManagerService
    ed30364 SettingsProvider : Add functions for delimited strings
    b3f7a27 Reset the setOnKeyListener callback when view is destroyed
    abc3698 Add an option to change the device hostname (1/2).
    3755475 Marshmallow: Disable Quick Settings on secure lockscreen (1/2)
    643a8b7 Improve Recents-View
    5cdc17e SystemUI: finish circle battery animation after unplugging
    0c86788 Make accessing mInputMethodTarget thread-safe
    85195db volume rocker: music controls (as default) (Squashed) (1/2)
    b7585d7 optimize wallpaper load,avoid show black wallpaper.
    6b6edb1 SystemUI: Double tap to sleep anywhere on the lock screen
    0c09192 Fix no LED indication for missed call when screen off
    4a8f46f SystemUI: reduce vibration time on double press power for camera
    ef1cf87 Keyguard: fix Battery text not showing
    3e3907e Option to use volume keys to control media volume anytime (1/2)
    3946f2b statusbar: fix notification icons bleeding into center clock view
    561e1f8 SystemUI: navbar buttons should resize with navbar width
    dcab54e systemui: Fix ClassCastExceptions (Marshmallow)
    316ec0b Marshmallow factory image sounds/effects (Squashed)
    03c8280 Fix "Rebooting..." progress dialog for tablets
    423ba86 DocumentsUI: File Manager Material Icon Fixes
    b00b187 Marshmallow: Add a standalone File Manager (Squashed)
    308a1f7 [1/2] base: allow to swap volume buttons rotation based
    1c20869 [PDF] fix for crash when PDF printing in Chrome
    59695d5 Themes: Allow Immersive cling colors to be fully themed
    2d6bf34 National Data Roaming [3/3]
    3cecbc0 Layers 4.0 - SystemUI header * Give themers better support for theming notification_header_bg.. unlinking the use of @color/system_secondary_color and using @drawable/qs_background_secondary. Giving themers the ability to use the name qs_background_secondary as a .png, .9, or .xml
    38caf25 Themes: Allow Permission Icons to be fully themed
    b873c04 Use switch(mZen) instead of if/elsif/else
    e92626d SystemUI: Enable three icon switching within QS DND tile
    b875265 correct sensor handling
    413e1d9 IME: Handle IllegalArgumentException
    241f6da fix race condition.
    9979ad2 fix for screenshot animation glitch in portrait
    eb501bb Base: fix facelock crash when lock screen is disabled
    3936eed Handle NPE in TelephonyManager
    3209391 should deal with onRestoreInstanceState method
    72d805c To call TypedArray.recycle() when we are done with the array.
    4cd89b1 Fix memory corruption in SpotShadow
    7358297 IndexOutOfBoundsException on addPreference in PreferenceGroup
    d6ae77a Show a more descriptive message when vendor.img is out of date
    25621ca Fix deadlock between ActivityManager and BackupManager under some race conditions.
    8ae2480 Core: Use to signal mIsUpgrade
    5ca931a NotificationManager: Allow Settings app to publish a notifications without icon
    2af3622 Status bar carrier: don't show Emergency text if no sim is installed
    1f8e4a7 Unset frame listener before tearing down GLThreadManager.
    64fed6f Camera: Don't throw exceptions when value pairs have spaces in them
    33ac137 [ActivityManager] Fix IndexOutOfBoundsException
    69faad7 System crash fixed when turn off MagnificationGesture
    2126ba1 Take into account default app for default grants
    5bcd437 Handle renamed packages during default grants
    d7c2347 SystemUI: Clean duplicated CONFIGURE_WIFI_DISPLAY permission
    2058938 Shell: Clean duplicated INSTALL_GRANT_RUNTIME_PERMISSIONS permission
    4ec84a3 MountService: Prevent NPE with DropBoxManager
    9077cf4 Reduce sscanf times for optimization
    5ee45df Make ImageView drawable update more efficient in some cases.
    c8c32e3 Fix Fi permissions
    44219b1 Battery: Fix LightStatusBar charging color
    9e17259 SystemUI: Fix clock/battery text color on LightStatusBar
    ca991a1 Remove use of '_' variable name
    31523cb Don't refresh ui when screen off
    158f85b SystemUI: dimens values for expanded status bar padding & elevation
    b31eddd Expose hardcoded colors
    d1f8b99 printspooler: Print view crash.
    e15345b GlobalActions: Launch Power Menu via Intent
    aba6cb8 WallpaperCropper: Fix navbar not hiding
    7c23cb6 Added a toast to screenshot delete, why not right?
    53fd625 SystemUI: restore Settings button long click
    3009f4a PermissionGrant: Introduce Support for flashing Gapps
    c660165 SystemUI: survive notification update spam
    7ffa3af base: kill some log spam
    5b91078 StatusbarHeader: make user avatar long clickable everything else is long clickable might as well make long click on avatar bring us to user settings
    35aca2c SystemUI: status bar header long click actions (minus weather)
    b672ea6 SystemUI: Fix NPE
    f5d9a97 Show infinity for large notification counts
    fccb80f SystemUI: Statusbar: Add HSPA+ icons
    68278d8 SystemUI: allow WiFi & Bluetooth tile details to scroll
    2cfc475 SystemUI: fix keyguard unlock drawable not updating
    49414af InputMethod: Fix the ime button preference resetting on reboot
    bb7416e DocumentsUI: Turn advanced devices and file sizes on by default
    916b288 Frameworks: add ability to disable bar color in battery saver mode (1/2)
    c7163ba ALWAYS show the battery text on the expanded notification drawer
    a569970 Use separated battery level for ShowPercentLowOnly mode (1/2)
    9c0a7fa SystemUI: Show battery percentage only when battery is low (1/2)
    55ef26e Mobile data tile: open network settings
    1e84f70 SystemUI: Bring back Airplane tile
    c0d5a7f navigation bar: custom height
