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[ROM] ViperOne 9.0.0 | Android 5.0.2 Sense 7.0 | Venom Tweaks/Pie/HUB OTA

Discussione in 'Rom per HTC One M7' iniziata da uLtiMo125, 14 Lug 2013.

  1. uLtiMo125

    uLtiMo125 Golden Droid

    19 Dic 2010
    "Mi Piace":

    Latest Fullrom: ViperOne 9.0.0

    Attention: NO Verizon support yet!!!!
    MD5: 5BF700F53FCD599BDDB88E02720A2EF6

    Versioni Precedenti
    Latest Fullrom: ViperOne 7.0.1

    ViperOne 7.0.1

    MD5: 03ED4E50952866F33E98707F3203C2BF

    • [*=1]Main Link: AFH


    MD5: C3C9EFE80937B3D5D3D3B0F0752902CF

    ViperOne 5.7.0

    MD5: D39D74AC3F3F3A5B62D156E2BABEEE34

    ViperOne 5.6.0

    MD5: 5F648847F1DAB832F807AE140B77357D

    ViperOne 5.5.1

    MD5: 8DBE42AE140AC78D07D5537A06CFD27C

    ViperOne 5.5.0

    MD5: 7A0BCB1B95AE06975ECE238A0DB2CF60

    ViperOne 5.0.0

    MD5: DE8DB785520668BE292F2A7337A9CEFF

    ViperOne 4.3.0

    MD5: 43F8CE35BB44033844C202E5BBD1CFFE

    ViperOne 3.5.0

    MD5: FB872ECEC9F50264D0FADE49A3FD67A4

    OTA Updates:
    ViperOne 5.7.0 -> 5.8.0:
    ViperOne 5.6.0 -> 5.7.0: | by Turge for One
    ViperOne 5.5.1 -> 5.6.0: | by Turge for One
    ViperOne 5.5.0 -> 5.5.1: | by Turge for One
    ViperOne 5.0.0 -> 5.5.0: | by Turge for One

    Versioni Precedenti

    Flashable Add-Ons:

    HTC Car Mode/Speak for ViperOne 5.x

    Versioni Precedenti




    ViperOne 9.0.0 (28 June)

    Re-based on ViperOneM9 2.3.1 - 1.40.401.8 Base

    Additions & Updates
    • Added Google SearchPanel as Button Action
      - Instead of swipe home/longpress home, you can map it to any other button action
    • Added Last App Button Action
    • Added Camera JPEG Quality: Select from 1-100% (default 95%) (Misc tab in Tweaks)
    • Added custom lockscreen statusbar color
    • Added custom homescreen statusbar color (perfect for people with white/light background)
    • Added headsups whitelist ignore score
    • Added fully customizable statusbar header view
    • Added Infoline multiline suppport
    • Added Emulating Back key action to map to any key
    • Added disabling google searchpanel when longpressing home
    • Refactoring of header, quicksettings, quicklaunch visibility and behavior
    • Refactoring of Venom Button Management
    • Added hiding lockscreen widget
    • Added Hiding Sunset on Lockscreen
    • Added Showing Alarm on Lockscreen
    • Added different Emergency Call behaviors (Shortpress/Longpress/Hide)
    • Added Hiding Sprint GPS Testicle Icon
    • Added headsups blacklist allow all toggle
    • Added ambient notifcations
    • Added ability to customize status bar and header clocks with custom formatting including HTML
    • Added html presets for statusbar and header lock
    • Added ability to customize carrier label with HTML
    • Added ability to hide clock on lock screen
    • Added SliderBrightness to Notification header
    • Improved Headups notifications white/blacklist
      - Whitelist default now without breaking stock behavior
      - Blacklist allows all apps and you need to add apps you dont want to show
      - Adding phone to headsup whitelist will now just show headsupnotif and not the dialer anymore
    • Added color inversion mapping to gesture and button action

    ViperOne 8.0.0 (March 8)
    • Re-based on 7.19.401.2
    • Aroma installer material re-design
    • T-mobile supported with working WIFI (Ported from M8)
    • Sprint supported!
    • AT&T supported!
    • Verizon NOT supported!
    • Up to 25 eqs tiles, column count/text size increases/decreases automatically
    • Ambient notifications
    • Hide lockscreen notifications
    • Integrated ticketsystem into venomhub
    • Improved notification pulldown gestures
    • All known VenomTweaks goodies, over 300!!!! modifications possible
    ViperOne 7.0.1 (September 7)

