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[ROM] ViperOneM8 6.1.0 per HTC One M8:Novita' e download

Discussione in 'Rom per HTC One M8' iniziata da kalel77, 4 Apr 2014.

  1. kalel77

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    10 Lug 2013
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  2. kalel77

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    10 Lug 2013
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    All downloads now on:



    All downloads on:


    ViperOneM8 6.0.0 (14 July)

    Special Thanks and Credits
    • [MENTION=586648]sun_dream[/MENTION] for giving me permission to use his camera libs and audio libs. Thanks to this man, you can enjoy HTC 10 Dolby BoomSound and HTC 10 camera features (hyperlapse, slow motion). Also his guidance to fix several functionality issues to achieve a full HTC 10 port
    • [MENTION=5729420]xXminiWHOOPERxX[/MENTION] for the navigation bar fix, and helping out various things during development

    Additions & Updates
    • Intial HTC 10 port for M8 release
    • Based on HTC 10 1.80.401.1 and HTC M8 6.21.401.1
    • Carrier / Device support
      • Verizon (100% working)
      • Sprint (100% working)
      • T-Mobile / AT&T (General support, no special carrier features yet)
      • Desire EYE
      • Butterfly 2
    • New VenomHUB, including a web frontend!
      • Front-end URL
      • Reworked FAQ section
      • Expandable items
      • Added search
      • New Categories
      • Themes
      • Bootanimations
      • Navbar Themes
      • IRC Support
    • Venom Tweaks Backup and Restore (It takes a while the first time to show app - Patience!)
      • Internal SDCard
      • VenomHub Server or Google Drive
    • ROM / Installer
      • Android Pay tested and works on all carriers
      • AdAway now works systemless (in order to make Android Pay work)
      • Added SuperSU compatible mode option in Aroma (WILL BREAK ANDROID PAY!!)
      • Updated aroma installer graphics, menus, and removal/install options
      • Added missing 7 sense Apps & Widgets as aroma install option
      • Add custom bootanimation option
      • Add custom downanimation option
      • Add custom bootsound option
    • SystemUI
      • New Tiles
        • Tweaks and HUB NEQS Tile
        • Powersaver NEQS Tile
        • NFC NEQS Tile
        • Caffeine Tile, Credits Cyanogen
        • Sync Tile
        • Sync All Tile
        • SilentMode Tile
        • VibrationMode Tile
        • ADB Wi-Fi Tile
        • Screenshot Tile
        • HTC Connect Quicksettings Tile
        • Glove Mode Tile
      • Quicksettings custom tile size
      • Added NEQS Hide Reorder to VenomTweaks
      • Statusbar traffic info with up and down
      • Added option to swap up/down traffic info
      • Hide slow charger notification
      • Hide low battery notification
      • Hide search in recents apps
      • Recents apps with RAM Display
      • Hiding quicksettings now gives the space free
      • Ability to make Wi-Fi and BT Tile taking same space as other quicksettings
      • Custom Quicksettings Column Size 4-12
      • Quickpulldown Left, Right, Both
      • Hide vzw connected wifi notifcation
      • Show External SD-Card in Infoline
      • Hide Bluetooth Disconnected Icon: Hides the icon when no device is connected. Once one is, the Icon will appear
      • Option to quickpulldown quicksettings on full width of the statusbar
      • Horizontal Quicksettings Sync All and Toggle Sync button
      • Added 'Keep collapsed header' option when expanding the quicksettings
      • Added toggle to disable headup notifications
      • Added Headsup notification control
        • Black and Whitelist
        • Blacklist allow all
        • Whitelist ignore score
        • Prevent headups on specific apps (e.g. youtube, when you watch a video)
        • Headsup timeout
      • Contextual Header and Recent Apps
        • Set time based backgrounds (morning, afternoon, evening, night) images for your header and recent apps
        • Use predefined or custom images
        • Random mode
    • Sense Home
      • Added Hide Dock on blinkfeed
      • Added 5x6 Appdrawer
      • 5 or 6 columns in folder
      • Center folder
      • Homescreen 4x5 layout
      • Allow all rotations
    • NavBar
      • Changing navbar styles work on the fly without rebooting
      • Venom and Stock Navbar
        • Custom Navigationbar height on the fly
        • Auto Hide Navbar after a specified time
        • VenomNavbar Background colors
        • VenomNavbar Activation area colors
        • VenomNavbar Custom Activation area size
        • VenomNavbar Activation Type (Touch or Swipe)
        • Touch anywhere to hide
        • Press Key to Hide
        • Longpress Key to Hide
      • Extended Navbar - add different panels to your navbar, swipe left/right to switch
        • Available panels: Music controls, quicksettings, quicklaunch, extended buttons, brightness slider
        • Infinite swiping
        • Swipe and animation direction
        • Swipe distance
        • Setup Extended buttons, quicklaunch and quicksettings
      • Added option to keep home button working when using Navbar
      • Added option to select default view for extended navbar
      • Added extended navbar for venomnavbar
      • Added Recents Task Hide Clear All Button
    • Others
      • Volume cursor control
      • Blink LED while charging
      • Notification LED Blacklist: Select the apps you don't want to flash the LED on a new notification
      • Ambient display
        • Whitelist: Enable Ambient Display just for specific apps
        • Pulse Once
        • Pulse Visible Duration
        • Pulse Fade In Duration
        • Pulse Fade Out Duration
        • Pulse Schedule
      • Enabled Call Recording
      • Fade out Page Indicator on Homescreen
      • Added "Always/Just Once" Option to native USB Configuration Dialog
      • Added customizing color of the volume dialog
        • Background
        • Icon
        • Expander
        • Active and Inactive Slider
      • Pulldown Gestures
        • Change Gesture color
        • Use shortcuts to start custom activities, direct calls, etc.
        • Draw gestures to peform different actions
        • Reveal with quickpulldown, three finger gesture or button mapping
      • Allow home button during calls
      • Invert Volume Cursor Control Keys
      • Keep Display off when unplugging charger
      • Custom Ambient Screen Brightness (255 steps)
      • Custom volume steps (45 max) - Makes it easier to fine tune the volume with your volume buttons
        • STREAM_RING
        • STREAM_MUSIC
        • STREAM_ALARM