    093cd39 Framework: add Settings.System boolean helper methods
    6be5dca SystemUI: fix MediaProjection cast crash
    fb20b3f SystemUI needs the SET_WALLPAPER permission
    cc12fb3 MTU should be 1358 as per 3GPP standards, especially for LTE radio interfaces.
    724eeb4 zygote: fix memory leak when fork process
    6e49f2f Move original "SystemUI Tuner" options under System UI settings (1/2)
    391f022 SystemUI: make alarm text selector less blocky
    0b71fb5 Clock & Date (Squashed) (1/2)
    06a4bf7 Battery Style and percentage (Squashed) (1/2)
    06c03c0 SystemUI: Correct long press intents of some tiles
    371cf7a Remove unnecessary videos
    ef53350 services: AssetAtlasService: prevent IndexOutOfBoundsException
    4915698 Port & Upgrade: Navbar IME switcher toggle (1/2)
    667750e Core: Fix setupwizard FC
    f458c6e Allow prevention of doze notification color inversion Doze 2.1
    2868ea8 Add icons to battery saver notification (dismiss & turn off)
    f0e7a62 base: Battery saver enhancements
    bdcd64d DEBUG: Turn off some debugging we don't need.
    cef4891 QS: add Screen off tile
    2b61977 Allow chromium to sign in
    2c731ed SystemUI: Add missing recycle calls
    85980af Properly handle null URIs.
    05f0f9d Screen pinning improvements
    de0331d GlobalActions: Set the initial status of airplane mode toggle
    2d4526a Improve scrolling cache
    17f9009 Revert "Move tuner enable point to QS"
    f715dc8 androidfw: STFU
    65e4fad Enable the hidden recents clear button
    620e9e0 Make it possible to disable voice assist on lockscreen
    fa7b3a5 DoNotDisturb: Add long click
    e48776c SystemUI: Don't disable rotation tile
    5bdd1f7 SystemUI: Update screenshot notification icon to material
    a62f24b base: add keyguard support in WallpaperCropActivity
    6ae7030 QS Tiles: Update true default values (Pt.2)
    bb05526 Change string Cellular to Mobile (3/3)
    8701b9f SystemUI: QS: Add Sync Tile (w/ overlay)
    10ffa9d SystemUI: QS: Add Timeout tile (w/ overlay)
    18a1343 QS: Make WiFi and Bluetooth tile detail view consistent
    a8d0764 ActivityThread, shut the density up!
    261c3e3 SystemUI: QS: Advanced Location Tile (overlay) (Squashed)
    4178071 SystemUI: QS: Add pulldown with one finger (RTL aware) (Squashed)
    0e2cf18 QS Tiles: Update default tiles for marshmallow
    d13f6ae Disable Hotspot and ColorInversion tiles by default
    77e2e3e SystemUI: screenshot: remove screenshot notification before taking screenshot
    a0e0c3a Disable power menu on secured lockscreen
    1bb0d0c SystemUI: make long pressing recent switch to last app (minus custom animation)
    18915c8 Framework: Configurable 0, 90, 180 and 270 degree rotation (1/2)
    80164e7 volume rocker wake: add volume keys to isWakeKey KeyEvents
    50447a6 policy: Show a simple dialog about optimizing apps
    8e0351b Marshmallow: If a wake key is disabled by the user, do not wake from doze.
    50a5afc Marshmallow: volume rocker wake (1/2)
    990de97 volume rocker: volume key cursor control (1/2)
    040f023 SystemUI: make clock and time clickable in statusbar
    bf8b651 SystemUI: QS: Add QSDetailItems
    e8edf1c SystemUI: QS: Add long click support
    741709d Longpress back to kill app [1/2]
    35d8319 FB: Add charging battery light option (2/3)
    407ed42 Base: Factor out preference-in-storage check to overridable method.
    d217744 Fix Def App Icon for ldpi
    8a10124 core: Update system icon to material
    6dd3c90 Speed up Orientation Listener
    c9fc38b Delete Media Tests
    50c102b Turn off some debugs
    7e43562 Speed Up Long Press Timeout
    0b16b6c Speed up StatusBar
    cff15d7 Allow faster app switching
    6d89395 SystemUI: Remove tests
    7323cf7 GAPPS: Add Google Play Services, Google App and Account Manager permissions
    aa031ba DocumentsUI: Standalone launcher shortcut
    86096b2 Fixes to Power menu Dialog
    a22f6bd Marshmallow: configurable advanced reboot menu
    88f1df6 Long press "Reboot" to "Reboot to safe mode"
    8815a92 Marshmallow: Add global reboot option
    15b5104 GlobalActions: Confirm power off
    883c39a Disable More Debugging
    4716655 Smooth Spinners: Makes the loading "spinner" animation smoother in non-holo apps
    3b7f147 Add alternate WebView provider package
    fc63865 Notifications: Materialize missed calls icons
    6321585 Treat default value that wasn't found as empty value.
    bf2d2d9 SystemUpdateService: enable service but lock its receivers [1/2]
    d82cbbd core: Update GPS Icons to be more Material
    9859c9a PackageManager: allow build-time disabling of components
    5ecca33 Enhance dexopt with random colours Edited by @zephiK * adapted to work for android 6.0 (marshmallow)
    ee627fb Bootmsg: The app name is now displayed in bold text.
    569c74f Show Optimizing app dialog on first boot The boot dialog is currently hidden on first boot but the bootanimation can take a very long time to go away. Show the boot dialog so we know whats happening.
    0b0d71e BootMessage: Show each app name being optimized during boot Below the message that says "Optimizing app x of y" the name of the current app is displayed.
    b8632ba SystemUI: FIX No sim - airplane mode padding
    1daa198 InputMethodService: Disable fullscreen keyboard.
    712fbb8 Reduce log verbosity: Don't spam logcat
    858e472 Remove minimal dead zone at navigation bar (fix Nexus 4)
    c45a820 aapt: silence these warnings
    fede556 Lower default animation scales (Development Settings) (1/2)
    f528c8e aapt: suppress string resources build warnings
    0ce789a Use Google Nexus Audio Files [2/2]
    b25b47c Forward Port: Smoother Upload and Download Animation