    • Fixed data on Sprint
    • Fixed hotspot on Sprint
    • Fixed Bluetooth issues on Verizon
    • Fixed button vibration issues on Verizon
    • Fixed flashlight notifcations
    • Fixed button notifications
    • Fixed and updated Polaris Office
    • Fixed Polaris Office aroma removal option
    • Fixed missing Beats for some carriers
    • Fixed missing Music Channel for some carriers
    • Fixed missing system languages
    • Fixed weather animations
    • Fixed Google sync error when removing HTC Tasks
    • Fixed Tapatalk FC on downloading attachment
    • Added Sprint GSM option in aroma
    • Added volume UI tweaks (In misc tab)
    • Fixed HTC Backup
    • Added HTC Backup removal option in aroma
    • Improved 1% battery icons and charging animation
    • Removed ART from developer options
    • Moved Cloud Print and Street View to /data
    • Optimized some apks and cleaned more un-needed files
    ViperOne 7.0.0 (August 29)

    Re-based on official m7 Sense 6.0 6.09.401.5

    • Added T-Moble Wifi Calling, ported from m8
    • Added Venom Keyboard skins
    • Added back VenomAppInstaller
    • Added SOS Function to HTC Flashlight
    • Added VenomPackageInstaller
    • Added kernel customisation support to tweaks (requires update from your kernel dev)
    • Added PnP control to CPU tab
    • Added Venom category with venom apps to native settings
    • Added customization of Extreme Powersaver Launcher shortcuts
    • Added Extreme Powersaver to APM
    • Added longpress power custom actions
    • Added ability to show/hide venom apps in native settings
    • Added force new task exclusion list
    • Added back key action to 3 finger gestures
    • Added NFC to "hide specific statusbar icons"
    • Unlocked all widgets for lockscreen (again)

    • Fixed force new task exclusion list
    • Fxed Smallapps showing updates in playstore
    • Fixed freeze when wiping dalvik cache in VenomTweaks
    • Fixed custom autobrightness
    • Fixed Blinkfeed FC on adding RSS from browser
    • Prevent recording a bugreport and give a warning when logcat functionality has been disabled

    • Updated all VenomApps to use HTC Theme Colors
    • Updated VenomHUB
      - Registration required
      - rate and comment items on the hub
      - download count of individual items
      - sorting items by download count and rating
      - system notifications for news, ota, new and updated items
      - venom news blinkfeed service
    • Updated VenomSidebar
      - fixed open on touch setting opening also on swipe
      - added panel custom color option
      - added swipe to open setting
      - added min swipe distance
    • Updated VenomTweaks
      - Visual and code improvements
    • General aroma clean up, improvements and additions
    ViperOne 6.2.0 (May 11)
    • Added
      • Added immersive mode (toggable via apm)
      • Added exlusion list for immersive mode
      • Added three finger tap customization
      • Added screen off action to 3 finger swype
      • Added Homescreen layouts
      • Added screen off prism menu item
      • Added wallpaper scrolling back
      • Added back wide crop size for wallpaper
      • Added skip unlock animation
      • Added slide out dock on homescreen
      • Added slide out statusbar on homescreen
      • Added slide out dock/statusbar timeout
      • Added option to remove contact picture mask
      • Added auto maximize lockscreen widget
      • Added option to set an own default widget on lockscreen
      • Added Quick Pin Unlock back
      • Added mod that keeps the screen off after hanging up a call when having a bluetooth headset connected
      • Added HtcWeatherClockWidget theming
      • Added option to hide the dock on blinkfeed
      • All Venom apps now observing theme colors
      • Re-Added HTC Sync Manager
      • Added ability to long press some Native HEQS
      • Increased NEQS limit from 12 to 20
      • Added Tweaks, Hub and Flashlight NEQS titles
      • Added option for color weather icons
      • Added option for color blinkfeed
      • Added option to hide labels in app drawer and folders
      • Added option to change app drawer actionbar background
      • Added option to use Prism menu icons
      • Added option for Prism menu icon overlay color
      • Added option for menu background
      • Added option for menu text color
      • Added screen on time + wifi time to power usage
      • Added weather animations back
      • Added unlocked native tethering for all carriers (full rom/use at own risk)
    • Fixed
      • Fixed Motion gestures defaults
      • Fixed gap in prism when using 4x4 layout + venom navbar
      • Fixed extended app drawer grid (5x6)
      • Fixed red square icon for sprint users in settings
      • Fixed VEQS Mobile Network
      • Fixed AT&T VVM (full rom)
      • Fixed FC when sharing Zoe
      • Fixed show in album tweak when cropping an screenshot
      • Fixed missing NFC NEQS tile
      • NFC icon is now hidden
      • Fixed NEQS icon color and indicator overlay
      • Fixed HTC bug when deleting the last picture in a folder in gallery
      • Fixed default mappings for motion gestures
      • Fixed text size in 5x6 app drawer
      • Fixed app drawer icon size and paddings (custom, icon pack,..)
      • Fixed FM Radio FC
    • Updated
      • All keyboards (full rom)
      • All user apps
    ViperOne 6.1.0 (April 17)