    ViperOneM8 5.0.1 (23 Gen)

    Additions & Updates
    • Re-based on Android M 6.12.401.4, partialy M9 and A9
    • Fixed ViperOneM8 key
    • Fixed Bluetooth car pairing FC
    • Fixed Google on Tap not starting
    • Added Desire EYE Unofficial support

    ViperOneM8 5.0.0 (15 Gen)

    Additions & Updates
    • Volume dialog takes theme colors now
    • Heqs and brightness slider change theme color on the fly
    • Additional navbar icons take theme icons now (only search didn't)Switch icon in header hides now, when you disable neqs
    • Added Next Alarm next to clock, when disabling NEQS - Before it was just available after you pulled down neqs
    • Added notification count tint
    • Added notification count text tint
    • Added Preferred USB Selection to Advanced Tab - It really works, not like the one in Developer options (That remembers it now too, if you select any other option than "default" in VenomTweaks)
    • Added Coloring of NEQS Background, Icons and Text
    • Added/Fixed Multiuser (Wow you really messed it up HTC)
    • Increased NEQS Max Tiles Count
    • Added dynamic column and textsizing based on neqs columns
    • Added NEQS Columns override
    • Added Hide NEQS Menu
    • Added next alarm style for header
    • Added NEQS Multiline Toggle
    • Added coloring of 3 dots neqs buttons
    • Added System Info toggle
    • Added System Info text and circle coloring
    • Added next alarm coloring
    • Added hiding neqs texts
    • Added longpress statusbar to toggle autobrightness if statusbar brightness slider is activated. on automatic it will adjust the adaptive bightness
    • Added Toast notification to longpress statusbar for statusbar brightness slider to show the toggled state
    • Partially merged with Android 6.0.1(HTC A9)
    ViperOneM8 4.6.1 (05 Oct)

    Additions & Updates
    • Updated to new HTC Sense Home from Playstore
    • Updated to new HTC Lockscreen from Playstore
    • Added option to define Quick PIN Unlock Password length
    • Added tweak to bypass first lockscreen, super handy if you use PIN/Pattern Lockscreen
    • Added custom motion gestures back
    • Apps updated where applicable (Full ROM only)
    • Fixed FM Radio, for Verizon (Full ROM only)

    ViperOneM8 4.6.0 (29 Aug)

