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[KERNEL] Vindicator Kernel [Linaro/Strict-Alias/Graphite] [GPU OC/UV]

Discussione in 'Modding - Motorola Nexus 6' iniziata da elia_11, 10 Mar 2015.

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  1. elia_11

    elia_11 Silver Droid

    19 Dic 2012
    "Mi Piace":


    Vindicator Kernel è un progetto giovane ma già molto maturo e completo . Permette di regolare molti aspetti del proprio telefono tali da ottimizzarlo al meglio specie per quanto riguarda la durata della batteria

    -LeanKernel Base
    -Latest Linux 3.10.x
    -Compiled With Linaro Optimized For A15
    -Compiled With Strict-Aliasing, Graphite, A15 Tweaks, And Loop Nest Optimizations
    -Various Other Build Optimizations
    -Optional GPU OC To 700Mhz
    -Additional GPU Steps
    -GPU UnderVolted
    -UKM Built In. Just Install Synapse App.
    -Savocas Color/Gamma Control
    -Lowered Regulator And Screen Voltages
    -Lowered Screen Clock Speed
    -Lowered Retention Voltages
    -Power Suspend 1.7 Driver
    -Moto QuickWakeup
    -LZ4 Compressed
    -I2C Min Freq. Reduced
    -Cruft Free
    -Slimmed Down(Increased Size Is Due To LZ4 Not Bloat)
    -Tons Of Debugging Removed
    -Many Misc. Optimizations
    -35mhz Min Freq, 2.9ghz Max
    -Power Efficient WorkQueue
    -Several WakeLocks Removed, Such As Sensor_Ind.
    -WorkQueue Updated To Linux 3.19
    -Mako Hotplug
    -MSM Limiter
    -IntelliThermal V3
    -Franco Thermal
    -IntelliActive and Wheatley Govs Added
    -FIOPS Scheduler
    -Tons Of IO Fixes/Performance Boosts
    -No Force Encrypt. Changed To Encryptable.
    -Crypto Optimizations For Enhanced IO Throughput When Encrypted
    -Voltage Control
    -Tons Of CAF Commits
    -Merged In Most Of Franco's Code
    -Merged In Parts Of Faux123's Code
    -Optimized RWSEM
    -Many Parts Updated To Linux 3.18/3.19
    -Merged In All CAF And Franco Interactive Commits Into InteractiveX
    -CPU Boost Completely Removed(Replaced With Franco's)
    -Wake Gestures
    -F2FS Support
    -LK Config
    -Vibration Control
    -Asynchronous FSync
    -Init.D Support
    -All LK Features Included If I Missed Something
    -Probabilmente qualche altra cosa che però ho dimenticato (Cit. Sviluppatore)...

    2.1 :
    -Completely Rebuilt From Scratch Upon Zen Kernel With Input From bbedward
    -Some features may be missing atm and may get added back in down the line.
    -BFS Cpu scheduler. IMO a significant upgrade over CFS, the standard one used by almost every kernel. Should give better battery life and performance. THIS IS ONE OF THE BIGGEST CHANGES A KERNEL CAN MAKE
    -Cleaned up the source and fixed issues.
    -EXT4 and F2FS updated with upstream commits.
    -Per CPU VMA Caching From Upstream
    -BFQ and ROW IO Schedulers
    -Touchboost Adjustments For More Butter
    -Fauxs Simple GPU Governor
    -Lowered the default voltage on 1.497ghz 10mv by default
    -Compiled With Ofast Instead of Os (Ofast Is the heighest gcc optimization level, one step above O3. Os optimizes for size, rather than speed.)
    -Compressed with optimized XZ rather than LZ4 to keep size down
    -Latest lean and Franco merged in.
    -Adaptive Low Memory Killer enabled
    -So much stuff....and I honestly have no idea on how to write a changelog for a rebase...its an entirely new kernel...

    -Merged Latest Franco And Lean Code
    -Linux 3.10.73
    -Several Memory Leaks Fixed
    -Reboot/Bootloops Fixed
    -!00's Of Patches
    -SELinux Permissive By Default
    -Compiled With SaberMod 5.0
    -Screen Frequency Reverted To Stock
    -Tweaked Interactive Touchboost Parameters Further
    -Replaced IntelliPlug With MSM Mpdecision
    -Added Back MSM Limiter
    -FB Notifiers now Enabled By Default. Toggle Added To Synapse
    -Merged In Some Hydra Kernel Ramdisk Fixes
    -GPU OC Reduced Back To 700Mhz
    -Add Power Aware Scheduling to Synapse (CPU Settings Page)
    -Fix Synapse To Display CPU Bin On Front Page
    -Revert FastBoot Mods For Now (Buggy)
    -KCal Fixes
    -MSM_HSIC WakeLock Now Enabled By Default With Divisor Of 5 (Change In Synapse Or LKConfig)
    -Mako Hotplug Load Threshold Set Back To 80
    -Misc Optimizations