    * packages/apps/Dialer/
    2fe2c36 Krexus Automatic translation import

    * packages/apps/PackageInstaller/
    2d10dd9 Material horizontal view
    bac077c PackageInstaller: Show current & new version

    * packages/providers/DownloadProvider/
    46f26d5 Krexus Automatic translation import

    * packages/services/Telephony/
    6287ca2 Krexus Automatic translation import
    78a538e Add missing list_networks_key category
    f19875f Telephony: Improve NetworkSelection
    1798201 Telephony : Allow multiple default dialers [2/2]
    8e60123 Make voicemail notifications dismissable on all carriers
    fe47776 National Roaming: Upgrade logic (1/2)
    8b3a17e National Data Roaming [2/3]

    * system/core/
    67356c0 Init.d Support (2/2)
    c9782db adb: host: Provide better sideload status
    56d7b0e Disable flashing of stock recovery correctly
    7dbf835 init: Make restorecon_recursive work for /data/
    c3c52c6 logcat: Map '-C' to 'logcat -v color'
    186dd42 libutils: Use Python newer than 2.6
    7bf9bf5 Do Not install Recovery!!!
    6506020 Change Permissions to CPUs/Governors
    fc864dc healthd: increase healthd fast timer to 10mins instead of 1min
    b497e62 libaudit: limit to 5 selinux denials per sec
    ae1da78 set permissions on /system/addon.d/ and files within.
    7a0b5cd healthd: Stop logspam

    * vendor/krexus/
    d31fc71 Fingerprints: June/MTC19V



    * frameworks/native/
    1d6f388 Merge tag 'c2d2bbdfbc10f284cd87bb72279fd340c9168053' into dr1.6




    Krexus ROM

    - Scaricare ROM e GAPPS e copiarle nella memoria interna del device
    - Riavviare il device in recovery mode (TWRP)
    - Full Wipe (Dalvik Cache+System+Data+Cache)
    - Flash della ROM
    - Flash delle GAPPS
    - Riavviare il device

    Fonte: XDA
    Si ringrazia: KreAch3R
    A Cristian piace questo elemento.
  2. Phil Stelar

    Phil Stelar Golden Droid

    13 Feb 2016
    "Mi Piace":
    Rilasciata nuova build 08/07/16
    Ricordo che la ROM permette aggiornamenti OTA, quindi chi ha già la ROM flashata non dovrà far altro che controllare gli aggiornamenti OTA presenti su info dispositivo/aggiornamenti.

    Inviato dal mio Nexus 5X utilizzando Tapatalk
    Ultima modifica: 11 Lug 2016