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[ROM] X-Pixel ROM (Xperia) - Android 7.1.1 per Nexus 5X [bullhead] Guida, Download, Novità

Discussione in 'Rom per LG Nexus 5X' iniziata da Phil Stelar, 3 Nov 2016.

  1. Phil Stelar

    Phil Stelar Golden Droid

    13 Feb 2016
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    X-Pixel ROM è una ROM che prende vita da una fusione tra le features dei Google Pixel e l'esperienza grafica di un Sony Xperia. Progetto interamente basato su AOSP e UberStock. Supporta Subastratum.

    Bootloader sbloccato
    Recovery Custom (TWRP)

    X-Pixel ROM

    Built from AOSP base and Nougat 7.1.1 features.
    Combinations of Xperia features and Pixel features apps.
    Rebuild Build.prop tweak for Google Assistant and Built-in Google App.
    Layer/Substratum ThemeEngine native support.
    Built-in Substratum ThemeEngine/Manager App on System.
    Kernel is DespairFactor Kernel.( Credit and Thanks to DespairFactor Kernel Developement )
    Debloated Google Apps and Pixel Apps.
    Add SonyXperia X built-in Sounds
    - Alarms.
    - Notification sounds.
    - Ringtones.
    - UI sounds.
    Add Google Pixel Apps and Features list
    - Phone/Dialer/InCallUI.
    - Google Pixel Camera.
    - Contacts.
    - Messaging.
    - Setting.
    - Pixel Launcher Latest Build.
    - Pixel Round Icons.
    - Pixel Wallpapers.
    - Live Earth Wallpapers.
    - Live Data Wallpapers.
    - New Elements Wallpapers.
    - Sky High Wallpapers.
    - Pixel Bootanimation.
    - Built in Google Assistant.
    - and more Features.
    Add Pixel Nav Key Icon with Substratum Theme. ( Not included Pixel NavKey on System )
    Google newCamera Features list
    - Add Build.prop tweak for Camera and enable EIS.
    - Support Burst Setting.
    - Built-in support Video Stabilization.
    - Flash mode with HDR.
    - Auto HDR+ with manual exposure / AF/AE.
    - Smartburst works.
    - Modify all Nexus 5X configuration to Nexus 6P's, a bit slower but better quality.
    - Add 240 FPS slow motion.
    - Android wear app's target package name fixed.
    - Build with New Google Camera 4.2.023 version.
    - and more Features.
    Add SonyXperia features list
    - Sony Album.
    - Sony Music.
    - Sony Clock.
    - Sony Calendar.
    - Sony Calculator.
    - Sony Video.
    - Sony Movice Creator.
    - SonyXperia Keyboard.
    - Sony TrackID.
    - File Commander Premium.
    - Sony Clock/Weatther/WorldClock Widget.
    - Sony Photo Editor.
    - Sony Sketch.
    - Sony Weather.
    - Sony What's New.
    - and More.
    Added Root with SuperSU.
    Add Gapps with OpenGapps.
    Disabled forced encryption.
    Disabled dm-verity.
    Multi-Window Native Support.
    Support Desktop shortcut with 7.1 Nougat.
    Setting Features list
    - Settings.
    - Advanced System Setting.
    - System UI Tuner.
    Advanced Setting Features List
    - Status Bar Icons.
    - Battery Display Icons.
    - Circle/Stock/Text Only/Droid/Horizontal
    - and Default Battery Icon.
    - Show Percent Overlay on Battery Icon.
    - Charging Indicator.
    - Battery Icon Colors.
    - Battery Charging LED.
    - Application LED Notification.
    - Button Wake.
    - Music Control.
    - Match Rotation.
    - and More Features.
    System UI Tuner Features List
    - Status Bar Icons.
    - Navigation Bar.
    - Do not Distrub.
    - Other.
    Battery Saver is transparent.
    Surround Sound Mod.
    Add Framework with new 7.1.1 Nougat.
    New icons for Settings Icons.
    Add New libraries
    Add Power Menu Option
    - Power Off.
    - Reboot.
    - Normal Reboot.
    - Soft Reboot.
    - Reboot to Recovery.
    - Reboot to Bootloader.
    and Add more Features.

    - Scaricare ROM, GApps e copiarle nella memoria interna del device
    - Riavviare in recovery mode (TWRP)
    - Full Wipe (Data+Chache+System+Dalvyk)
    - Flash ROM
    - Flash GApps
    - Riavviare

    GoogleCamera non funzionante

    Kernel Source: DespairFactor
    SourceCode: UberStock

    ROM OS Version: 7.1.1 Nougat
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.10.x
    ROM Firmware Required: Bootloader Unlock
    Based On: AOSP

    Version Information
    : Stable

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