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[ROM] PureNexus Nougat - Android 7.x per Nexus 6 [shamu] Guida, Download, Novità

Discussione in 'Rom per Motorola Nexus 6' iniziata da Phil Stelar, 22 Gen 2017.

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  1. Phil Stelar

    Phil Stelar Golden Droid

    13 Feb 2016
    "Mi Piace":
    Nè io nè TuttoAndroid ci assumiamo responsabilità in caso di problemi


    Dopo il fortunato successo di questa magnifica custom ROM, arriva l'update che tutti aspettavano, Pure Nexus su base Nougat 7.x

    *All stock Nexus features working!!(WiFi calling, Project Fi, VoLte)
    *Based on AOSP Android 7.0.0_r14
    *Busybox, Init.d, Addon.d support
    *Googles sounds from the factory images not the horrible AOSP ones
    *Bug fix's and stability improvements
    *UI Improvements (fixed a bunch google forgot to materialize)
    *Full Substratum Theme Engine support
    *ADB enhancements (ADB over wifi, Hide ADB icon, colored logcat "abd logcat -C")
    *Enabled Developer settings by default
    *Disabled forced encryption
    *Disabled tether provision checks
    *Added Advanced Reboot menu
    *Added back volume adjust sounds and toggle
    *Added Advanced charging sound controls
    *Added PureAmbient display options
    *Added Special keys to all keyboard keys
    *Added Quick setting header Longpress actions
    *Added ability to see app version when sideloading app
    *Added app package name to app info screen
    *Added ability to launch app when touching app icon in app info screen
    *Added phone info shortcut to about phone/status on top
    *Added dynamic vendor image notification
    *Added additional battery saver trigger steps
    *Added Increasing ringtone option
    *Added Dialer Lookup, Proximity speakerphone, Incall vibration options
    *Removed googles SystemUpdate option
    *Removed googles legal information

    -PureNexus Settings
    Lock Screen
    *double tap anywhere to sleep
    *Long press power for torch
    *Option to disable lockscreen media art
    Notification Drawer
    *quick settings pulldown (left,right,always)
    *smart pulldown (no ongoing, no dismissable, no notifications)
    *Force Expanded Notifications
    *Brightness slider on/off toggle
    *Clock customization(show clock, show seconds, alignment, ampm, date, date style, date position, date format)
    *Network traffic meter options(enable, display units, update interval, hide arrows, inactivity threshold)
    *Statusbar icon blacklist
    *Battery percentage
    *Double tap on statusbar to sleep
    *Status bar brightness control
    *Status bar notification count
    Navigation Bar
    *Navigation bar tuner
    *multiwindow navbar swipe gesture
    *Option to disable on secure lock
    *Add/remove (reboot, screenshot, screen-record, torch, airplane mode, user switcher,settings shortcut, search, voice search, lock now, sound panel)
    Volume Rocker
    *Volume keys control media volume
    *Volume key wake
    *Volume key music control
    *Volume key orientation swap
    *Volume down to enter do not disturb
    *Volume up to exit do not disturb
    *Do not disturb volume panel switch
    *Volume key keyboard cursor control
    *screen color and appearance(color control, night mode)
    *option to enable/disable wake on plug
    Media & Notifications
    *Power notification controls
    Tools and info
    *Phone info shortcut
    *Battery stats shortcut
    *Usage statistics shortcut
    *Build.prop editor
    *FiSwitch (standalone shortcuts)

    Bootloader sbloccato
    Recovery Custom (TWRP)

    Download PureNexus ROM:

    *il nuovo update presenta già le Gapps installate, non servirà quindi flashare le
    GApps da ricoveri


    - Scaricare ROM, Gapps e Vendor e portarli nella memoria del device
    - Riavviare in recovery mode (TWRP)
    - Full Wipe (system, data, cache, dalvik)
    - Flash ROM
    - Flash Vendor (facoltativo)*
    - Flash root (facoltativo)
    - Riavviare

    *Potrebbe essere che al riavvio ci viene segnalato che il vendor usato è obsoleto, in quel caso basterà flashare il vendor richiesto

    Fonte: XDA
    Si ringrazia: BeansTown106
    Ultima modifica: 23 Mar 2017
  2. Phil Stelar

    Phil Stelar Golden Droid

    13 Feb 2016
    "Mi Piace":
    ROM aggiornata 21/01

    Importante: Il dev raccomanda un flash pulito per questo update assieme al flash delle nuove dynamic gapps, in quanto fixa diversi bug di sistema


    01/21/17 Release Changelog
    Change: update phone and calculator icons to circle icons
    Change: expose quick settings tuner switch bar for themers
    Change: expose settings switch bar for themers
    Change: expose settings dashboard category padding for themers
    Change: expose framework-res manifest styles for themers
    Change: sync statusbar battery style with quick setting battery
    Feature: Contextual Header images and image packs
    Feature: ability to change amount of rows in quick settings
    Feature: ability to disable quicksettings tile titles
    Feature: added one handed mode and toggle
    Feature: added double tap to sleep on navbar option
    Feature: added ability to hide vpn and data saver icon in statusbar icons
    Fix: speakerphone bug on nexus 6
    Fix: ok google everywhere on all devices even Pixels
    Fix: backup/restore functionality on Pixels
    Fix: home button force close issue with pixel animation enabled
    Fix: pixel animation toggle it now works instantly
    Fix: grayscale in ambient display inversion on dark themes
  3. Phil Stelar

    Phil Stelar Golden Droid

    13 Feb 2016
    "Mi Piace":
    ROM aggiornata update 05/02/17
  4. Phil Stelar

    Phil Stelar Golden Droid

    13 Feb 2016
    "Mi Piace":
    ROM aggiornata update 17/03/17