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[ROM] [Lollipop 5.1.x] Pure Venom R1 - Feel The Beauty - Super Smooth

Discussione in 'Rom per Motorola Nexus 6' iniziata da Cristian, 18 Ago 2015.

  1. Cristian

    Cristian Power Droid

    25 Feb 2013
    "Mi Piace":

    Pure Venom Shamu


    Pure Venom è una Rom Basata su "The Pure Nexus Project" Modificata/Ottimizzata/Personalizzata con Varie Caratteristiche Provenienti dalla Rom Sense di HTC.

    -Link Vari:

    *Surrond Sound " Sound to Come from Earpiece"
    *Sense Apps / Navbar / Sounds
    *Native Sprint PRL/Profile update!!
    *Disabled forced encryption
    *Bug fix's and stability improvements
    *FULL Layers 2.1+ compatibility
    *Init.d support
    *Addon.d support
    *Ui Improvements
    *Adb over WiFi
    *Host name customization
    *Phone number lookup
    *incall vibration features
    *Enable all files over Bluetooth
    *USB otg support
    *Fully working CAF AppOps
    *Developer settings enabled by default
    *Seek-bar animation speed and font size control
    *Completely killed bug report options
    *Volume adjust sound toggle
    *Custom LCD density control
    *Link/UnLink notification/ringer volume
    *Allow alarm in None mode "aka silent mode"
    *Enable/disable LEDs in None mode "aka silent mode"
    *allow volume keys to trigger no interruption mode (same way silent used to be)
    *Expandable volume control
    *Increased Media volume control from 15 steps to 30
    *Added Special keys to all keyboard keys
    *Added Spell checking for additional languages
    *Launcher3 options (grid size, default homescreen, Enable/disable searchbar)
    *Lockscreen Wallpaper support
    *Lock screen notification control on per-app basis
    *Advanced rotation settings
    *Quick pin unlock
    *Scramble pin lock
    *LED Control

    *Navigation bar options (enable/disable, left handed mode, arrow keys, ime toggle, long-press back to kill, double-tap to sleep)
    *Navigation bar customization (width, height, size, custom navbar buttons/layout)
    *Notification panel options (quick pull down right or left, weather, force expanded notifications)
    *Custom Quick Setting Tiles (WiFi, Bluetooth, lte, data, sync, airplane, rotation, flashlight, location, NFC, notification, timeout, adb, cast, color inversion, compass, hotspot, batterysaver, headsup, power button, brightness)
    *Quick settings options (enlarge first row, brightness slider toggle, advanced location settings)
    *Custom volume rocker options (volume adjustment sound, volume keys control media volume, volume key wake, volume key music control, volume button swap, keyboard cursor control)
    *Custom Power Menu (reboot, screenshot, screen-record, airplane mode, user switcher,settings shortcut, lock now, sound panel)
    *Custom Recents (search bar on/off, recent longpess, clear all button, clear all location, clear all minus foreground)
    *Clock customization (on/off, color, alignment, am/pm, date, date style, date format)
    *Battery customization (stock, landscape, circle, text, none)
    *Battery percent options (hidden, inside the icon, next to the icon)
    *Network Indicator Customization (on/off, color, display unit, update interval, auto hide, auto hide threshold)
    *Status-bar options (ticker text, double-tap to sleep, brightness control, notification count, enable/disable alarm/blue-tooth icon)
    *Heads up options (on/off, blacklist, do not disturb, custom timeout, swipe left to dismiss, swipe right to hide)
    *Display Settings (LCD density, lock screen wallpaper, wake on plug, notification led, battery led)
    *Custom Screen recorder options
    *cLock Settings

    -Sense Apps Added:
    -Photo Editor
    -Vedio Player
    -Blinkfeed Widgets "fb,twitter,google plus , linked in"
    -Blinkfeed Widgets "background data, screen time, screen brightness, wifi, auto rotate, weather, music"

    -Requisiti: Bootloader Sbloccato/Custom Recovery TWRP aggiornata/Nexus Aggiornato ad Android L 5.1

    -Installazione Rom:
    1) Scaricare -> Rom/Gapps
    2) Copiare i File Nel Nexus
    3) Avviare il Nexus in Custom Recovery
    4) Fare Un Full Wipe -> Dalvik Cache/System/Data/Cache
    5) Flash Rom
    6) Flash Gapps
    7) Reboot, Fine.


    -Mohamed Yaser

    -Fonte: Xda Forum

    -Info Rom:
    -ROM OS Version: 5.1.x Lollipop
    -Based On: The Pure Nexus Project
  2. Cristian

    Cristian Power Droid

    25 Feb 2013
    "Mi Piace":