    • Added
      • Added HTC Speak to full rom
      • Added AT&T VVM
      • Added new camera libs
      • Added missing keyboard languages (Murasu Indic and Viet) in full rom
    • Fixed
      • Fixed custom App drawer icon
      • Fixed 5x5 folder
      • Fixed system UI FC when changing theme after changing HEQS setting
      • Fixed Hide volume warning
      • Fixed delay of back/home key when having no doublepress action mapped
      • Fixed swipe down to launch voice commands from lockscreen
      • Fixed missing NEQS Extreme Power Saving tile
      • Fixed missing NEQS tiles when less than 12
      • Fixed landscape NEQS tile layout
      • Fixed GPS
      • Fixed Bluetooth (6.0.1)
      • Fixed Dialer white bar (6.0.1)
      • Fixed Exchange Mail mod
    • Removed
      • Removed "HTC Apps" from App Drawer
    ViperOne 6.0.1
    • Fixed dialer
    • Fixed Bluetooth
    • Fixed NFC icon showing
    ViperOne 6.0.0

    • Added
      • Added HEQS default color will now match selected theme
      • Added tweak to disable the camera shutter for screenshots
      • Added tweak to disable the camera shutter for screenshots
      • Added OTA support for all carriers
    • Removed
      • Removed broken widgets (Notes, Task, Apps and Shortcuts)
    • Updated
      • Updated to Sense 6.0 - m8 port 1.54.401.5 base
    ViperOne 5.8.0

    • Updates:
      • Updated to 4.19.401.11 base
      • Updated all user apps in full rom
    • Fixes
      • Fixed transparent navbar on homescreen
      • Fixed zoom animation when adding new widgets
      • Fixed Venom File Explorer FC when deleting files
      • Fixed Venom Tweaks FC when trying to open a module that doesn't have a UI
      • Fixed Buttons Light Notification repeat timeout
      • Fixed a bug in AppOpsManager that caused Security Settings for Tasker to not work properly
      • Fixed Enabled Emergency Alerts in Messages app
      • Fixed security issue when mapping a custom app/unlock action on lockscreen
      • Fixed issue with some apps FC'ing when requiring access to USB devices
    • Additions
      • Added ability to disable Presidential Alerts in Messages app
      • Added Weather Animation interval for HTC clock
      • Added icon underlays/frames
      • Added tweak (Tweaks - Misc - System) to launch apps within other apps as new process (not embedded)
      • Added toggleable airplane mode radios
      • Added tweak to move HEQS/QuickLauncher to bottom of notification panel (Thanks Dunc for the idea!)
      • Added ability to customize status bar icon size (normal or small like HTC One Max)
      • Added Wallpaper scrolling to HTC Launcher
      • Added tweak to add Screen Record to APM (thanks Dunc!)
        • Option to enable microphone recording (thanks Dunc!)
        • Select screen recording bitrate (thanks Dunc!)
      • Added tweak to customize lockscreen background overlay color (thanks Dunc!)
      • Added 4x1/4x2 weather clock color theming:
        • 4x1 widget:
          • Change background
          • Change color of time digits
          • Change text color weather info
          • Change weather color
        • 4x2 widget:
          • Change background
          • Change color of time digits
          • Change color flip tabs
          • Change transparency of flip tabs
          • Change color of animated flip tab
          • Change text color weather info
          • Change weather color
      • Added tweak to display the seconds on the status bar or header clock
    ViperOne 5.7.0

