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[ROM] [WIFI][AOSP 5.1.1] Lollipopalooza

Discussione in 'Rom per HTC Nexus 9' iniziata da 144556, 3 Ago 2015.

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    18 Apr 2014
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    Rom AOSP pura con qualche aggiunta per renderla più fruibile


    1. Update to Android AOSP 5.1.1_r3 (LMY48B)
    2. Layers/RRO 2.1 updates
    3. A lot of Layers/RRO legacy code cleanup
    4. Prefer Google WebView over AOSP WebView because AOSP WebView is older, but automatically fallback to AOSP WebView if Google WebView is not installed.
    5. Enhanced AOSP Launcher3 from OptiPop with features like customisable grid size, hide/show search bar & materialised settings
    6. Prebuilt BeyondStock kernel 1.0.0 by captain_Throwback (built from the latest 5.1.1 source with NTFS and exFAT support added and compiled with the Linaro toolchain)
    7. Updated ARM64 Google Apps Pack as of 2015/05/22

    1. Updated to AOSP Android 5.1.1_r1 LMY47V
    2. Updated Layers/RRO to 2.1 (backwards compatible) - All credits to the Layers Team
    3. Disabled some more framework debugging
    4. Miscellaneous optimisations and fixes
    5. Updated tzdata to the latest timezone data 2015c from IANA.
    6. Updated ARM64 Google Apps Pack [IMPORTANT! This Google Apps Pack is specifically created for arm64-v8 (64-bit) devices. Do not flash it on other devices]

    1. Updated to AOSP Android 5.1.0_r5 LMY47O
    2. Layer/RRO Type 1 & Type 2 support [Known issue with notification text remaining black always. Will be fixed in the next release] - All credits to the Layers Team
    3. ART is the new kid on the block. Remove Dalvik VM
    4. Disabled a lot of framework debugging
    5. Speed up animations
    6. Disabled Google OTA services
    7. Tune ART flags to optimize everything (this makes first boot and app installs slower, dex files are large, but performance improvements are noticeable) [MAKE SURE YOU WIPE CACHE/DALVIK-CACHE]
    8. Miscellaneous optimisations and fixes
    9. Updated ARM64 Google Apps Pack [IMPORTANT! This Google Apps Pack is specifically created for arm64-v8 (64-bit) devices. Do not flash it on other devices]
    1. Updated to AOSP Android 5.1.0_r1 LMY47D
    2. Show "Installing application x of y" on first boot
    3. FAB (floating action button) for clear recents
    4. Updated ARM64 Google Apps Pack [IMPORTANT! This Google Apps Pack is specifically created for arm64-v8 (64-bit) devices. Do not flash it on other devices]

    1. Updated to AOSP Android 5.0.1_r1 LRX22C
    2. Code cleanup and stability fixes for existing features
    3. Latest vold and filesystem support updates from CyanogenMod
    4. SELinux policy updates
    5. Update Google Apps pack
    6. Move back to block-based update zip which is a million times faster to flash.

    1. Updated to AOSP Android 5.0.0_r7 LRX21V
    2. Movable navigation bar buttons (Settings > Display > Navigation Bar Position)
    3. Volume rocker wake (Settings > Display > Volume rocker wake)
    4. Volume rocker cursor control (Settings > Language & input > Volume key cursor control)
    5. Native status bar battery percentage display (Settings > Display > Battery percentage)
    6. Per-app keyguard/lockscreen notification controls (Settings > Sound & notifications > App notification)
    7. Fixes and UX updates for clear-all recents
    8. Android volume daemon and file system automount support updates (Added groundwork for NTFS, exFAT & EXT4 support)
    9. OTG automount for NTFS partitions with R/W access
    10. Support for TWRP recovery (updater script validates flounder or volantis)
    11. Updated Google Apps Pack

    1. Updated Google Apps Pack
    1a. Removed Messenger
    1b. Updated Play Music & Keep
    1c. Updated Google services apps from LRX21Q ROM so we now have more ARM64 apps
    1d. Fixed OK Google hotword detection.
    2. Update repackaged SuperSU to version 2.23

    2014/11/15 v2
    1. Add Ambient display back. I have no idea how this disappeared!

    1. Updated to AOSP Android 5.0.0_r6 LRX21T
    2. Fixed AppOps
    3. Advanced Power Menu (Shutdown, Advanced Reboot, Users, Sound, Airplane Mode, Settings, Lockdown)
    4. Back button long-press kill app (Enable via Settings > Developer options > Kill app back button)
    5. Custom device hostname (Change via Settings > Developer options > Device hostname)
    6. Clear all recents (Credit 0xD34D)
    7. Fixed bluetooth
    8. Tweaked ART flags
    10. Proprietary audio configs from stock ROM
    11. User triggered media scanner (Settings > Storage)
    12. OTG USB storage automount to /storage/usbdisk with full R/W access (VFAT/FAT32 only) [IMPORTANT! This depends on the modified ramdisk included with this ROM boot image. You may lose this feature if you another boot image]
    13. Updated MAC permissions (SELinux stuff)
    14. Miscellaneous framework fixes and tweaks
    15. Packaged as an update zip flashable via AOSP or custom recovery
    16. Google Apps Pack zip with latest updated apps, including ARM64 optimised apps) flashable via AOSP or custom recovery [IMPORTANT! This Google Apps Pack is specially created for the Nexus 9. Do not flash it on other devices]
    17. Repacked SuperSU 2.19 ARM64 flashable via AOSP or custom recovery (Credit ChainFire) [IMPORTANT! This is the ARM64 version of SuperSU 2.19 repackaged for the Nexus 9. Do not flash it on other devices]
    18. Disabled forced encryption of /data partition.

    1. First build based on AOSP Android 5.0.0_r2 LRX21M
    2. Enabled AppOps (Settings > Apps > AppOps)
    3. Enabled Ambient display (Settings > Display > Ambient display)
    4. Root-friendly stock kernel (Though I recommend ElementalX or FIRE-ICE kernel). [NOTE: This ROM is not rooted by default]
    5. Added 64-bit busybox
    6. Enabled Google Location Services

    - bootloader sbloccato e aggiornato all'ultima versione
    - custom recovery installata

    - In caso vi manchi qualcosa verificate il file dei prerequisiti

    - Scaricate ROM e GAPPS
    - Effettuate un Nandorid backup
    - Flashate la ROM (se chiesto non fate fix dei permessi causerà un bootloop)
    - Flashate le Gapps
    - Flashate SuperSU
    - Reboot Device.

    Download ROM
    Download Gapps
    Download SuperSU
    Download Prerequisiti

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