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Discussione in 'Rom per HTC One M8' iniziata da nightcervant, 27 Set 2015.

  1. nightcervant

    nightcervant Bronze Droid

    24 Ott 2014
    "Mi Piace":
    RD MIU V7 for One M8

    Based on Stock GPE ROM for M8 and built with MIUI 7 Patchrom for KitKat



    Removed Chinese apps
    ElementalX 1.08 kernel
    Transparent navigation bar (on launcher)
    Smaller navbar (36dpi)
    Advanced reboot option (Normal, Recovery,Bootloader)
    Sense gallery, navbar buttons
    Sense Photo Editor)
    Swiched clock (iPhone Style)
    Motion Launch
    WSM Tools preinstalled and integrated into Settings app
    Gapps included (no need to install gapps seperate)
    Optimized battery life & performance
    sysrw, sysro
    Disabled scrooling cache
    Un-secured boot.img
    RD Control Panel

    RD Control Panel

    Camera Sound
    Camera Options
    Clock Options
    Statusbar Options
    Luncher Options
    Screen DPI
    more to come….

    1. Scaricare il file zip
    2. Effettuare un full wipe
    3. Flashare la rom

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  2. nightcervant

    nightcervant Bronze Droid

    24 Ott 2014
    "Mi Piace":
    v 5.9.25
    Disabled GPE ota notification
    Disabled Automatic google backup
    Updated DotView apk (please test and report)
    Fixed data leaking (please test and report)

    Optimization - Clean up shortcut supports cleaning apps' cache (09-15)
    Optimization - Apps locked in recent task page will not be closed by system when remaining RAM is low (09-15)
    Optimization - Reduced WiFi power consumption (09-17) (Redmi Note 2)
    Fix - In some situations the screen might flicker (09-17) (Redmi Note 2)
    Fix - Sometimes switching WiFi caused the system to get stuck (09-17) (Redmi Note 2)
    Fix - There were noises when playing some games after turning media volume off (09-17) (Redmi Note 2)
    Fix - Sometimes bluetooth car kit could not be connected (09-17) (Redmi Note 2)

    [Lockscreen, Status Bar, Notification Bar]
    Optimization - Reduced status bar RAM usage (09-15)
    Fix - Sometimes, notifications' order changed automatically in Notification shade (09-15)
    Fix - Music widget play/pause button had error in some situations (09-15)
    Fix - Sometimes status bar disappeared (09-15)

    [Home screen]
    Optimization - Removed 'Lock SMS' option from Child mode (09-14)
    Optimization - Unified third party apps' launching animation (09-14)
    Optimization - Enhanced home screen smoothness and speed of opening folders (09-15)
    Fix - Black line in right side of screen after formatting device/initilaizing home screen (09-14)
    Fix - Display error when using images taken by the device as wallpaper (09-14)

    Optimization - Reduced large image page RAM usage (09-15)
    Optimization - Optimized cloud albums large image downloading progress bar style (09-15)
    Optimization - System will use default wallpaper when stop using baby album as lockscreen wallpaper (09-15)
    Optimization - Support setting avatar and background image for baby album (09-15)
    Fix - Sometimes, recommendation text overlapped with current images (09-15)

    New - Brand new UI with more music resources (09-15)

    Fix - SwiftKey keyboard could not input Chinese in Calendar app (09-15)

    [Clock / Calculator]
    Optimization - Added vibration when pressing the options at the bottom of clock page (09-16)



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