    • FIXES:
      • Fixed Blackscreen when accessing Camera from lockscreen
      • Fixed transparent navbar on homescreen
      • Fixed zoom animation when go to add widgets
      • Added HomeScreen Personalize option in Settings - Personalize
      • Added ability to launch Hub by long pressing Tweaks HEQS button
      • Added Venom Hub HEQS button with Venom Tweaks long press action
      • Reverted the need of a VenomAccount to access VenomHUB till we resolved the issues
    ViperOne 5.6.0

    • FIXES:
      • Fixed transparency in NEQS user card footer to match stock
      • Fixed Settings status bar header icon not opening Settings when NEQS/VEQS disabled
      • Fixed Sync NEQS button missing
      • Fixed quick pin unlock on AOSP lockscreen
      • Fixed peek height when partly dragging status bar
      • Moved carrier text and next alarm on lockscreen a bit to the top to prevent widgets overlapping
      • Fixed app drawer graphic overlay
      • Fixed not working Profiles Backup and Restore
      • Fixed Wireless ADB
      • Fixed whatsapp lockscreen notification not opening at end of conversation
      • Moved Venom SuperUser to /system/app :)
      • Added "Sync All" button to HEQS
      • Added "DND" (Do Not Disturb) button to HEQS
      • Added tweak to configure single flashlight mode in HEQS
      • Added next alarm option to 4x2 and 4x1 sense weatherclock widget
      • Added QHD (960x544), WVGA (800x480), HVGA (720x480) and VGA (640x480) video resolutions to camera
      • Added coloring of alarm icon and alarm text on lockscreen
      • Added coloring of carrier text on lockscreen
      • Added Quiet Hours to HEQS
      • Added more security timeout delays (lock phone after...)
      • Added hiding weatherlock on lockscreen
      • Added changelog to VenomTweaks Menu
      • Moved overscroll glow colors to colors tab. Color can now be choosed via color picker
      • Added screenshot cropping
      • Added tweak to disable screenshot notifications
    ViperOne 5.5.1
    • Fixed VenomTweaks FC when entering Pie Tab on clean flash or opening Pie Tutorial manually
    • Fixed notifications screen on not working
    • Fixed freeze when using new notifications settings
    • Fixed small dock hiding bug
    • Added option to switch to old homescreen layout behavior
    • Added icon padding for dock Icons in 5x6 custom layout
    • Fixed Verizon MMS app - reverted to previous version to resolve duplicate messages
    • Fixed Header icon colors not being able to restore to stock color
    • Fixed issue with disappearing signal icons on first boot
    • Fixed issue with remapping settings header button to a custom app (icon now properly resized)
    • Fixed default native EQS colors to match stock
    • Updated Titanium Backup and Twitter in Full ROM
    ViperOne 5.5.0

