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[ROM] [ONEPLUS 3]Come installare la rom Dirty Unicorns - guida, download, info

Discussione in 'ROM OnePlus 3' iniziata da 144556, 21 Giu 2016.

  1. 144556

    144556 Silver Droid

    18 Apr 2014
    "Mi Piace":
    Ne io ne il Forum di TuttoAndroid siamo responsabili in caso di procurato danno al vostro dispositivo. Seguite questa guida a vostro rischio


    Porting della famossisima ROM DItrty Unicorns per ONEPLUS 3

    Version 10.3
    - Update to Android 6.0.1_r46
    - Lots of translations
    - Lots of CMTE fixes
    - Add interpolators to qs tiles animation
    - Fixes the system server crash issues caused by null pointer in NetworkPolicyManagerService
    - Screenshot Crop and Share
    - Dynamically Configurable Pulse Bar Dimensions
    - Fix WaveGenerator memory leak
    - Fix overflows in amrwbenc
    - Fix for rounding error during encoding
    - Enable Wifi Display to support 1920*1080 60fps
    - Fix high battery drain after using flashlight
    - Fix de-referencing NULL mSource
    - Added null check for memory reference
    - Fix a video recording issue when sw encoder is used
    - Fix compiler warnings
    - Fix cameraId type of onDeviceStatusChanged
    - Allow media server to disconnect camera even unlocked
    - OmniSwitch: cleanup BitmapCache handling
    - Remove gallery option from mid-screen shortcuts
    - Power/reboot dialogs dim
    - Remove bluetooth only when connected toggle
    - Add back 'setOnlyAlertOnce' to notification for restricting background data
    - Introduce ScreenType class
    - Battery bar enhancements
    - Fix lcd density theme derp with text edit color
    - Restore custom DPI density after updates
    - Remove unused observer in AmbientDisplayTile
    - Tighten up how we execute a theme change
    - Clean up spaghetti factory in BatterySaver tile
    - Updated DU-About layout
    - Show charging current in mAh on lockscreen
    - Keyguard charging current switch
    - Fix wakelock blocker's janky layout
    - Fix animations duration slider preference janky layout
    - Headers overlay support!
    - Fix du logo size inside DU-About
    - Fix Quick settings tiles font themes derp
    - Update theme in CellBroadcastReceiver to match settings
    - Fix wrong label for Desktop backup password
    - Change battery full level from 90 to 100
    - Bring back the 'AOSP look' in Settings
    - Fix double tap power launching custom lockscreen icon
    - Fix default app for default grants
    - Grant signature permission to setup and search
    - Fix adb over network
    - Use VectorDrawable's for rendering battery
    - Add UI/UX capability to attach a saved video to a MMS message
    - Display humidity and wind data in LockClock forecast dialog
    - National data roaming is off when no active subscriptions
    - Adjust the CAF task manager layout
    - Harden against null bitmaps from provider still processing
    - Lots of Camera2 (AOSP Camera) fixes
    - Fix jank with 'Show4LTE mod'
    - Make Launcher3 theme aware (for real this time)
    - Add animations to quick settings tiles
    - Added support for video and audio mms attachments
    - Speed up notification panel pulldown animation when called externally
    - Make sure to expand all the way when flinging
    - Fix phone crashes after tapping Data Usage in Settings
    - Stop adjustConfigurationLw causing sleep/lock
    - Fix possible NPE in Settings
    - Fix Storage Applications Manager dropdown
    - Allow sorting Applications by size in Settings
    - Fix the memory leak in TetherSettings
    - Use DocumentsProvider API helper methods
    - Long press StatusBarHeaderView to launch ThemeChooser headers
    - Show title of category in browser fragment (CMTE)
    - Battery fixes from CM (vector)
    - Added RTL support to theme chooser
    - Stop resetting per-app overlays all the time!
    - Add More Storage preference to Gallery2
    - Fix dismissing Play Store app installed notification
    - Mark Pixel C keyboard as having hardware autorepeat
    - Separate default header handling from contextual headers
    - Fix google-explicit-constructor warnings
    - Fix batterySendBroadcast not synchronized issue
    - Fix system crash caused by invalid array index of LegacyTypeTracker
    - Fix possible OOB
    - Fix resume box appear when reopen a video by Gallery
    - Fix facing check in CameraUtils
    - Fix misleading indentation
    - Gallery's progress bar stay at 0 when play some clips
    - Fix so you can go back in Time zone page
    - IP protocol shows wrong in ApnEditor
    - Fix the memory leak in DrawOverlayDetails
    - Use correct icon for sim card

    Bootloader sbloccato
    Custom recovery

    -Scaricate i file nel vostro dispositivo
    -Effettuare un full wipe se non si sta facendo l'aggiornamento da una CM13.0
    -Flashare il file della rom
    -Flashare le gapps (Banks o DU TBO)

    Download Download ROM
    Download Download GAPPS

    Fonte XDA
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  2. 144556

    144556 Silver Droid

    18 Apr 2014
    "Mi Piace":