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[ROM][AOSP]Rs Supremacy v0.8|Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.4 [29.05.12]

Discussione in 'Modding - Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1' iniziata da rs125, 2 Giu 2012.

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  1. rs125

    rs125 Baby Droid

    6 Ago 2010
    "Mi Piace":
    Rs Series ROM presenta:

    Rs Supremacy v0.8 con ICS 4.0.4


    Changelog 0.8 version
    New build: Rs Supremacy v0.8
    Updated Gapps with new mods (29.04.2012)
    New Kernel by pershoot
        defconfig: ics: regen and set MMC_BLOCK_DEFERRED_RESUME 
        mmc: fix card detect after suspend 
        mmc:Add ddr mode support for eMMC v4.4 
        defconfig: ics: unset CONFIG_USB_SEC_WHITELIST (by request of peeter123) 
        net: wireless: bcmdhd: Fix division by 0 if dhd_watchdog_ms is 0 
        net: wireless: bcmdhd: Check return value from dhd_dev_init_ioctl() 
        net: wireless: bcmdhd: Ignore signal_pending() while waiting in IOCTL 
        init: Increase maximum number of Android properties to 372 
    Added new Playstore
    Updated Astro to 363
    Updated Gmail app
    Added Quick Office
    Added SoundHound
    Added Street View
    Added VoiceSearch
    Added YouTube and Updated to 3505
    .........and other change ;)
    New build: Rs Supremacy v0.7
    Updated new build to Android 4.0.4 
    Updated Gapps with new mods (17.03.2012)
    New Kernel by pershoot
    Fixed bug wifi
    More Stability
    Removed in ROM Gapps. Link to download at post n.4!
    -core: remove extraneous libnv/axf files 
    -overlay: fix tether when using NL80211/HOSTAPD
    -core: remove extraneous wifi fw 
    -system: Update kernel/wifi
    -net: wireless: bcmdhd: Move FW hang processign to work queue 
    -net: wireless: bcmdhd: Fix FW hang recovery 
    -net: wireless: bcmdhd: Fix frame sequence lag issue 
    Changed name in Rs Supremacy v0.6
    Fix Wifi random Problem
    Updated Gapps to 17.03.2012
    New Pershoot Kernel
    Increase stability
    Rebase on latest AOSP repository CM9
    Updated Astro
    Updated Rom Manager
    Updated Google Play Store
    sdio: optimized SDIO IRQ handling for single irq by Pershoot
    core: remove extraneous libnv/axf files by Pershoot
    overlay: fix tether when using NL80211/HOSTAPD by Pershoot
    core: remove extraneous wifi fw by Pershoot
    ... and other change!! ;)
    Fix wifi problem
    New kernel by Pershoot
    Fixed crash Rom Manager
    Fix Tether
    Fix BT Tether(in test)
    Updated and insert in ROM Gapps (see
    Recent changes CM9
    New BootAnimation from CM9
    Internal release!!
    New Stable release
    Rebase on latest AOSP master repository CM
    Updated File manager.
    Fix partial crash browser ICS
    Update build.prop
    KSM support now available in the kernel. Full work.
    more change...
    Fix 3g - Now full work. - thanks repo CM
    Updated All apk
    Re-added new kernel by Pershoot with modules - Enabled CIFS, NTFS and TUN in kernel.
    Added File Manager in ROM
    Updated Framework-res.apk
    Edit Updater-script
    More fix....
    Updated SystemUI.apk:
    -Added bluetooth toggle in notification area + wifi toggle
    -Fixed Airplane mode....thanks to kallt_kaffe
    Fixed BootAnimation
    Partial Fix to 3g
    Fix Auto-rotation bug
    Updated GApp
    Added New Kernel 
    0.1:Intial Release

    Don't work:
    -Camera because we do not have the drivers
    -wifi direct?!?

    Thanks to:
    - Cyanogen Team
    - Pershoot for his kernel/repo
    - Isimobile for his repo
    - kallt_kaffe
  2. rs125

    rs125 Baby Droid

    6 Ago 2010
    "Mi Piace":





    Rs :D
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  3. rs125

    rs125 Baby Droid

    6 Ago 2010
    "Mi Piace":
    GUIDA all'installazione:

    Per chi ha installata la clockworkmod Recovery o successive

    Procedura per il flash:

    • Scaricate la ROM.
    • Copiatela nella root della memoria interna.
    • Scaricate l'allegato.
    • Copiatelo nella root della memoria interna senza estrarlo. Serve così com'è!
    • Andate in Menu> Impostazioni> Applicazioni e andate sulla voce sviluppo.
    • Abilitate il Debug USB.
    • Aprite la cartella SDK tramite shell quindi aprite esegui.
    • Scrivete "cmd" senza virgolette e premete invio.
    • Ora scrivete cd ed il nome del file adb che si trova nell'SDK sul pc. Esempio (cd C:\Program Files\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools)
    • Finito ciò basta premere invio e seguire il passo successivo.
    • Riavviate il terminale scrivendo nella shell "adb reboot recovery".
    • Una volta entrati in recovery scegliete "Install zip from sdcard".
    • Scegliete il file che avete precedentemente copiato nella sd " e cliccate sulla voce "Yes - Install..........."
    • Finito il processo vi ritroverete nella schermata di prima.
    • Riclicchiamo su "Install zip from sdcard".
    • Scegliete questa volta la rom che avete precedentemente scaricato e copiato SENZA ESTRARRE NIENTE.
    • Cliccate sulla voce "Yes - Install..........."
    • Finito il processo dovrete cliccare su "+++++Go Back+++++"
    • Ed infine cliccate sulla prima voce "reboot system now"
    • Ora per essere certi tenete premuto il tasto power fin quando non compare la scritta "Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1v" ;)


    English translation:
    • Download the ROM.
    • Copy it to the root of internal memory.
    • Download the attachment.
    • Copy it to the root of internal memory without removing it. Serve as it is!
    • Go to Menu> Settings> Applications and go to the item development.
    • Enable the USB debugging.
    • Open the folder, then open the shell run through SDK.
    • Type "cmd" without quotes and press enter.
    • Now type cd and the name of the file that ADB is in the SDK on the PC. Example (cd C: \ Program Files \ Android \ android-sdk \ tools-platform)
    • When you're done just press enter and follow the next step.
    • Restart the terminal by writing in the shell "adb reboot recovery."
    • Once in recovery, choose "Install zip from sdcard".
    • Choose the file you previously copied to the sd " and click on" Yes - Install ..........."
    • The process is finished you will end up in the first screen.
    • DoubleClick on the "Install zip from sdcard".
    • Choose this time to Roma who have previously downloaded and copied WITHOUT REMOVING ANYTHING.
    • Click on "Yes - Install ..........."
    • The process is finished you must click "+++++ +++++" Go Back
    • Finally click the first item "reboot system now"
    • Now to make sure you hold the power button until it says "Galaxy Tab 10.1v"

  4. rs125

    rs125 Baby Droid

    6 Ago 2010
    "Mi Piace":
    DOWNLOAD P7100BULB4/CM9 Based:

    Rs Supremacy v0.8[FAST LINK]


    NB: Per installare questa ROM dovete scaricare il Soft-Wipe per l'EXT4 che trovate al post n.3!!

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  5. Montecristo

    Montecristo Baby Droid

    19 Giu 2014
    "Mi Piace":
    Ciao a tutti sono alla disperata ricerca della rom modificata per il tablet galaxy 10.1V P7100