    • INSTALL:
      • Added ability to remove different media types (alarms, notifications, ringtones)
      • Added ability to remove all various user apps along with more system apps
      • Added ability to remove Venom apps such as File Explorer and Venom Side Panel (and Small Apps)
      • Added Google Now Launcher to DeSense option
      • Added Google Bookmarks Sync
      • Added Google News and Weather Widget
      • Added AdAway hosts files migration during full rom install
      • Changed US English only keyboard installed by default. Added ability to add more keyboards
      • Fixed removal of Stocks app
      • Fixed TWRP recovery flashing for all supported devices (Sprint/Verizon will be automatically detected)
      • Removed Flash Player from install
      • Updated all apps
    • PRISM:
      • Added option to hide clock on blinkfeed
      • Added option for Blinkfeed update interval
      • Added option for Blinkfeed articles ratio
      • Added option for Blinkfeed pages
      • Added Prism indicator options
      • Added Icon size tweak
      • Added new app launch animations
      • Added Navbar slide out
      • Added Statusbar slide out
      • Fixed HtcMusicWidget resizeable
      • Fixed Calculator widget resizeable
      • Fixed custom homescreen layouts
      • Fixed infinitive scrolling
      • Fixed 4x1 weather clock/calender/music widgets for custom homescreen layouts
      • Fixed Feed <-> All Apps bug
      • Fixed transparent dock in App Drawer
      • Fixed clock background in feed
      • Added hiding wifi calling icon
      • Added ability to launch custom app when clicking on Analog Clock
      • Added new tweak to dim background as notification panel expands (Tweaks - Statusbar - Notification PullDown Tweaks)
      • Added SoundEnhancer HEQS
      • Changed battery text to left of battery icon
      • Fixed Recent Apps not backing out to previous app with Back/double press Home button
      • Fixed Notification Panel Header background
      • Fixed Status Bar Notification/Settings animated buttons
      • Fixed issue with VEQS/NEQS opening by default when status bar first loads
      • Fixed VEQS Wifi Hotspot
      • Fixed block status bar pulldown on lock screen/during call
      • Removed default notification header clock/date shortcuts - custom shortcuts to clock/calendar will need to be created in Tweaks - Misc
      • Fixed Wireless ADB HEQS/VEQS
      • Added ability to customize analog clock dial and hand colors
      • Added ability to tint notification panel header buttons
    • CAMERA:
      • Added/Fixed Camera date format options (12/24 hour format)
      • Fixed Camera audio bitrate
      • Fixed Camera audio sampling rate when using custom audio bitrate
      • Changed bug reporting:
        • Added different logcat modes: FC of app/Other
        • Added screenrecording
      • Fixed intermittent FC when configuringquiet hours notifications whitelist
      • Added new venom notification settings for button light/flashlight notification
      • Added counts of flashes per app
      • Added repeat count of flashes
      • Added timeout between flashes
      • Added global timeout
      • Added Intercept mode: Choice of turning screen on or flipping the device turns off the button light/flashlight
      • Added ability to finally add phone calls to blink/flash notifications
      • Added notification interval/delay
      • Added option to flashlight notifications to just flash when the device is faced down
    • MISC:
      • Added Weather Animations
      • Added Screen on Time and Wifi on Time
      • Added All Apps action for 3 Finger Gestures
      • SoundEnhancer effects are now available without the requirement to have headphones connected
      • Removed "HTC Apps" icon from Drawer
      • Added shortcut functionality to pie actions
      • Added shortcut functionality to button actions
    ViperOne 5.0.0
    • Rebased to 4.19.401.8
    • Added Sprint support - ViperOne 5.0 supported on Sprint/Verizon/T-Mobile/AT&T/etc.
    • Added TMO WiFi Calling (thanks @rabidpencil!)
    • Added new Venom Hub - registration is now required: adds Venonm account to "Accounts & sync" in settings
    • Added Venom Downloads UI with ability to specify download folder based on extensions
    • Added tweak to customize folder style in Prism Sense Launcher
    • Added tweak to customize folder background in Prism Sense Launcher
    • Added tweak to switch phone button icons between graphics and text (thanks Dunc!)
    • Added ability to launch Clock/Calendar (or custom app) by clicking Clock/Date in notification panel
    • Added ability to customize Weather app in notification panel
    • Fixed Venom Tweaks error with older stored profiles
    • Fixed whitelist for calls in Quiet Hours
    • Renamed Software updates to Venom updates
    • Updated Google Apps
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  2. uLtiMo125

    uLtiMo125 Golden Droid

    19 Dic 2010
    "Mi Piace":







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  3. uLtiMo125

    uLtiMo125 Golden Droid

    19 Dic 2010
    "Mi Piace":

    1. When will the next version be released?
    Wrong question.​
    2. How do I install the rom?!
    ViperOne Install Instructions

    1. Download the the latest ViperOne full ROM zip from the download section
    2. Place the file somewhere on your phone storage. Alternatively, if you have a USB OTG cable (I have this exact one), you can place the rom on a USB key (FAT32, NTFS are all supported).
    3. Confirm the MD5 on the download page matches the MD5 of the file on your phone (ES File Explorer will show the MD5 of the file)
    4. Reboot to TWRP Recovery
    5. Backup current ROM if desired
    6. Install ROM using TWRP and select wipe during aroma install if coming from another base
    7. Reboot and Enjoy
    3. How do install OTA (Over-The-Air) updates?
    Settings - About - Software updates​
    4. How do I restore my HEQS (Horizontal Enhanced Quick Settings)?
    Try long pressing the date in the notification bar (Pressing the date for about 2 seconds will toggle between HEQS, Quick Launch bar and "nothing")​
    5. How do I make my device look like stock?
    To disable some of the tweaks, do the following:

    1. Disable HEQS (Horizontal Enhanced Quick Settings): Long press the date in the notification bar for about 2 seconds to toggle between modes until it's hidden
    2. Disable Weather: Tweaks - Status Bar - Weather - Hide
    3. Disable Header Text (cpu usage, etc.): Tweaks - Status Bar - Header - Information - Hide
    4. Disable VEQS (Vertical Enhanced Quick Settings): Tweaks - Status Bar - Vertical quick settings - Disable
    6. I have a problem with the ROM (FC, Boot Loop, apps closing automatically). How can I get my problem resolved?
    First things first. Try wiping data and replicating the issue:
    1. Rebooting into Recovery
    2. Perform a Nandroid backup (of just Data if you wish)
    3. Flash the ROM and select the option to "Wipe Data"
    4. Try replicating the issue

    If the problem persists, capture a logcat and send it to me.

    To capture a logcat, If you have fastboot setup, you already have the drivers installed and probably already have adb.exe in the same folder as fastboot.exe:

    1. Open the Command Prompt (run it as Administrator if UAC is enabled in Windows)
    2. run adb logcat >c:\logcat.txt
    3. To capture an FC, use the command adb shell "logcat | grep AndroidRuntime" >c:logcat.txt
    4. Press Control-C to stop logging
    5. Paste the contents of c:\logcat.txt into
    6. Post the link here with the problem being experienced

    If you still have the issue, check to see if it's been reported here and create a new incident if it already hasn't:
    7. Whats the md5 sum thing?
    It ensures, that the rom is downloaded correctly and completly to avoid weird issues when installing/using the rom. Google for "md5 sum checker" and you should find what you need.​
    8. I found a theme or mod, will it work on this rom?
    It's NOT recommended to use mod/themes that dont clearly state, that they are compatible with our rom. Thems/Mods always use framework files which will brake mods/stuff in our rom.​
    9. My question is not listed here, what to do?
    Ensure you used the xda search, google and your brain before asking a question in the thread. If you cant find an answer yourself we will answer your question for sure! (-:​
    10. My media (pictures, music, etc.) is not listed in the Gallery/HTC Music/etc.
    Try rescanning your SDCARD by using an app such as Media Scanner
    11. What are the correct sizes for custom carrier logo?
    Try 100x100​
    12. How do I update my firmware?
    @Red5 has created some very detailed instructions on updating your firmware. While it's not required, I highly recommend upgrading it since it improves the responsiveness of the touch panel and upgrades your radio to a newer version.

    Check out his post for some step by step instructions:

    More information about HBOOT/Firmwares can be found here:
    13. Developer mode is no longer listed in Settings. How do I enable it?
    Go to Settings - About - Software information - More and click on the Build number 7 times. (For real! [​IMG])​
    14. Insufficient storage error on app update/install in play store15. Will there be a ViperOne ROM based on the stock Google Edition ROM?
    Team Venom is an HTC Sense developer team. Our focus is to deliver the best feature-filled Sense 5 ROM for the HTC One and we have no intention of deviating from that.​
    16. Menu button and other buttons in the actionbar of HTC Apps don't work anymore?
    That's a bug HTC introduced. To workaround it, you need to enable animatons again in Settings->Developer options->Advanced​


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  4. uLtiMo125

    uLtiMo125 Golden Droid

    19 Dic 2010
    "Mi Piace":

    I will use this post to keep everyone up to date with the latest themes for Viper One. The Official Theme Thread can be found here, and all questions regarding theming or contributions towards theming can be posted over there.

    This post will be a go-to for all user contributions in this thread. I will also try to upload to the HUB when I get a chance, but all links will remain here as well. A lot of the icon packssuch as the ones found in this post will also install and work on the One.