    Additions & Updates
    • Fixed Bluetooth Share FC in Cars
    • Fixed Verizon Battery <10% bug finally
    • Apps updated where applicable
    • Added Stagefright patch (still partly vulnerable blame Google)
    • Added FunFit app back (was missing)
    • Added Sense 7 Motion Launch app<

    ViperOneM8 4.5.1 (29 July)

    Additions & Updates
    • Venom HUB FC fixed
    • Added write protection module
    • Added back dual lens camera support

    ViperOneM8 4.5.0 (23 July)

    Re-based on ViperOneM9 2.3.1 - 1.40.401.8 Base

    Additions & Updates
    • Added Quicklaunch view to Extended Navbar
      - Add up to 5 Apps to quickly start your favourite apps from everywhere
    • Added Brightness Slider view to Extended Navbar
      - Easily change the brightness on your navbar
    • Added Extended Buttons view to Extended Navbar
      - Add up to 5 additional buttons on a 2nd buttons view
    • Added Google SearchPanel as Button Action
      - Instead of swipe home/longpress home, you can map it to any other button action
    • Added Swipe Up Button Actions
      - Works for Back, Home and Recent Key
      - Choose from 26 Actions
      - Venom has now ELEVEN Button Actions you can remap
      - back double press
      - back long press
      - back swipe up
      - home double press
      - home long press
      - home short press
      - home swipe up
      - recent double press
      - recent long press
      - recent short press
      - recent swipe up
    • Added customize navbar toggle to be able to keep 100% stock behaviour
    • Added longpress action to hide navbarr
    • Added longpress keys to hide navbar (after performing another action
    • Improved extended navbar swiping behavior, can be triggered now from everywhere (also from buttons)
    • Added Activation State for Extended Navbar Quicksettings
    • Added coloring of extended navbar music controls
    • Added coloring of extended navbar quicksettings buttons
    • Added custom navbar color on homescreen
    • Added Back custom statusbar clock and header clock color for html noobs, html deniers, lazy buggers, my mom
    • Added custom navbar background
      - choose from collection (nearly 200 backgrounds)
      - choose from gallery
    • Added Extended Navbar
      - Toggle Music controls view
      - Toogle Quicksettings view
      - Infinitive swiping
      - Landscape horizontal swipe
      - Portrait vertical swipe
      - Minimum Swipe Distance
      - Customize Quicksettings

    • Added Last App Button Action
    • Added Camera JPEG Quality: Select from 1-100% (default 95%) (Misc tab in Tweaks)
    • Added custom Appdrawer Background image
    • Added custom Appdrawer Color - you will be able to set any transparency too ofc
    • Added custom lockscreen statusbar color
    • Added custom homescreen statusbar color (perfect for people with white/light background)
    • Added headsups whitelist ignore score
    • Added fully customizable statusbar header view
    • Added statusbar weather widget
    • Added Infoline multiline suppport
    • Added double press recent
    • Added Emulating Back key action to map to any key
    • Added Force Hiding Menu Key (no need for menu button when you got an action mapped to navbar button to trigger menu action)
    • Refactoring of header, quicksettings, quicklaunch visibility and behavior
    • Refactoring of Venom Button Management
    • Added real per app navbar color
    • Added coloring Navbar for all apps
    • Added per app statusbar color
    • Added coloring statusbar for all apps
    • Added navbar color matching theme
    • Added hiding lockscreen widget
    • Added Hiding Sunset on Lockscreen
    • Added Showing Alarm on Lockscreen
    • Added different Emergency Call behaviors (Shortpress/Longpress/Hide)
    • Added Hiding Sprint GPS Testicle Icon
    • Added headsups blacklist allow all toggle
    • Added ambient notifcations
    • Updated Venom Apps to use new HTC Sense 7 Theme engine
    • Added ability to customize status bar and header clocks with custom formatting including HTML
    • Added html presets for statusbar and header lock
    • Added ability to customize carrier label with HTML
    • Added ability to hide clock on lock screen
    • Added SliderBrightness to Notification header
    • Improved Headups notifications white/blacklist
      - Whitelist default now without breaking stock behavior
      - Blacklist allows all apps and you need to add apps you dont want to show
      - Adding phone to headsup whitelist will now just show headsupnotif and not the dialer anymore
    • Added color inversion mapping to gesture and button action
    • Added stock navbar hiding options:
      - No need to have 4th button hide navbar
      - Touch anywhere above navbar to hide
      - Define timeout to hide navbar
      - Define navbar keys to hide it on press

