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[ROM][GB Kernel] Cyanogenmod 7.2 NIGHTLY v1.3

Discussione in 'Motorola Milestone 2' iniziata da Morissio, 22 Giu 2012.

  1. Morissio

    Morissio Guest

    Rom basata sul kernel gingerbread. La discussione ufficiale la potete trovare qui: Link

    0.port from latest defy cm7 build
    1.switched to GB kernel (compatible with ch/euro gb kernels)
    2.fix recovery (mounting sd & backward function)
    3.many apps updated gapps from ics key to reboot (vol up&down + power) ics lockscreen
    7.default touch points = 4 (no delay modules from tezet cm7) scripts in /system/scriptbox to remove ics features completely
    9.(qwerty/qwertz/azerty)x(usd/euro/pound sym) keypad layouts
    10.milestone2parts from tezet cm7
    11.disable sync in sqlite to speed up performance
    12.updated fingerprint to UK GB released profiles optimized
    14.updated new files/drivers from UK GB released
    15.include many new tweaks which have been done in mod for tezet cm7
    16.some minor fixes&cleanup
    17.cpu&governors tweaks
    18.device name changed to milestone2 to keep same with tezet cm7
    19.default baseband is ch 4.5.3-109 gb
    20.optimize more settings at firstboot
    21.fix installation progress bar
    22.disable backup function during installation completely
    23.more ics features added


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