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[ROM][CM9] PARANOIDANDROID v1.6 [Build 9] ** LG Optimus 2x **

Discussione in 'Modding - LG Optimus Dual (P990)' iniziata da Morissio, 29 Lug 2012.

  1. Morissio

    Morissio Guest


    Bug (Build 09):
    • HwaSettings crashes on the first boot after a full wipe. You have to restart once and it is fixed, don't worry about it. I will fix that later.
    • The navigation bar is enabled after a full wipe. Go to System - Navigation bar - now check and uncheck Softkeys.
    • Strange bug, will hunt it down eventually.
    • At System - Paranoid Settings you can't check "Default" for System default DPI" and "User default DPI".
    • This is a PA bug, just use the "Custom DPI" option to set your desired DPI. My default one is 190 as User DPI and 160 as system DPI.
    • To refresh the HwaSettings database you need to clear it's data.
    • Some apps don't like non-stock DPI values and will FC. Solution: Settings - Paranoid Settings - List of apps and apply "PhoneUI" + "Stock DPI (Phone)"
    • This fixes 99% of all app FC's!
    • Same bugs as all CM9 ROMs for the 2x due to the missing LG blobs (no full Chrome / Opera support, no video recording etc.)


    • If you are updating from a previous version and you want to keep your customized densities then make a backup of your pad.prop file with the "ParanoidAndroid Backup" app! Even better: save the pad.prop file at /system with a file explorer as well.
    • Full Wipe highly recommended. It might work without if you come from another CM9 based ROM but: don't even dare to post any bug reports when you didn't do a full wipe!
    • Flash ROM + Gapps
    • Advanced - Fix permissions
    • Reboot
    • Don't restore system apps (like Settings) or system data (like Wifi data) with TitaniumBackup!
    • You'll find a new Settings entry "Paranoid Settings" where you can setup all the magic
    • By default I set it up to use the standard Phone UI and disabled the navigation bar which I don't need.
    • But you can enable it at Settings - System - Navigation bar!
    • If you want to use adb, here are my modded adb drivers for ICS.
    • If you have a problem please have a look at post 2 for known bugs before you post in this thread.
    ROM: ROM + Hybrid Gapps (full wipe required!)
    Gapps mirror: download

    Link discussione xda: fonte
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  2. Morissio

    Morissio Guest


    Build 09:
    from now on I build PA directly from source, no more ugly porting!
    this gives us great stability improvements and performance enhancements
    added a Center Clock option for PhoneUI - I absolutely love it!
    fixed lots of bugs (e.g. the broken contacts widgets)
    added a setting for system volume as requested
    you can enable KSM now - but beware, it is battery hungry
    synced to the latest Cyanogenmod ICS sources
    all current cherrypicks are listed at post 4
    based on ParanoidAndroid v1.6 (the latest ICS version)
    this build was a lot more work than the changelog suggests I had to redo everything from scratch! you can follow everything here:

    Build 08:
    PDroid included. To use it just download the app from the market.
    HwaSettings permission fix, manual chmod not needed anymore.
    P999: harshs kernel updated to 0208, linux 3.0.39
    various bugfixes and improvements

    Build 07:
    HwaSettings fully implemented
    please read the instructions in the build 7 feature announcment!

    Build 06:
    Datadrop fix included. Thanks to the EB-Team for sharing this to me!
    Modded the Phone.apk to fix incoming call screen layout
    Support for the GooManager included
    Preparation for HwaSettings (will come with build 07)
    Synced to the latest CM source
    based on pastimes build 20120806

    Build 05:
    JellyBean flavoured (JB theme, JB animations, JB transitions etc.)
    Performance improvements
    Fixed call muting
    Fixed black vertical lines (are now grey like they should)
    Modded the Trebuchet launcher for a couple bugfixes
    Various small changes, fixes and improvements
    Synced to the latest CM source
    based on pastimes build 20120729

    Build 04: (full wipe build!)
    Wifi tethering working \o/
    P990: automatic detection of SU660 BBs to apply the NITZ fix (824 + 1120 + 420)
    adb remount working (-eng instead of userdebug build )
    Synced to the latest CM source (23.07.2012)
    Various smaller bugfixes and optimizations
    based on pastimes build 20120723

    Build 03:

    Build 02:
    V6 SuperCharged (100%)
    P990: automatic detection of SU660 BBs to apply the NITZ fix (824 + 1120 BB)
    pad.prop adjusted (density adjustments)
    Scrolling Cache set to "Default Disable"
    rebased to pastimes build 20120624

    Build 01:
    ParanoidAndroid v1.5
    lagfree + dalvik fix included
    based on XXMrHyde's RC11 20120703
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  3. giut

    giut Baby Droid

    28 Ago 2012
    "Mi Piace":
    Siamo alla 1.6 con la Build 9
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