    Fixes & Cleanups
    • Fixed flashlight hold/release to enable/disable flashlight (was broken in the sense 7 mod)

    ViperOneM8 4.3.0 (March 1st)
    • Added back Verizon support(ported from Sprint until official OTA comes)
    • Fixed root on Sprint(FULL ROM)
    • Fixed itson/networkprovider FC on Sprint(FULL ROM)
    • Fixed ATT MMS sizes (FULL ROM)
    • Fixed flashing navbar buttons on incoming call
    • Fixed statusbar clock is hidden by default
    • Added MMS Size Limit to VenomTweaks-Misc
    • Added Immersive Mode
    • Added immersive mode whitelist
    • Added immersive mode blacklist
    • APM entry to toggle immersive mode

    ViperOneM8 4.2.0 (Februar 21th)
    • Added ability to disable Heads Up notifications
      - old ticker notifcations will be enabled instead
    • Added back volume up to toggle flashlight
    • Added quickpulldown left/right
    • Added statusbar doubletap to sleep
    • Added toggle to enable/disable headup notifications
    • Added headsup notification timeout
    • Added headsup notification whitelist
    • Added headsup notification blacklist
    • Added headsup foreground apps blacklist
    • Fixed Settings FC (-> Lonpgressing a notifcation in the pulldown, wait till it greys out and hit the info icon)
    • Fixed VenomTweaks FC on bootup
    • Fixed AT&T Carrier Label not hiding?

    ViperOneM8 4.1.0 (February 18th)
    • Added htc_m8tl support
    • Fixed menu staying visible when an app reveals it
    • Fixed venompie not applying changes immediately
    • Fixed venompie not being able to start apps
    • Fixed heqs 2g setting showing wrong icon
    • Fixed miui batter bar not remembering auto regular, medium and low color
    • Fixed showing missing simcard icon when Verizon signal icons are selected
    • Fixed distorted data usage icon
    • Fixed wrong sprint activation icon
    • Fixed VenomSuperUser not granting su to several apps (e.g. Clean Master)
    • Fixed notifications tint color
    • Fixed dataicon showing while wifi is on on vzw and sprint?
    • Fixed some kernel tweaks applying, altough kernel tab disabled
    • Fixed data icon staying visible on AT&T and TMOUS if data is disabled (HTC bug!)
    • Fixed missing blinkfeed weather icon</*>
    • Fixed quick flashlight - longpress to toggle</*>
    • Fixed venomhub not rebooting into recovery automatically
    • Added auto fix of sdcard issue
    • Added sdcard fix command to VenomTweaks-Advanced
    • Added SELinux Mode changer to VenomTweaks-Advanced
    • Added Hacked Pie changer to VenomTweaks-Advanced
    • Added back signal icons and battery on the left
    • Enabled powersaver for verizon
    • Add back always display data icon (works for vzw/sprint/tmous)
    • Added hiding sprint gps icon/hide gps off icon
    • Added back volume down screen off
    • Added back block volume keys on locksceen
    • Added Status bar icon showing also on on lock screen
    • Added disabling AT&T status bar carrier label
    • Added Battery can now be hidden on lockscreen

    ViperOneM8 4.0.0 (February 15th)
    • Re-based on 4.16.401.10
    • Aroma installer material re-design
    • Sprint supported, no WIFI calling
    • Verizon fully supported - pulled because of technical issues.
    • T-mobile fully supported!
    • ATT supported
    • Up to 25 eqs tiles, column count/text size increases/decreases automatically
    • Ambient notifications
    • Hide lockscreen notifications (e.g. persistent ones, like GSam Battery Monitor)
    • Integrated ticketsystem into venomhub
    • Improved notification pulldown gestures
    • All known VenomTweaks goodies, over 300!!!! modifications possible

    ViperOneM8 3.2.1 (November 23rd)
    • Fixed the issue with closing folders:
      (touching anywhere to close the folder doesn't open apps/folders anymore when you touch one on homenscreen)
    • Fixed the issue with the workspace getting locked by default

