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Discussione in 'Modding - LG Optimus 4X HD (P880)' iniziata da MatVekk, 11 Ott 2014.

  1. MatVekk

    MatVekk Golden Droid

    28 Apr 2013
    "Mi Piace":

    Ecco la recovery by "Team Win Recovery Project" UFFICIALE.

    L'installazione è pratica e veloce tramite l'applicazione ufficiale reperibile sia nel PlayStore che nel sito.

    Link PlayStore

    Link Sito TeamWin Projects - TWRP 2.8 - | TeamWin

    Link secondario diretto TWRP Manager - Jmz SoftwareJmz Software

    b.JPG a.JPG

    -Fix a bug that causes weird graphics glitches and touch issues

    -Add MTP support to recovery thanks mostly to bigbiff with a little help from Dees_Troy
    -Add command line capabilities - you can now execute various TWRP features via adb instead of the touchscreen
    -Add support for color in the console and give error, warning, and highlight lines different colors
    -Track backup and restore progress based on file sizes to provide a much more accurate indication of progress
    -Improve handling of /misc thanks to mdmower
    -Improve setting of time on Qualcomm devices thanks to [NUT]
    -Allow using images on slidervalue GUI objects thanks to Tassadar
    -Allow using variables and addition and subtraction in variables for easier theming
    -Add support for 1440x2560, 280x280, and 320x320 resolutions and update 240x240
    -Allow ui.xml file to include additional xml files to help break up the theme and make TWRP easier to maintain
    -Other minor fixes and improvements

    Over the course of the last year or so, bigbiff has worked to migrate various Java functions from Android's MTP implementation to bring you a fully C++ based MTP implementation that allows you to transfer files to both emulated storage and Micro SD cards. It's confirmed to work on various Nexus devices but we may have to make some changes on other devices to keep Windows happy. Windows is very picky about USB IDs and its drivers. We have tested it on Windows 7 and 8 as well as Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty. MTP is enabled by default, but we do toggle it off and on automatically during certain operations such as if you choose to wipe a storage partition. You can enable or disable MTP under the mount menu in TWRP. For more about what MTP is here.

    Note: Due to a weird bug with our MTP setup, you cannot copy a zip file to the root of storage with Windows. You can change the .zip to something else like .txt and then copy it to the root and rename the file back to .zip once it's copied to the device. You can also copy the zip into any subfolder.

    Command line support is also now available. You can perform various OpenRecoveryScript commands via the adb shell. Depending on what you are doing you may wish to do a "twrp set tw_mtp_enabled 0" and then reboot to prevent the MTP auto toggle from killing your adb interface. You can use this option to create and restore backups, wipe, install zips, and more. Via adb shell, type twrp followed by a space then enter the OpenRecoveryScript command and hit enter. Find more OpenRecoveryScript commands here.

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