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[ROM][AOKP][4.0.4] Unofficial AOKP Build 40

Discussione in 'Modding - ASUS Transformer Pad TF300T' iniziata da Morissio, 12 Lug 2012.

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  1. Morissio

    Morissio Guest


    Build Notes:

    Build #6 (20120625_2002)

    AOKP Build 40
    Make V(R) the default I/O scheduler (worked best for me with best battery life)
    Added logitech modules to kernel (may fix controllers issues)
    Added libs to make Polaris office work
    Dock battery level now shows upon docking device (changes submitted to gerrit to be in AOKP officially)

    Build #5 (20120622_0911)

    Updated to Asus release
    Synced to AOKP git as of 6/21 1600.
    Added SImple I/O and V® (noop is still the default, you will need to manually change to SIO or VR)
    Added libs and apk's to make Splashtop work (thanks to mjgreenjr for figuring out what was needed)

    Build #4 (20120617_2100)

    Synced to AOKP build 39
    On unlock when connected to battery the screen with have a down arrow instead of the back button (aokp 39 fixed this)
    Added Battery and Weather widget

    Build #3 (20120610_1439)

    Fixed special keys on dock (wifi, bt, etc)
    Fixed dock battery not showing when connected (it takes a second to show when you connect, you will see the dock battery with a red ! on connect then a couple seconds later it will show the dock battery level)
    Changed fingerprint to match the US build fingerprint
    Added SuperNote to applications that are installed, removed MyCloud (since it's not working) and TegraZone (since it's available in the marketplace) - if you already have these installed from a previous ROM this won't automatically remove them, it just doesn't install them for fresh installs
    Added Goo Manager tags to build.prop so updates can be managed through Goo Manager

    Build #2 (20120607_2317)

    Fixed issue where toggling off wifi could not be toggled back on
    Added Tegra cpu mode change (look for advanced in settings, it will be moved to rom manager laterm this will allow higher than 1100 cpu speed if you set to performance it will go up to 1500)
    Added some apps from stock ROM, MyCloud, TegraZone, Youtube and Polaris Office
    Still working on the dock buttons, a trip to Best Buy may be in order so I can debug and test easier (big thank to Berzerker for all his help so far)


    Notification transparency does not work
    Main battery does not show charging when connected to dock and charging from the dock battery

    Ultime Release:
    Build 34 20120625_2002 (
    Build 34 20120625_2002 (Mirror 1)
    GApps: link

    Link discussione xda: link
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  2. Morissio

    Morissio Guest

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