    ViperOneM8 3.2.0 (November 22nd)
    • Merged with new 3.28.401.9 base
    • Updated stock kernel
    • Added HTC M8(m8tl) support from official 3.32.1400.7 base(must select in aroma)
    • Enabled Verizon tethering
    • Added removal option for Flash player inside aroma installer
    • Added removal option for HTC Dot View inside aroma installer
    • Added HTC Blinkfeed to take per app theme colors
    • Added HTC Weather to take per app theme colors
    • Added HTC IME to take per app theme colors
    • Added HTC Service Pack to take per app theme colors
    • Fixed browser FC issue for some languages (e.g. when opening incognito tab)
    • Fixed custom lockscreen notifications
    • Updated HTC Blinkfeed
    • Updated HTC Camera
    • Updated other HTC market apps
    • Updated Google Play Services 6.5.87 (Fixes FC with Adaway and others...)
    • Updated Google Play Store 5.0.38

    ViperOneM8 3.1.0 (November 1st)
    • Added Verizon support from official 3.28.605.4 base
    • Added Sprint support from official 3.30.651.2 base
    • Added custom sense themes per app/all apps
    • Added WIFI ON stats in power manager
    • Readded wallpaper scrolling
    • Increased ATT MMS size, 1M, 2M, 5M (Works on full wipe only)
    • Fixed black VVM icon for ATT users
    • Fixed wrong powersaver icon
    • Removed venom dotview leftovers
    • Updated T-mobile carrier files to official 3.32.531.2 base
    • Updated Camera and Audio drivers from T-mobile 3.32.531.2 base
    • Updated Google Play Services 6.1.83

    ViperOneM8 3.0.1 (October 20th)

    • Fixed wallpaper issue same having when using none stock navbar height
    • Removed wallpaper scrolling again...for above fix
    • Included new ATT Message.apk to provide proper MMS size limits
    • Fixed MMS over Wifi for Tmous - thx for Jbb3393 for the hint

    ViperOneM8 3.0.0 (October 19th)

    Support will be added once Verizon and Sprint release a 4.4.4 based rom

    • Re-based on 3.28.401.6
    • Merged with 3.28.401.7 (FIXES Vipnet Croatia Data issues)
    • Enhanced camera features
      - More options for preview time after taking a picture
      - Enabled Blink Detection
      - Enabled Crop Me In
      - Enabled front camera video scene
      - Disabled GeoTagByDefault
      - Added more resolutions for video recording
    • Removed weather item in tweaks not showing when weather is uninstalled
    • Fixed being able to remove all prism menu items
    • Fixed 5x6 app drawer grid size layouts
    • Fixed hiding app/folder labels on homescreen/appdrawer
    • Fixed All apps bar with full transparency
    • Prism will check system setting for rotation before prism tweak
    • Added wallpaper scrolling back
    • Added screen ON stats in power manager
    • Dock now locks also with workspace
    • Some minor fixes and optimizations in VenomTweaks
    • Updated Easter egg
    • Updated Google Play Services 6.1.74
    • Updated Google Play Store 5.0.32
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    edit reserved
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  5. sirioo

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    16 Mag 2013
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    Salve sono nuovo del forum, potreste darmi qualche dritta su questa rom ? sono all stock !!! :)
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  6. kalel77

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    10 Lug 2013
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    Ciao Sirioo, benvenuto su tuttoandroid!

    Inviato dal mio HTC One M8 2014
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  8. sirioo