    -Updated With Official Multirom/Kexec Hardboot Patch

    -In Call Audio Fix

    -Merged Latest Lean Kernel
    -Fix USB OTG
    -Fix Wake Gestures
    -Default To QuadCore Mode For Mako
    -Ensure 35Mhz Is Min Freq. on Boot(Fixes Weird Issue)
    -Modified UKM/Synapse To Control Wakelocks (Misc Tab)
    -Merged Latest Hydra Kernel Changes/Patches
    -Fix Battery Drain On BlueTooth
    -Frequency Mitigation Preventer V2 (In LKConfig)
    -Stability Fixes

    1.8 :
    -Merged Latest Lean
    -Merged Latest Franco
    -Switched Toolchain To Custom Compiled Linaro
    -Speed Up Boot Further
    -Tons Of CAF Patches
    -Audio Fixes/Patches
    -800Mhz GPU Step
    -MSM Limter Removed
    -Added Moto Predictive Touch Driver(Better Responsiveness)
    -Updated FB Notifiers
    -Disabled MPDecision By Default. Mako Is Default Now
    -FIOPS Is Default IO Scheduler Now
    -Added Moto Low Memory Killer Optimizations
    -CPUfreq and Ext4 Optimizations
    -More Debugging Disabled
    -Various Other Optimizations And Updates
    -Update To Linux 3.10.72
    -Probably Stuff I Forgot

    1.7 :
    - Merged Latest Lean
    -Merged Latest Franco
    -Ramdisk Fixes For Roms(All Imoseyon)
    -IO Boosts
    -Updated Linaro ToolChain
    -Boot Time Speedup(Jamcswains idea)
    -InteractiveX Tweaked(Franco's Idea)
    -Numerous CAF Patches
    -Mako Hotplug Updates

    1.6 :
    -Android 5.1 (Massive Thanks To Imoseyon for merging it in)
    -Latest Lean Merged
    -Latest Franco Merged
    -Mako Hotplug Updates
    -Intelliplug V4
    -Misc Fixes
    -Default Power Aware Scheduler Off Again (Change In lkconfig)

    1.5 :
    -Kexec-hardboot/multirom support(Huge thanks to team member jamcswain for porting that!) See FAQ For Help.
    -Merged Lean 1.17
    -Update To Linux 3.10.71
    -Optimize Low Memory Killer For ZRam
    -About 50 CAF Patches For Numerous Things(Thanks Neobuddy)
    -WiFi Patches
    -Crypto,IO,Memory Optimizations
    -Entropy Optimizations
    -DT2W Fixes
    -Screen,GPU Patches

    -Merged In Latest Franco Code
    -Removed Bricked Hotplug
    -Defaulted Power Aware Scheduling On(Adjust In LkConfig)
    -Added Power Efficient Workqueue(Better Battery Life)
    -Optimized Timer Code
    -Added Westwood TCP Alg.(Best One IMO)
    -Updated UKM To Latest
    -Updated MSM Limiter
    -Numerous CAF/Linaro Patches
    -Screen Power Draw Reduced Further
    -USB Fast Charge
    -Various Code Optimization Patches
    -Added Toggles For Arch Power And Gentle Fair Sleepers
    -Network Speed Tweak
    -Don't Force Sync On Suspend

    Requisiti :

    Procedura d'installazione :

    • Scaricate il Kernel dal seguente link :

    • Copiatelo nella memoria del telefono

      [*] Eseguite un Backup completo della ROM

      [*] Se usate un altro Custom Kernel flashate la ROM attualmente in uso senza fare il Wipe Data

      [*] Installate il nuovo Kernel

      [*] Riavviate il dispostivo -> FINE

    ATTENZIONE : Per far funzionare Xposed (nel caso voi lo usiate) installate il seguente file :

    FONTE : [Kernel] Vindicator [Linaro/Strict-Alias/Gra… | Nexus 6 | XDA Forums
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  2. elia_11

    elia_11 Silver Droid

    19 Dic 2012
    "Mi Piace":
    Aggiornato alla versione 1.7

    Aggiornato alla 1.8

    Aggiornato alla 2.1
    Ultima modifica: 22 Apr 2015