    Install apk then select using Venom Tweaks > Sense > Icon PackSTATUS BAR / EQS THEMES
    Install apk then select using Venom Tweaks > Status Bar > Status Bar Icons ThemeKEYBOARDS:BOOT/DOWN ANIMATIONS:
    To apply: Venom Tweaks > Advanced > Custom Boot AnimationSPLASH SCREENS:
    Flash in recoverySENSE CLOCKS:

    Red themed clocks by @mwr666
    Red 4x1 Sense Clocks by mwr666
    This zip from one of my other threads is fully compatible with Viper One. You can mix and match clocks and backgrounds however you want. As more themers do mods to the 4x2 weather clock, I will probably combine all into an aroma zip.

    Weather themes in this thread are compatible with Viper One (flash 4.2.2_2.17 base zips)
    Lessimple weather by @mwr666
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  5. uLtiMo125

    uLtiMo125 Golden Droid

    19 Dic 2010
    "Mi Piace":
    ViperOne 4.0.0 RC 1

    MD5: B060DBB22559FFB808FE2927ACBC00E6


    • Updated to new base 4.06.1540.3
    • HTC Launcher
      • Fixed Homescreen layout mods (4x5 and 5x6)
      • Fixed icon scale for market icons
      • Add Apps and Widgets disabled when locked home
    • HTC Lockscreen
      • Added Aosp Lockscreen
        • Added phone, sms, google search and camera shortcut
        • Allow all widgets
        • Autounlock on incoming call
        • Disable widgets
        • Disable camera
        • Maximize widgets
      • Fixed alarm stopping when using bypass lockscreen
      • Fixed custom lockscreen icon
    • Other
      • Added back venom camera
        • Iso and white balance in main bar
        • Image encoding quality
        • Force video/audio quality
        • File format
        • hook volume buttons (shoot, record, zoom)
        • transparent menu bar
        • support Tab Screen Picture
        • support Blink Detect
        • geo tag disabled by default
        • Front Camera Face Beautifier Supported
        • Front Camera Video Scene Enabled
        • russian/german translation
        • Panorama+ 360
      • Updated Venom Superuser
      • Soundenhancer is back
      • Added toggle for contact photo mask
      • Added toggle to get old JB Toast style back
      • Added toggle to disable noise suppression
      • Fixed logo2menu vibration
      • Fixed music small app
      • Fixed very laggy icons grid on icons theme customize dialog
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  6. giemme14

    giemme14 Baby Droid

    24 Nov 2012
    "Mi Piace":
    ciao a tutti
    io sul mio htc one non ho aggiornato l hboot e quindi sto alla viper 2.1...posso mettere la 3.5 con android 4.3 senza aggiornare hboot???grazie
  7. uLtiMo125

    uLtiMo125 Golden Droid

    19 Dic 2010
    "Mi Piace":

    Da ciò che ho potuto capire nella sezione ...


    diciamo che Generalmente l'aggiornamento non è Indispensabile ma Consigliato
    se eventualmente, dopo il passaggio alla Viper con Android 4.3, si notano dei problemi
    tali problemi sicuramente scompaiono con l'aggiornamento del Firmware
  8. giemme14

    giemme14 Baby Droid

    24 Nov 2012
    "Mi Piace":
    ho provato ma mi dice sempre istallazione fallita come per le rom con android 4.4
    siccome lo sto vendendo il telefono lo lascio cosi!!!chi lo acquista si divertirà!!! :)
  9. uLtiMo125

    uLtiMo125 Golden Droid

    19 Dic 2010
    "Mi Piace":
    ok ... va bene !
  10. superinge

    superinge Baby Droid

    11 Set 2012
    "Mi Piace":
    Tastiera italiano dopo ViperOne5

    Salve, ho aggiornato il mio one con rom ViperOne 5.7..., ma ho visto che la tastiera è solo in inglese e altre 5 o 6 lingue incomprensibili, c'è la possibilità di rimettere quella in italiano (la sua originale) che ti faceva anche le faccine senza mettere le emoticon ma solo con i simboli tastiera?? ho provato a scaricarne alcune, ma dizionario italiano zero e alcune sono scadenti...
  11. kalel77

    kalel77 Power Droid

    10 Lug 2013
    "Mi Piace":
    Ti ho spostato nel thread della Viper, che fra l' altro va aggiornato, visto che l' argomento e' quello.
    Di solito durante l' installazione in AROMA dovrebbe far scegliere la lingua della tastiera, non ho esperienza diretta con la ViperOne ma con la ViperOneS e con quest' ultima e' cosi'

