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[ROM] [Lollipop 5.1.1] CyanideL [SHAMU]

Discussione in 'Rom per Motorola Nexus 6' iniziata da 144556, 15 Apr 2015.

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  1. 144556

    144556 Silver Droid

    18 Apr 2014
    "Mi Piace":
    Ne io ne il Forum di TuttoAndroid siamo responsabili in caso di procurato danno al vostro dispositivo. Seguite questa guida a vostro rischio


    Rom basata sulla Cyanogen con qualche modifica e ricca di feature. La ROM è ancora giovane ma promette bene e verrà aggiornata frequentemente

    *App Circle Bar
    *Breathing Notifications
    *Custom LCD Density
    *Custom Lockscreen Circle Shortcuts (up to ten)
    *Custom Lockscreen Slider Shortcuts
    *Expanded Desktop
    *Heads Up Customizations and Timeout
    *Gesture Anywhere
    *Gesture Lockscreen
    *KeyPad Shuffler on Lockscreen Security
    *Privacy Guard
    *Lockscreen Notifcation PER APP Controls for Normal OR Secure Lockscreen
    *Priority Notifications
    *Battery Saver Custom Color
    *MultiUser Support
    *WhisperPush Support
    *Long Press Back to Kill with Timeout Options
    *SuperSU Included and Built Into Settings to Replace Standard SuperUser
    *Advanced Reboot and Unknown Sources Install by Default
    *Heads Up Notifications
    *Notification Light and Color Control (Device Dependant)
    *Cyanide L Pitch Black Theme ( was hard coded but we have reverted to stock white and made it a theme engine theme, download above)
    *Custom Toast, System,  ListView Animations and Scrolling Modifiers
    *Custom Power Menu Options
    *Custom Quick Settings Tiles WITH Custom Colors, currently we have 36 Tiles
    *Quick Settings Custom Options including Vibrate, Force Expanded Notifications and many others
    *Recents Apps Clear All Locations, Search Bar Enable/Disable and Option to use OmniSwitch if you prefer
    *Shift Tools (Kernel/Performance Control App Built by ME(Rogersb11)
    *System App Remover
    *Wakelock Blocker
    *Hardware Keys Disable Option
    *Status Bar Battery Mods Including Styles (Battery Bar Included), Custom Colors for Icon and Text and Charging Animation Control
    *Status Bar Clock and Date Options Including Custom Color, Font Style, Clock Location(Left, Right and Center)
    *Custom WiFi and Network Icons Colors
    *Network Speed Indicator with On/Off switch, Custom Colors and AutoHide Option
    *Status Bar Header Icon and Text Custom Colors 
    *Smart Control (Direct Call in MMS or Dialer like TouchWiz)
    *FULL Ambient Display Implementation as Active Display from KK (Thanks Squadzone and OmniRom)
    *Nova Launcher
    *Cyanide Central with Downloads, Source Links, Google Plus and Source Links as well. Each device has it's own tab
    *Status Bar Weather Control with Custom Color and Location Support
    *Custom Statusbar Icon Colors
    *Custom Notification Headers and Icons Colors
    *Status Bar Ticker
    *Status Bar Notification Count
    *Status Bar Logo
    *Status Bar Custom Greeting
    *Full Weather Control Panel
    *Lock Screen Weather with Custom Icons and Text Colors
    *Screen Recorder
    *Navbar for ALL devices with custom actions, shortcuts and numerous custom layouts as well
    *CyanogenMod Theme Engine
    *SlimPIE (WORKING, I use it everyday)
    *Custom Carrier Label with custom color in Statusbar
    *Long Click Support in Statusbar Header
    *Cyanide Shortcuts and Actions
    *I Know That Is A LOT LOL but still SO SO MUCH MORE and MORE TO COME!!!!!


    Se venite da un'altra ROM

    - Wipe Cache/Dalvik Cache
    - Flash della ROM e Gapps.
    - Reboot

    Aggiornando da una recente vesione della Cyanide

    - Wipe Dalvik, Cache, e System
    - Flash della ROM e Gapps
    - Reboot

    Download ROM
    Download GAPPS

    Fonte XDA
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  2. 144556

    144556 Silver Droid

    18 Apr 2014
    "Mi Piace":
    Uscita nuova versione basata su Android 5.1r8
  3. Cristian

    Cristian Power Droid

    25 Feb 2013
    "Mi Piace":
    disponibile Nuova versione Basata su Android 5.1.1_r18