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    16 Mag 2013
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    ViperOneM8 2.5.0 (August maybe today)
    • Updated Verizon carrier files to official 2.21.605.2 base
    • Updated T-mobile carrier files to official 2.22.531.6 base
    • Updated HTC Gallery 8.27.808455
    • Updated Google Play Services 6.1.07
    • Updated HTC Sync Manager
    • Updated HTC Scribble (Notes) (Full rom only)
    • Updated TWRP recovery with working UMS and MTP (Full rom only)
    • Fixed build.prop issue for Sprint devices
    • Fixed SystemUI FC when pulling statusbar on immersive mode
    • Fixed broken Android Data Usage
    • Fixed "Always Display Data Icon"
    • Fixed background on contact card when clicking NEQS user card
    • Fixed long press Quiet Hours HEQS icon
    • Fixed screen on time in vertical HTC quick settings
    • Fixed notification count icon
    • Fixed OpenVPN
    • Fixed FlashPlayer - Thanks to mackentosh
    • Fixed revealing venomnavbar not working properly in landscape
    • Fixed HTC Calendar widget not working on 3rd party launchers
    • Fixed FC when entering invalid hexcode in venomtweaks
    • Fixed issue with multiple actionbar buttons when the activity is resumed from recent apps
    • Fixed FC issue when clicking the url icon
    • Fixed Notification widget/Blinkfeed clock not showing custom weather correctly
    • Fixed mixed up Sense animations
    • Fixed UMS(Mass storage) on Sprint
    • Rewrote QuietHours:
      - Muting whatsapp notifications work now(...stupid whats app devs, not following coding guidelines how to play a notification sound)
      - Dim option works properly now, without interfering with charging led
    • Added old venom battery icon back
    • Added option to start EPS when quiethours starts and exiting when quiethours ends
    • Added option to configure apps to show red led color on incoming notifications
    • Added toggle in icon theme view to set background to black, so see "white icon packs"
    • Apps are ordered alphabetically now when customizing icon packs
    • Added toggle to open normal menu when on blinkfeed page
    • Added hiding htc sync icon
    • Enabled call recording
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  9. kalel77

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    10 Lug 2013
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    Eccolo....lo aspettavo da un po' aggiorno il primo post

    OTA comunque non ancora presente
    EDIT: nemmeno la full ROM al momento

    Inviato dal mio HTC One M8 2014
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  10. sirioo

    sirioo Worker Droid

    16 Mag 2013
    "Mi Piace":
    kalel niente fix per h3g .. :(!!!
  11. kalel77

    kalel77 Power Droid

    10 Lug 2013
    "Mi Piace":
    ho letto... purtroppo...non capisco la storia della TWRP....flashando la full rom aggiorna anche la recovery??

    Per il 3g avevo sentito che aspettavano dei fix da HTC...evidentemente non c'era o la fonte ( iLuke) non era affidabile....
  12. sirioo

    sirioo Worker Droid

    16 Mag 2013
    "Mi Piace":
    si ...strana come cosa forse per avere la sicurezza che la recovery sia quella dai test fatti in pratica chi usa la cwm non riesce in automatico a fare l'installazione dell OTA dopo averla scaricata direttamente dopo il riavvio...unico modo in questo caso e fare l'installazione manualmente
  13. kalel77

    kalel77 Power Droid

    10 Lug 2013
    "Mi Piace":
    ma...a me le unofficial non piacciono molto, per ora resto con la medesima poi vedro' se aggiornare alla official

    spero che nella full rom ci sia l' opzione o meno per installarla
  14. sirioo

    sirioo Worker Droid

    16 Mag 2013
    "Mi Piace":
    basta cancellarla dallo zip ;)
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  15. kalel77

    kalel77 Power Droid

    10 Lug 2013
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  16. kalel77

    kalel77 Power Droid

    10 Lug 2013
    "Mi Piace":
    Finalmente OTA, da stamani...gia' aggiornato;)
    A sirioo piace questo elemento.
  17. sirioo

    sirioo Worker Droid

    16 Mag 2013
    "Mi Piace":
    Ho trovato un bug dopo l'aggiornamento del Viperdark 2.5.0, l'apk della galleria non si apre come non fosse installata.
  18. kalel77

    kalel77 Power Droid

    10 Lug 2013
    "Mi Piace":
    sul tema Viperdark consigliano di flasharlo sopra la full rom, non sopra OTA...che poi che differenza ci sia non lo so.
    Io non amo i temi e sto facendo gli OTA dalla 2.3.0 e non ho nessun problema
  19. sirioo

    sirioo Worker Droid

    16 Mag 2013
    "Mi Piace":
    ho provato 2 volte a rimetterlo su sull ota e dà sempre lo stesso problema , come in fase di installazione della galleria va qualcosa storto. Pure perchè prendendo apk dallo zip del thema non si massimo riscarico tutto e riprovo ma la cosa strana per il resto funziona..bah
  20. kalel77

    kalel77 Power Droid

    10 Lug 2013
    "Mi Piace":

    Io intendevo questo warning, di non flasharlo su ota ma su flash 2.5.0 direttamente per non incorrere in problemi

    Inviato dal mio HTC One M8 2014