    EDIT: grazie al mod ultimo125 per aver aggiornato il thread all' ultima versione della ViperOne
    Ultima modifica: 18 Mar 2014
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  12. uLtiMo125

    uLtiMo125 Golden Droid

    19 Dic 2010
    "Mi Piace":

    grazie al mod @kalel77 per averMI avvisato della presenza di aggiornamenti sulla versione della ViperOne !! ;)
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  13. MalawiBoy

    MalawiBoy Baby Droid

    6 Mar 2011
    "Mi Piace":
    Ciao ragazzi, ho provato ad installare l'ultima versione della Venom, ma appena terminato ho avuto problemi con il perennemente in accensione, e con la totale mancanza di lettura della sim, così ho deciso di tornare alla Revolution HD di cui avevo preventivamente fatto il backup con la recovery. Ma anche con lei sono iniziati i problemi: appean parte compaiono subito messaggi di errore dell'applicazione Posta e della Sense :( Ho riprovato effettuando tutti i wipe tranne quello "Data" ed "Internal Storage", ma niente, il problema persiste ed il telefono è praticamente inutilizzabile. Che devo fare?!


    Allora, ho fatto un po' di chiarezza, ed ho ripetuto il procedimento effettuando un Wipe Data, Cache e Dalvik, ma le cose non sono migliorate, anzi. Se almeno alla prima installazione la rom è partita, ma presentava problemi con il wifi e la sim, adesso nemmeno parte! Al massimo compare la schermata di selezione lingua, ma non posso farci nulla perché compaiono messaggi di errore del Bluetooth e di un altro elemento legato credo alla sense :-s. Ma il più delle volte il telefono resta bloccato sulla schermata col logo HTC, e magari va pure in stand by permettendomi di visualizzare la schermata di sblocco, salvo poi ritornare su quella del logo. Alla fine ho provato ad installare la Rom Maximun, e dopo qualche problemino ci sono riuscito, ma vorrei provare la Sense 6, mi aiutate?
  14. ethan83

    ethan83 Baby Droid

    17 Lug 2014
    "Mi Piace":
    salve a tutti avrei bisogno di un aiutino ho un htc one m7 con viper ma il cell l'ho acquistato usato e dopo mi sono accorto che era modificato ma mi sta bene xche mi piace modificare pero c'è un casino di roba sul cell che non mi appartiene e mancano le classiche applicazioni di google come posso riportare il cell a zero cancellando ogni cosa ?per farvi un esempio cell usato e gia con piu di 10 gb gia occupati vorrei resettarlo senza mandare in blocco il telefono e accendendolo come fosse la prima volta chi mi puo aiutare?
  15. kalel77

    kalel77 Power Droid

    10 Lug 2013
    "Mi Piace":

    riavvia in recovery, fai SOLO wipe dati e riavvia.
    All' avvio sara' come la prima volta
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  16. ethan83

    ethan83 Baby Droid

    17 Lug 2014
    "Mi Piace":
    Grazie ora ci provo

    Fatto ma inutilmente mi ha ripristinato a zero solo la Rom la memoria e sempre piena
  17. kalel77

    kalel77 Power Droid

    10 Lug 2013
    "Mi Piace":
    Per quello devi liberare la partizione SD
  18. uLtiMo125

    uLtiMo125 Golden Droid

    19 Dic 2010
    "Mi Piace":
    quindi oltre che DATA fai un WIPE anche della SD sempre da Recovery !!!
  19. kalel77

    kalel77 Power Droid

    10 Lug 2013
    "Mi Piace":
    Quello che intendevo
  20. ethan83

    ethan83 Baby Droid

    17 Lug 2014
    "Mi Piace":
    ho copiato il file rom zip viper sulla memoria del cell ho letto che se vado in recovery e faccio tutti i tipi di wipe e format e riflasho la rom parte tutto da zero con solo la rom installata e vero?il mio dubbio e non è che facendo cio si cancella anche la recovery e il file zip?